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 The Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Blog
Cllr  Simon  Hoar
Cllr  Helen  Redfern

School Streets - Kendra Hall Road
15/09/2019 19:38:00......Posted by Helen Redfern

Kendra Hall Road, which links Pampisford Road to Harris Academy Purley has become a School Street. This means that no vehicular traffic is permitted between 8.00am to 9.30am and 2pm to 4pm. This will obviously affect parents at Harris Academy Purley and Regina Coeli schools but could also impact on anyone visiting the road, or trying to use the entrance of the road as a turning point. 

The penalty for driving into the road during these tiems is £130 or £65 if paid within 14 days. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) technology will be used so it will not be worth trying to sneak in!

If you wish to correspond with the Council about the School Street Scheme, please contact:

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St Edmunds Celebration Service
16/02/2020 17:25:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


What a delightful afternoon, despite the weather. I attended the Celebration Service for St Edmunds Church on Mitchley Avenue, followed by a good cup of tea and lively chat with residents. Sadly Sunday services in St Edmunds ended at the end of last year and today’s Service brought a large number of local residents together to celebrate the history and future of this Church building.

We were very fortunate to hear from Mary, the daughter of William Goddard who worked so hard to have the building built and opened in 1955. This took considerable generosity from John Laing, the developer, who donated the land from within the wider estate that was being built, and community mindedness from the new residents wh,o together with the Residents Association and local societies, raised £7,000 to fund the building itself. Mary told us about the various fundraisers including a ‘Mile of Pennies’ that reached from The Estate Office up to All Saints Church, Sanderstead!

There was a tremendous turn out today – many times the size of the congregation that St Edmunds had been experiencing in recent years. I hope (and there was a lot of hope in the service) that having brought so many people back into the building, that it will continue to thrive. We were told that the building will not close and that the Christian mission will continue, although not Sunday worship. I understand that the PCC (Parochial Church Council) is meeting tomorrow and hopefully this will move the decision-making process forward. Currently, the building is used as a base for St Edmunds Caring Group, Brownies, Guides and a playgroup, as well as being the venue for may parties throughout the year so please consider it for events and meetings.

Thank you to all who organised today.



New Riddlesdown Collegiate Entrance Criteria
14/02/2020 14:02:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


I'm really pleased to receive confirmation that the Board of Directors at The Collegiate Trust has decided to approve the proposed admissions criteria for entry to Riddlesdown Collegiate in September 2021, meaning that the Feeder School criterion and the Ability criterion will be removed.

I participated in the consultation, supporting the proposals, as many Riddledown families were unable to attend Riddlesdown Collegaite as they did not live close enough to one of the feeder schools, whilst the distance that some of the qualiying children live means that the traffic levels are too high. These new criteria should open the Collegiate up to more local families and reduce traffic over the next few years.

There will be some families e.g. in Sanderstead, who had relied on the feeder status of Gresham and Atwood for places at Riddlesdown and will now be understandably concerned. However, I am expecting that the 'catchment' will extend over the next few years as a consequnce of these new rules and hopefully these families will still be able to gain a school place.



School Street Proposal - Montpelier Road/Christ Church School
12/02/2020 12:19:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Croydon Council are currently consulting on the possibility of introducing a School Street Scheme to Montpelier Road later in 2020. It is suggested that the road from Brighton Road up to the point before it bends up the hill, will be designateed a pedestrian and cyclist zone at the start and end of school days, as it is shown in the attached drawing.

Residents and occupiers within the zone would become eligible for an exemption permit, to enable them drive in the road unhindered at any time. However, residents in neighbouring roads may find that their roads take on the extra traffic and become more heavily parked so this may be of greater concern to those who live outside of the proposed Schools Street Scheme.

I understand that the Council is acting on a request from Christ Church School.

I have only been made aware today of the consultation, which ends on Wednesday 26th February. Residents living within 300 metres of the school should have received a 5-page letter detailing the scheme and including a feedback questionnaire. If you live within that zone and have not received the letter, email me at so that I can forward a copy to you.

All responses should be sent to or by post to:                Frede Jensen at Parking Services, P O Box 1462, Croydon, CR9 1WX

Simon and I would be very interested in hearing residents’ opinions but do ensure that you respond to the consultation itself in time.



Smart Water Event
11/02/2020 17:05:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Our local Police team's next Smart Water Event will be on Friday 28th February at Selsdon Library between 12 noon and 5pm at Selsdon Library.

Residents will be able collect a free SmartWater kit and discuss crime prevention with the SmartWater team.

Put it in your diary!



Police Advice: Courier Fraud
11/02/2020 16:33:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

At last week's Police Ward Panel there was a request for the local Police team to provide ive out bitesize crime prevention advice on crimes for attendees to disseminate within the local community.

The first topic from PCSO Eaton is courier fraud,

"What is courier fraud…..criminals call you claiming to be from the police or fraud department of your bank. They claim they are conducting an investigation, often saying it involves corrupt bank employees or police and ask for your help or say your account is at risk. If they manage to convince you, they instruct you to carry out a task which effectively involves you handing over your money. These include…..

Asking you to attend your bank branch to withdraw a large sum of money which they will then collect from you for evidence, they may claim the money may be counterfeit, or that it is going to be sent off for forensic analysis

Asking you withdraw large amounts of foreign currency which will also be collected
Ask you to provide pins details over the phone and then place your pin and car in the envelope and a courier will collect it from your

The criminals want to avoid detection and may give you instructions such as….
Informing you it’s an undercover operation involving the bank/police
Give you a cover story to tell bank staff or police e.g. the money is for building work

How to protect yourself…..
Be extremely wary of unsolicited phone calls from your bank or the police, particularly if they are requesting personal info.

End the call, call back on a different phone line or on a mobile, if that is not possible wait at least one minute before calling back. Use either the telephone number on the back of your card or go the banks website for your number

Speak to friends or family before carrying out any actions.
Never share your pin with anyone
Never hand over any bankcard or make purchases following an unexpected call"



Croydon BME Forum Wellness Centre
06/02/2020 22:08:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Croydon’s BME Forum has recently opened it new Wellness Centre on the first floor of the Whitgift Centre. This is a one stop shop for information on the mental health and wellbeing resources available within the Borough of Croydon. The primary aim of the Centre is to be a community informed and led wellbeing resource centre – both signposting residents to wellbeing resources and playing host to therapy sessions and courses.

I, along with a number of Conservative councillors, have agreed to sponsor a therapy room within the Wellness Centre so I will be contributing £1,000 of my Community Ward Budget towards this project.

The official opening of the Wellness Centre is on 20th February.



New Defibrillator in Riddlesdown
05/02/2020 12:32:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


I have just submitted a Community Ward Budget application in support of a defibrillator to be attached to the outside of the pavilion at Riddlesdown Tennis Club. The positioning of the defibrillator is important as whilst it is the tennis club that has led on this, the intention is that all of us in Riddlesdown will be able to access it, should the need arise.

By coincidence, a charity contacted me this week to offer assistance with the provision of defibrillators and their statistics show that

1.           Each minute lost following a cardiac arrest reduces survival chance by 10%

2.           Use of a heart Defibrillator within 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest increases the chance of survival from 6% to 74%

3.      The average ambulance response time in the UK is 8-10 minutes, which is simply too long!

The same charity was of the opinion that no person should ever be more than 100metres from a heart defibrillator. In our area, which is mostly residential with relatively few public buildings, finding sites may be difficult but I was shocked to discover that currently there appear to be no units at all in Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown.

If you can think of another public building that could host a defibrillator, do let me know. If I have sufficient Community Ward Budget I may be able to help with funding.



Police Ward Panel
05/02/2020 11:43:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

It was great to see such a good turn out of local residents at last night’s Police Ward Panel, hosted by PCSO David Eaton and joined by Sonia Preddie, the Council’s Senior Anti Social Behaviour Officer.

We were provided with the crime statistics for our ward and neighbouring wards; I noted that our figures are lower than our neighbours, even when accounting for the different sized wards. Crime in our ward seems to be focused on burglary and vehicle crime, be it theft of the vehicle or theft from the vehicle. A key take-home message was that crime could be lower if doors of homes and cars were consistently locked and alarms turned on. There were a few instances of homes being burgled whilst residents were away for an extended time over Christmas so it is worth investing in timer switches for lights so that our homes appear to be occupied.

At one point in 2019,  I had been concerned about the level of crime against the person. PCSO Eaton reported that there were no assaults with violence or robberies reported in this last period. Some of the reduction may be down to the good work of the Schools Team.

Anyone can attend the meeting. It would be good to have a stronger representation from the north of our ward, around the Pampisford Road area, as well as (and I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this) a few younger people, including school children. Do let me know if you would be interested in attending so that I can let you know the date for the next meeting once that is finalised.

If you have an emergency to report (e.g. a robbery is taking place at this point in time), ring 999

If a crime has been committed (e.g. a robbery has taken place), ring 101

Anti-social behaviour can be reported to Sonia’s team at



Mitchley Avenue Roadworks
31/01/2020 14:46:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

SGN are currently working on a gas escape on Mitchley Avenue near to its junction with Coombe Wood Hill. Two-way temporary signals have been installed to control the traffic and the site is expected to be clear by Friday 7th February.  This is obviosuly going to impact on the punctuality of the 412 so do allow extra time.

Update 01/02/20: It has been reported that buses are not stopping at the at the bus stop closest to Coombe Wood Hill.




Holocaust Memorial Day
27/01/2020 14:20:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day – a day in which we remember the Holocaust of the Jews and other minority groups in World War 2, along with the far too many genocides that have happened since them including in East Africa and Bosnia.

Holocaust Memorial Day has been commemorated in Croydon Town Hall for just under 20 years. Today we started with the candle lighting ceremony in the foyer of the Town Hall. Marilyn Arbisman from Croydon Synagogue spoke about the liberation of Auschwitz but also about how minorities continue to be persecuted, speaking particularly about persecution of Christians across the Middle East.

The event then moved to the Council Chamber where we heard from Safet Vukalic, a survivor of the Bosnian Genocide. He was saved from being sent to a concentration camp at the age of 16 years old by his mother raising her voice for him to come back as he wasn’t old enough. Later, when he realised that the images of the emaciated Bosnian men at Trnopolje camp were being shown on British TV, he was sure that the European nations and UN would put a stop to what was happening and yet it took 3 more years for the international community to step in effectively. Thank you to Safet for sharing his story.

As usual we had wonderful contributions from local school children including from Oasis Academy Coulsdon, St Peters in South Croydon (with an amazing story from Felix) and, of course, a great contribution from children and staff from Riddlesdown Collegiate (see photo). We also heard some beautiful music performed by Whitgift and Trinity Schools.

I am especially pleased that local schools are engaging young people in the issues of holocaust. Children absolutely understand the absurdity of treating some people as ‘other’, dehumanising them and normalising their abuse. I hope that the children and young people who came today learnt as much from the speeches that they heard today as they had already in their classrooms.



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