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 Video Gallery
Vanessa Feltz interviews Cllr Alisa Flemming
Following the Council failing children's social services, Vanessa took Labour's Cllr Flemming to task over her role in the crisis.
Cllr Tim Pollard and Chidi Umez discuss local politics on LoveWorldTV
Cllr Tim Pollard and Chidi Umez discuss local politics on LoveWorldTV
Who is Gavin Barwell?
Produced to show at the launch of his re-election campaign, this is Gavin's story in his own words.
Porcelain sale raises substantial funding for Fairfield refurbishment
Croydon Council has successfully auctioned a number of pieces from the Riesco Collection of antique Chinese porcelain, and will use the proceeds to help fund the refurbishment of the Fairfield Halls.
Fly through of consented town centre redevelopment
This is the fly through shown to Croydon's planning committee on 25 November, as permission for the redevelopment was granted.
Wandle Park Grand Re-opening
After a two year refurbishment and the recreation of the River Wandle (dug out from its culvert), Wandle Park was re-opened at the weekend to great public acclaim.
Young people's video in support of Keep It Clean campaign
Young people supported by Croydon Council's Youth Service made this video to highlight the need for everyone to contribute if we want to keep our town clean. We thought it was so good it deserved to be promoted as widely as possible. They have also made videos on fly-tipping, littering of food waste and cigarette litter. Well done to everyone involved.

Follow the links to the other videos on YouTube:
If you drop litter you will face a fine

Love Croydon - Keep it Clean

Dropping food litter attracts rodents to your streets
David Weir opens Waddon Leisure Centre
We had a wonderful occasion on the evening of the 29th of January when Paralympic legend David Weir joined us to open the new Waddon Leisure Centre. This sees the fulfilment of a manifesto pledge made by the Waddon councillors, Clare, Simon and Tony, to their electorate. It's a brilliant new facility, so come along and try it out!
Waddon councillors deliver new leisure centre
The new Waddon Leisure Centre is complete and the public get their first taste of the new facilities in two preview days. The new centre officially opens on 29th January, marking the delivery of another election pledge from your Conservative Waddon councillors.
Croydon's entry for the London New Year Parade
Croydon's entry for the London New Year's Day Parade, on which Conservative Councillor Lynne Hale, from Sanderstead ward, was the lead member. A fusion of the classical world of Mozart with the beats of the borough's latest export to the world, dubstep. The float features the track's composer and producer, rising dubstep DJ Toby Harrison, alongside players from Croydon's acclaimed Chamber Orchestra, the London Mozart Players.

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