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 The Sanderstead Blog
Cllr  Lynne  Hale
Cllr  Yvette  Hopley
Cllr  Tim  Pollard

Awarding the Sanderstead Councillors Cup!
04/04/2019 13:35:00......Posted by Lynne Hale


I was delighted to attend the Sanderstead Horticultural Spring Show on Saturday at All Saints’ Church Hall and present the Sanderstead Councillors Cup for the best exhibit to Anne Fixter for her outstanding daffodils.

I was pleased that the Show was so well attended and that the standard of all the exhibits was so high – it must have been very difficult for the judges to pick the winners! Thanks to everyone who came along and to those who worked so hard in producing such a great event in Sanderstead.

The Sanderstead Horticultural Society Summer Show is on Saturday 22nd June in Wettern Tree Garden, Purley Oaks Road – so do put that date in your diaries.



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Potholes in Sanderstead
14/06/2019 18:29:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

Following a spate of resident reports about potholes in north-eastern Sanderstead, I today did a drive through. The following is what I found:

  • Ewhurst Ave bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing
  • Wisborough near Ewhurst Ave junction
  • Sandhurst Close and Sandhurst Road  junction pothole
  • West Hill also bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing, especially the slope up from Croham Hyrst
  • West Hill junction with The Ridge Way pothole
  • West Hill junction with Sanderstead Hill several potholes related to new development
  • Sanderstead Hill numerous potholes between West Hill and Mayfield Rd


I have requested that these be assessed for repair or resurfacing. 



Active Ageing Event - All Saints Church Hall
07/06/2019 13:39:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Click here to download



Cherry Tree Knocked Down - Purley Oaks Road
07/06/2019 13:28:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Unfortunately, a beautiful cherry tree was knocked down in my road yesterday by an ASDA delivery lorry.  This is the second tree to be lost in a short space of time.  The tree lined road of cherry trees is so beautiful in the spring and I was particularly fond of this tree as it stood outside my house.  The director at the council was most helpful and ensured someone came to quickly to cut up the tree and remove it from the road and pavement.  Some blue tits had been nesting in the tree and sadly they are now having to find a new home.  Hopefully it won't be long before it is replaced.



Another bad planning night for Sanderstead
31/05/2019 08:06:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard


Last night I attended planning committee to speak on three applications for the building of blocks of flats in back gardens or replacing a single detached house, which had been referred to committee for decision by myself or Cllr Lynne Hale.

The first was in the rear of 59 Rectory Park, where a neglected tennis court in a back garden was proposed to be replaced by a block of six flats. The document linked to below contains my speeches for all three applications, but in essence my objection to this one was the significant reduction in privacy to the neighbours on all sides and the road safety issues raised by greatly increasing traffic on this accident-prone road. As per usual this application was approved with all six Labour councillors voting in favour but all the Conservatives (four) voting against.

My second application was referred by Cllr Hale but I took on the speaking as she was unable to be here tonight.  This was 119 Purley Oaks Road, which has a very long history of planning applications, some approved and some not, but nothing yet built. Here the applicant wishes to replace one house with four semi-detached houses and a block of five flats, whose design can best be described as modernist. It presents a monolithic, over-bulky front and has some significant access issues. In spite of Inspectors’ comments on previous versions of the scheme suggesting that a bulky back garden development was not appropriate, it was again approved. To provide a little variety, one Labour councillor (to his credit) broke ranks and voted against, but it was still approved using the chair’s casting vote.

Finally I spoke on 43 Kingswood Lane. Here a bungalow is to be demolished to be replaced by a large block of nine flats. The issue here is not so much the design, which is traditional and therefore does not look totally out of keeping, but the bulk. Compared to anything else in the road, it is huge. As it backs on to green belt, in the form of Kings Wood, this excess bulk is particularly unwelcome. Parking is also an issue, with Kingswood Lane being very narrow. Finally the area is subject to flooding, and we are concerned that concreting over more natural drainage will recreate the surface flooding issues we had up until additional drainage was installed a few years ago. It seems rather unwise to encourage development in an area where we have only just restored the delicate drainage balance which previous development had adversely affected.

To nobody’s surprise, the Labour committee members cheerfully waved this one through. The voting was 6-4 in favour, again.

However one small bit of good news was the refusal of one back garden development in South Croydon, whose parking arrangements were so poor that even our Labour-dominated committee couldn't approve it. Perhaps this was aided by the pre-meeting demo outside where a number of residents' associations picketed the front of the town hall to make their feelings over the indiscriminate granting of planning permisions known. thank you to them for coming out.

My speeches in full are here.



Mature Tree on the Corner of Ewhurst Road Chopped Down
25/05/2019 13:48:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Residents have asked me to investigate why a very mature tree on the corner of Ewhurst Road has been felled.  From looking at the tree stump it looks quite healthy but of course the experts at the council may state otherwise.  I will certainly look to see when it will be replaced.  



Sandhurst Close - Condition of Street Cleansing and Pavements
25/05/2019 13:44:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Whilst out talking to residents we noticed many of the streets were not swept and the gutters were full of debris.  Of particular note was Sandhurst Close.  In the picture you can't even make out that it is a pavement it is so covered with dirt.  Briton Hill Road is full of moss and leaves and other dirt making it  dangerous for our elderly residents who have to navigate this steep hill to get to the bus.

I have taken up all these issues with the council and hopefully we will see a better street cleansing regime in the future.



Talking to Residents in Sanderstead about Local Issues
25/05/2019 13:39:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak to a number of residents in Sanderstead about local issues and concerns.  Top of the list was the destruction of family homes for small flats.  The condition of the streets and lack of response from the council also came up frequently.  Some residents are still having problems with their bins and logging information to the council was proving impossible for some elderly residents who don't have a computer.  We will happily take up all issues for residents and try to resolve outstanding problems.  



Matt Hancock Minister of State for Health and Social Care Opens New A&E in Croydon
20/05/2019 14:02:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


I was pleased to attend the official opening of the new A&E at Croydon University Hospital today by Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Health and Social Care.

Significant investment by the government means that the residents who attend the A&E will have a much better experience at what is often an extremely worrying time.  The area for children's admissions has a Westminster theme with Big Ben and London buses and taxis featuring in the design.  Importantly the department was designed by doctors and nurses and has incorporated all the features important to looking after residents who are often extremely poorly when they come in through the front door.



West Hill - Development and Loss of Trees
03/05/2019 14:44:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I raised the issue of the loss of trees on the corner of West Hill and Sanderstead Road at planning committee last month.  The cummulative impact of a number of sites across the area has significantly changed the character of the road, given the amount of shrubs and trees that have been lost.  I am pleased that they have accepted that the trees are an important asset and as a result 15 new mature trees will be plantd in the adjoining site to recompense some of the loss.  When the development is complete I look forward to seeing the new trees.



Green waste bins splitting
01/05/2019 13:01:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard


I have had a number of reports from residents that their Green Waste bin has split on both sides and is leaking green waste. I can confirm that this is a problem as mine now also has two splits on each side, which occur as the bin bends when it is raised up to the truck. I have asked that replacement bins be provided, as the splits get worse and worse until the top lip also splits and then they are likely to dump the waste all over the road.

I'd be interested to know how widespread the problem is, so please let us know if you're having the same issue.



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