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 The South Croydon Blog
Cllr  Maria  Gatland
Cllr  Michael  Neal
Cllr  Jason  Perry

ASB promise extended to South End
13/06/2019 16:07:00......Posted by Maria Gatland

Recently my ward colleague Jason Perry and I attended the South Croydon Police Ward Panel. Along with residents we are increasingly receiving reports of street drinking and drug selling in the vicinity of South End. It is a shame as this is a vibrant area of shops, cafes and restaurants. We asked for the Anti Social Behaviour Ward Panel Promise that covers our green spaces like Haling Grove and Croham Hurst Woods be extended to cover the area around South End. We were both very pleased that the Ward Panel agreed to the extension. If you witness any ASB please contact

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 Other Blog Posts

More Trees for South Croydon Recreation Ground
16/02/2020 18:28:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


I am really pleased to report that following meetings with tree officers of Croydon Council 7 new trees will be planted this autumn in the park. As ward councillors we continue to raise the plight of this neglected park at Full Council and at meetings with the Council. It has been battered by the bridge works but this is the first positive step to improving this important and well used park. The ward councillors will continue to push for further improvements particularly of the Childrens Playground 



More Changes to South Croydon Ward Police Team
16/02/2020 18:20:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Residents and ward councillors who attended the South Croydon Police Ward Panel were disappointed and concerned to hear of yet more changes to the police team. No further meeting date was set and that is concerning. Over the last year or more most of the team have been pulled elsewhere.

Crime figures remain low but anti social behaviour including drug taking is an issue in some of our parks and open spaces in South Croydon ward.




Brick by Brick - Selsdon Road
05/02/2020 21:00:00.......Posted by Jason Perry


We've been out delivering letters to local residents in South Croydon. Please do take time to respond to the consultation at htttps://     and let Croydon Council and their development company Brick by Brick know your views! 



Concerns from residents following Selsdon rd Brick by Brick engagement event
30/01/2020 14:10:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Last Tuesday I called into Emmanuel Church Hall for the Selsdon Rd Brick by Brick engagement event. Initial proposals concern building a 4 storey block of flats in the garden of the small block of flats on Selsdon rd situated between Selsdon Ave and Sunny Nook. Quite a number of local residents attended. Numerous concerns were raised about a 4 storey block in the back of the current block and the impact particularly on the residents of the current block. This proposed block will also damage residents amenities in Selsdon Ave and Sunny Nook. Parking pressures and access problems were also raised. Brick by Brick are inviting comments from residents but whether any major changes will be made before a planning application comes forward remains to be seen.



Huge development behind Moreton Rd approved by Council
28/01/2020 09:28:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Last week the Labour controlled Planning Commitee granted permission to demolish 30  Moreton rd replace with a 3 story block of flats with a flat roof and a 3/4/5 storey block on a landlocked strip of land behind 24-42 Moreton rd. This will dominate the view for many of the back of the properties on this side of Moreton rd. I attended the Committee to speak on behalf of residents. While the positive aspects of this application will provide 16 affordable units it will undoubtedly affect the amenities of those residents on either side of no 30. The design does little to enhance the predominant Victorian/Edwardian character of the local area and is bulky and dominant. It will be built on part of the green corridor destroying valuable nature habitat. This includes reptiles some might well be protected. The Conservative members on the committee including mj ward colleague Cllr Jason Perry voted against the proposal. It was to no avail as it was pushed through by the Labour majority as we sadly have become accustomed in the South of the borough.




Formal Consultation on CPZ extension Sussex Rd and Sunny Nook
21/01/2020 12:33:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Following the informal consultation on extending the CPZ zone into many roads in South Croydon the formal consultation on the only roads that voted in favour will now take place.

Letters and plans will now be sent to residents in Sunny Nook and Sussex Rd who will vote on the proposal to include these roads in the CPZ zone.

The scheme will go ahead if a majority in these roads vote in favour. Any objections will be considered at Traffic Management Committee in April 



Brick by Brick Public Exhibition for houses at 279/289 Selsdon rd
17/01/2020 19:32:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Brick by Brick are holding a public exhibition for initial proposals to build houses at 279/289 Selsdon rd. Brick by Brick is proposing to build more houses on the site of this small Council block. The exhibition will be held on Tuesday 28th January at Emmanuel Church Hall Normanton Rd. It seems very unfair to the current tenants of this block.



Have your say on Consultation on the Croydon Local Plan Review
17/01/2020 19:05:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

The Consultation on the Local Plan Review ends on the 20th January.

i hope local residents will have their say on the high housing targets proposed by Croydon Council as well as proposals to build on precious Greenbelt 

Some of Local Green Spaces still do not benefit from Local Green Space Designation following mistakes made by Croydons Planning Department 

The most concerning of those in our ward of South Croydon are South Croydon Recreation Ground and Normanton Meadow

i have championed both and hope as many residents as possible will provide as many reasons as possible why they are important to the local community 



444 Selsdon rd, another family house lost .
17/01/2020 13:30:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Just before Christmas another Planning decision to turn a family house and garden into a block of flats to the dismay of many residents and ward councillors was granted.
The Labour majority on the committee pushed the decision through despite opposition from the minority Conservative Group on the Council and many residents.

There is a lack of family housing in Croydon  yet once again concerns about damage to the particular cottage garden character to this part of Selsdon rd and to the amenities of close neighbours were ignored 

The Labour Council has declared a Climate Emergency yet another garden and more trees, plants and nature habitat is lost. Replaced by concrete as intensification of development continues in our local area.

None of the flats are affordable 




Planning Permission Refused for flats replacing family home 270 Selsdon rd
28/10/2019 16:58:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

We have seen so many family houses lost to blocks of flats that it was a surprise to hear from Croydon Council that it had been refused planning permission. It was a particularly awful application and along with hundreds of residents I objected as ward councillor. The reasons for refusal were strong and included damage to the character of the area and damage to the amenities of neighbours. Unfortunately in time I have no doubt another planning application will come forward here.



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