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 The Sanderstead Blog
Cllr  Lynne  Hale
Cllr  Yvette  Hopley
Cllr  Tim  Pollard

Potholes in Sanderstead
14/06/2019 18:29:00......Posted by Tim Pollard

Following a spate of resident reports about potholes in north-eastern Sanderstead, I today did a drive through. The following is what I found:

  • Ewhurst Ave bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing
  • Wisborough near Ewhurst Ave junction
  • Sandhurst Close and Sandhurst Road  junction pothole
  • West Hill also bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing, especially the slope up from Croham Hyrst
  • West Hill junction with The Ridge Way pothole
  • West Hill junction with Sanderstead Hill several potholes related to new development
  • Sanderstead Hill numerous potholes between West Hill and Mayfield Rd


I have requested that these be assessed for repair or resurfacing. 

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 Other Blog Posts

Dementia Friendly Film Screenings at David Lean Cinema
17/10/2019 20:30:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

The Sanderstead Councillors are pleased to once again support the Dementia Friendly Screenings at the David Lean Cinema in Croydon.  Last year was a great success so the programme is to be continued through 2020.  The dates are as follows: 

  • Tuesday 7th January 2020 11am Pakeezah
  • Tuesday 4th February 2020 11am A Hard Day’s Night
  • Tuesday 3rd March 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 7th April 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 5th May 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 19th May 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 2nd June 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 7th July 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 1st September 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 6th October 2020 11am
  • Tuesday 3rd November 2020 11am
  • Saturday 12th December 2020 2.30pm

And future titles will include:

Pakeezah (Bollywood)
A Hard Day’s Night (The Beatles)
Parineeta (Bollywood)
Carmen Jones (Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey)
Blue Hawaii (Elvis Presley)
Funny Face (Fred Astaire)
Wonderful Life (Cliff Richard)
Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon)
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (Doris Day)
Cabin in the Sky (Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong)
The Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland)
Singin’ in the Rain (Gene Kelly)

Do let residents know about the dates and times.  There is no charge and tea and cake is provided.

I am now a Dementia Friendly Champion and I am qualified to give talks to groups to raise awreness.  Do let me know if I can help.  



New Posts and Repairs to Railings - Sanderstead Shops
17/10/2019 20:10:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


A number of posts and railings were damaged outside Sanderstead shops.  Whilst it has been at times difficult to get repairs done by the council I am pleased that on this occasion the repairs have been undertaken in a timely fashion.



Churchgate - 1 Addington Road - Consultation
17/10/2019 20:00:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


The three local councillors attended the consultation in All Saints Church Hall in respect of the possible development of 1 Addington Road.  This was an opportunity for residents to see the computer generated images of how the scheme may look and talk to the development team.  The main issue for us is safety over vehicles turning into the development from Sanderstead Hill. Churchgate have promised to share resident views with the councillors and we will update our blog accordingly.



Possible care home opposite All Saints
29/09/2019 17:02:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard


Recently the three ward councillors met with a representative of the developer for the emerging proposals of Churchgate Services for their site at 1 Addington Road.

Linked below is an invitation leaflet for a public exhibition on Friday 11th October at all Saints Church. The exhibition starts at 3.00pm.

The leaflet will be distributed in the local area during the course of next week, and it contains CGIs of the apearance of the proposed building.

When we met the developer's representative, we asked about the view from properties in The Woodfields. We have subsequently ben advised that a CGI looking from that direction would simply show a wall of trees. The building will be 47 metres away from the nearest point of houses on The Woodfields. No trees would have to be removed and additional planting would have to be provided. 

We also expressed considerable unease about the proposal to have the entry and exit by car from the site being on Sanderstead Hil just north of the zebra crossing. Given that the corner from roundabout to crossing is a blind curve with adverse camber, we think that being stationary there whilst traveling northbound and waiting for a gap in the southbound traffic is going to be very unsafe.


Click here to download



Cressey College - Special School (5-19) Off Orchard Road
25/09/2019 15:26:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Some residents in Hamsey Green, Sanderstead may be aware of a new school which opened this month.  Cressey College is a multi-site special school for students with Social, Emotional and Attachment difficulties, particularly challenging behaviour and/or additional complex needs.  Nearly all of the students have additional complex needs such as ASD/Asperges, ADHD, Anxiety, Mental Health Difficulties, Attachment Difficulties/Disorders, ODD, Speech & Language difficulties, Learning Difficulties, PDA, ADD, OCD, Discalculia, Dyslexia or Diyspraxia.  Nearly all of the students have been unable to succeed at their previous schools and may need long term nurturing.  Cressey has a proven record of helping students make exceptional social, emotional, academic and behavioural progress which is something I think the whole community will support.

However, because of their complex needs all these children are brought into the school by private taxi and need one to one care and attention in terms of transport and education.This has meant some disruption in the area in terms of the way in which the children are transported and delivered to the school.

I met with the staff and they now have a travel plan in place and are keen to work with the community to address any issues that may arise.  One of the problems is the narrow road to the side of Littlewood House through which the only access to the school is via a service road and the car park to the flats. The council are looking into the status of the road and maintenance issues.  A number of properties access the woodland at the back through private gateways, so the road needs to be safe and secure for all.




West Hill Development Site - Disruption
25/09/2019 14:45:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Residents have raised a number of concerns with me in relation to the work that is being undertaken during the development of the recent block of flats in West Hill on the corner of Sanderstead Road.

Rubbish, refuse and debris left by the contractors has made the whole area surrounding the site most unpleasant.  I have had this cleared.  Unattractive and dangerous hoardings and the removal of trees has done nothing to add to the once beautifully tree lined road.   However, the latest problem has been a number of large vehicles dropping off materials for lengthy periods of time, which are blocking the road, which as many of you will know is on an extremely narrow and dangerous bend.  The response I have received from the council is that they have spoken to Devco Property Ltd. the developer, and expressed concerns regarding the disruption caused by lorries and delivery vehicles outside of their site.  They have been asked to adhere to the construction management plan in that deliveries should be made inside the premises as agreed.  Whilst the company state that deliveries are being made inside the site it is clear from the photographs provided by residents that the lorries are blocking the road.  Devco state that they use a banksman for this process and he was aware that this is the process that should be kept to at all times and they record numbers when they are aware of this occurrence.  As we can see there is a difference between what the developer states is happening and what the council officer who witnesssed the site has seen but the camera never lies!



Scam callers pretending to be Thomas Cook liquidators
25/09/2019 07:15:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

We're hearing reports that scamers have already cottoned on to the oportunity to clear out residents' bank accounts by pretending to be Thomas Cook liquidators. Apparently the criminals are ringing up saying they need to proces the refund you are owed for a future holiday, and they then ask for your card details and CVV number. This, of course, means they can help themselves to the contents of your bank account.

Clearly if you haven't booked a holiday with Thomas Cook you will recognise this as a scam straight away! However, if you have a future booking, please take great care in your dealings with anyone who claims to be dealing with your account and never give out your card details to someone who  has initiated a call to you (rather than you to them). 

Please also be aware that some of the more sophisticated telephone scammers have the ability to tell you to call them back on the correct telephone number for the company they claim to represent, and they then hold the line open so that when you call the number you are apparently put through to the right company but in fact it is still the scammers! So always research the correct number to 'phone a company on yourself, and don't 'phone anyone back' immediately (they'll realise they've been rumbled if you don't 'phone back straight away) - and preferably use a different telephone line.

It is desperately sad that criminals are exploiting people who are in this situation. 



Temporary closure of street as a 'Play street'
06/09/2019 07:22:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

A group of residents has submitted an application to the council to close part of Farm Fields for a few hours on 22 Sep (which is apparently also International Car-Free Day) for use as a 'Play street'. This is a council-promoted initiative encouraging residents to close off their street every month for a few hours to enable children to play outside free of cars and for the community to take the opportunity to meet each other.

The organisers are required to operate a small scale consultation with affected residents, which they have done without any objections being forthcoming.

Residents who need to get in and out of the closed part will be able to, accompanied by a marshall and driving at walking speed. The closure will be from the junction with Sanderstead Hill to the Tennis Courts/  No.11 from 2pm until 4pm. The rest of the street and its acess via Sundown Avenue will be unaffected.

The council has not yet approved the application, which has only just been submitted, although there is no reason to suppose they won't.



Bridge works on Sanderstead Road requiring road closure
03/09/2019 10:21:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown and South Croydon councillors (but not Sanderstead ones) have been informed that the rail bridge closest to South Croydon Rec is to be replaced. Although the bridge is a few hundred yards inside South Croydon ward, it is also very close to both PO&R and Sanderstead wards, and will have a big impact on journey times for our residents.

South Croydon councillors Jason Perry and Maria Gatland met with Council officers and representatives from Network Rail to get greater detail on how this will be implemented.

The new bridge will be constructed in South Croydon Rec prior to being moved into place. Access for the engineers and their equipment will be via part of the playgorund. Reassurances have been given that the park will be returned to its original state. However, we are unhappy that local residents will lose this public space during this time.

I understand that there will be some road closures, parking bay closures and one-way routes over the next 5 months.

The PDF link below shows greater detail of the first stage and once we have more information we will update on this blog. We have also asked officers to ensure that the Sanderstead team are also kept informed, as it will significantly affect our residents.

Some extra info here



Sanderstead Road - Public Footpath 142 - Adjoining Purley Oaks Road
09/08/2019 19:53:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


The above public footpath between Purley Oaks Road and Sanderstead Road is overgrown with weeds and hasn't been swept for some time.  Part of the railing is broken and makes it difficult for residents to navigate the steep hill in the winter when it becomes slippery.  I have been promised by officers that the matter will be corrected and the weeds cleared and the rail restored.  Hopefully before the winter arrives - or has it already!!



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