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 The Purley & Woodcote Blog
Cllr  Simon  Brew
Cllr  Oni  Oviri
Cllr  Badsha  Quadir

Purley Masjid (mosque) presentation
06/03/2020 15:02:00......Posted by Simon Brew


I was pleased to join my colleague Cllr Badsha Quadir at the Purley Mosque in Whytecliffe Road South last night, where we heard a short presentation about the mosque's plans to replace the current building with an impressive new four storey building. Two floors will be dedicated as prayer rooms, a third will be used as a general community facility and the fourth will be used to provide 3 small flats. 

This is an imaginative scheme, and one which we hope will be supported by the community at large. 


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 Other Blog Posts

SESW A22 roadworks POSTPONED till 2021
22/05/2020 14:56:00.......Posted by Simon Brew


For some weeks , the threat of an eight week closure of the A22 from the railway bridge to Dale Road (northern junction) has been hanging over a large number of residents and local businesses. This was because SESW wanted to lay a huge pipe from the Tesco site to a connection point in Dale Road.

I'm sure many residents will remember the very severe floods which closed the A22 for seven weeks in 2014 because the Godstone road waterworks were nearly inundated by the river Bourne bursting its banks. While accepting that the works might need to be done at some time in the future, I was appalled that, until earlier this week, there was no attempt to engage with local residents, businesses, the Purley BID or any other local organisations to consider the impact that such a closure would have, particularly as we all struggle to come out of the Covid-19 crisis. I and my colleagues asked lots of questions along these lines over two weeks ago, and we never got any coherent answers.

I'm delighted that the sensible decision has been taken to postpone these works for now; when they try again in the future, it will  hopefully be with a MUCH better communications plan, and with prior engagement with all local stakeholders. 



Serious delays in handing over Government COVID grants to businesses
20/05/2020 12:34:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

Purley BID has alerted me me to four or five cases where local businesses applied many weeks ago for COVID grants, but they have yet to see any cash in their bank accounts, even though HMG paid the money to the Council in late March. 

I've chased them all up with the LBC Director of Finance and I understand that things are at last moving. I was told that The Council didn't know how to contact one business even though it has been tradig in Purley and paying business rates for at least the last thirty years to my certain knowledge! I suggested Googling the company's name, and sure enough the contact details were found in a few seconds..... 



A novel way to celebrate VE-day on Friday 8 May
06/05/2020 20:59:00.......Posted by Simon Brew


It's a great shame that all the official celebrations of VE-day have had to be cancelled, but the enterprising residents of at least one street in Purley are organising a commemoration in their own way as on this poster.



VE-day (virtual) celebrations in Croydon on Friday May 8
04/05/2020 10:24:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

A treasure trove of films, photographs, art and artefacts revealed from the borough’s archive and museum collections will be available to view online and on social media from next Friday May 8 under the Museum of Croydon’s 75th anniversary celebration of VE Day.

After almost six years of war with Germany, Victory in Europe was declared on 8 May 1945, and the borough archivist and staff from the Museum of Croydon will celebrate 75 years

The online event, which will run from 11am to 1pm on Friday 8 May, includes:

• Two films charting Croydon’s wartime life in general and VE Day itself

• An exhibition including works from Croydon Art Collection by artists such as Norman Partridge’s Croydon Courageous, a war memorial from the Second World War and illustrations by John Harris Valda 

• A question and answer session on Twitter where residents can find out about what Croydon people did, ate and even wore on VE Day 1945

• An online handling session of wartime artefacts

• A recording of events in 1945 from the official history of the Second World War edited by the-then chief librarian W.C. Berwick Sayers, which included a VE Day thanksgiving event on the Croydon town hall steps

The Museum of Croydon has been a partner in the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Home Front project which has remastered historic footage of Croydon during the Second World War and recorded wartime childhood memories narrated by Croydon residents to create a nine-minute feature called Home Front Croydon. This film includes scenes of recognisable Croydon backdrops such as Surrey Street market, trams in North End and the town hall.

The online event will end with the première of a new five-minute film focussing on VE Day itself.

More info on the Council website:



Ever heard of Phishing?
03/05/2020 09:53:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

It's the term used to described fake emails that try to persuade you to send cash to Nigeria, to log on to fake banking sites or otherwise to disclose your personal details to people who are not entitled to have them. I received a convincing email recently which looked as if it was from Virginmedia; it asked me to re-verify all my personal details including even my passport details and to send a photo of both sides of my credit card, but fortunately I spotted it was fake.

There are plenty of online criminals out there trying their luck during the lockdown and I'm delighted that the Government has introduced a National anit-phishing email service. Further details are shown on the attached document, so PLEASE read and take note. 

Click here to download



> 200 flats in Whytecliffe Road South?
30/04/2020 18:02:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

There was a webcast yesterday from the developer who wants to replace the row of terraced houses just North of Purley station, the station car park and other local buildings (but not the multi-storey car park) by over 200 flats, with NO car parking provided for the new homes (except a few for the disabled). The staion car park will be closed during building works and a reduced size car park will reopen when building is ciompleted. This caused a lot of concern to those who were listening, partcularly when compared with the current houses which generally have one space each. As usual, we were told that because the site is so close to excellent public transport, car parking is unnecessary, but try telling that to a family with two or three young kids who need to be transported to school, or perhaps need to commute West to Epsom for example. 

A formal plan will be submitted in the Summer, but given the Labour council's enthusiasm for continued and reckless overdevelopment of Purley, it's almost certain to be approved, whatever scheme is proposed. 



Flytipping in Smitham Bottom Lane
27/04/2020 15:06:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

A resident contacted me to complain that he had seen a neighbour dumping rubbish on the pavement outside his house and to request that it be cleared. I advised the resident that the Council would be delighted to take action against the offender, IF they had evidence such as a photo of it actually being dumped, or some evidence that the rubbish actually came from the offender's house, but they can't prosecute on the basis of one person's word against another. I also urged him to report all such events to or by using the excellent Lovemystreets app which works on any smartphone. 



2 More Close - invalid planning application
26/04/2020 17:47:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

Earlier this month, I blogged about a plan to put two one-bed houses in the front garden of 2 More Close Purley, which already has planning consent to be replaced by yet another block of 9 flats. On careful inspection of the plans, it turns out that the new application proposes to pinch some of the space currently allocated to parking for the consented scheme! It's therefore invalid, because each application must be self-contained and "stand on its own two feet", and not encroach on adjoining properties. I have therefore objected in the strongest possible terms and recommended that the plan be rejected outright. A new plan needs to be submitted which considers both sites, if that it is indeed what is intended. 



Carehomes and COVID-19
20/04/2020 13:02:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

Therre are about 130 carehomes in the whole of Croydon, and astonishingly, about 30 of them are located in Purley, probably because they were originally established in some of Purley's large attractive family houses with gardens. 

I spent a very useful couple of hours yesterday phoning round 15 of these homes to see how they were getting on in the current crisis. About half said that everything was OK while the other half variously reported problems with the supply of PPE or local testing facilities.

I discovered that three of them are using Tesco for their routine food supplies, and they have been badly affected by the shortage of delivery slots; in some cases, they have had to send care staff to queue just like everyone else, and then rush back to the home to resume looking after patients. This seems a terrible misuse of resources, so I have asked the Council to negotiate at a high level to get carehomes to be automatically treated as priority customers for all supermarket deliveries. Meanwhile the homes are also exploring options for opening accounts with commercial suppliers such as Bookers. 



67 Higher Drive - replacement by 17 flats ?
16/04/2020 12:34:00.......Posted by Simon Brew

I've just submitted my objection to the demolition of yet another family home in Purley and its replacement by no less than SEVENTEEN flats . This constitutes massive overdevelopment of the local area which is currently occupied by just one family house, and I'm seriously concerned that the local infrastructure will not be able to cope.

This situation of overdevelopment is re-inforced by the fact that no less than FORTY flats have, outrageously, been approved for almost next door at 59-63 Higher Drive, and there are additional overdevelopment issues within only 100m of this site because 76 & 78 Higher Drive will contribute an additional 18 flats almost opposite this site.

If this application is approved, the cumulative impact of all these developments is that a total of nearly 200 extra people will be dumped at the top of a steep hill in an area with extremely poor public transport, and where bicycles are unusable by anyone except the extremely fit.

I'm also concerned about transport issues: 

Several flats have not been allocated any parking space, so the inevitable overspill will clog up the junction with Bencombe Road which is particularly dangerous because of the steep hill. .

The parking survey in the application has been undertaken at completely the wrong time of day for the parking stresses in the local area. Given that a church and creche are right next door, the peak parking time is Sunday & weekday mornings, and the peak traffic time is Monday mornings. The survey is also invalid because it’s not possible for cars to park nose to tail on BOTH sides of Higher Drive without causing horrendous traffic congestion.

The Council's policy DM10 states that the Council WILL take account of cumulative impact, so I'm astonished that development at this site can possibly even be considered.



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