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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Cllr  Robert  Ward

Selsdon 'Garage'
11/02/2019 15:35:00......Posted by Helen Pollard

We are frequently asked what is happening with the ‘garage’ site next to Aldi.  It is an eyesore and needs to be redeveloped. 

Planning permission has already been given for it to be redeveloped to have 26 flats and retail space on the ground floor so why has work not started?

This was a question that the Selsdon Councillors wanted to ask the developers so a meeting was arranged to find out why nothing is happening.  A member of the Council’s Planning Department was also present. 

The developer said the problem is that the planning permission with 26 flats, with four of these being affordable housing, is not financially viable.  (It is Council policy that a minimum of 15% of properties in a development should be affordable). The developer said they would make a significant loss if they redeveloped the site in the current economic climate.  Their view is the development would only be viable if they could have more flats and if the requirement to include affordable housing was removed. 

As local councillors, not property development experts, we can’t judge whether viability is really the issue here, but it would be reasonable to think that the developer would have developed the site by now if it could make a profit.  The site was purchased in 1996 and the developer seems pretty keen to complete the project.   

The current planning permission for the garage site was given before the new Local Plan came into force so there might be scope for a development with more flats.  This would inevitably mean a bigger building and this is a compromise that residents might be prepared to consider if the site is to be redeveloped. 

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that the developer would meet with the Planning Department to review the options available and see if there is a way that the project can be moved forward.

Just to be clear, as your elected representatives, the Selsdon Councillors will always act in the best interests of the residents of Selsdon.  We will not take the side of a property developer.  However, in order to try and move this forward we felt it appropriate to meet with the developer and try to establish why nothing is happening.  If a revised planning application is submitted to the Council, we will seek your views before deciding whether we will support it. 

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Selsdon Litter Pick
15/06/2019 19:31:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard


Joined a happy band of volunteers for a litter pick in Selsdon.   Great that the other 3 Selsdon Councillors were there too.  Selsdon looks a lot tidier now!



Stop Croydon Council building on green spaces in Selsdon
12/06/2019 18:41:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

I have set up a petition to Labour's plans to build on green spaces in Selsdon including Monks Hill



Save our Green Spaces!
04/06/2019 20:05:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Croydon Council is proposing to build on green space on Monks Hill and other parts of Selsdon.  The plans that are likely to be approved by the Labour Council on 10th June include building the following number of houses/flats on these sites:

Freelands Avenue green space – 10 units

Corner of Shepherd’s Way green space – 7 units

Farnborough Avenue green space – 15 units

Tedder Road garages – 4 units

Heather Way Garages/Car Park – 4 units

Foxearth Road green space - 18 units

Croham Valley Road (adj no.124) - 7 units

It is recognised that Croydon needs more homes and I fully support the building of homes in appropriate sites.   However, building on the precious green space on Monks Hill and Selsdon is not appropriate.  Why are they not building houses on brown field sites like the derelict Edgecoombe site or other derelict sites around the borough?

The Freelands Avenue green space is the place where the Monks Hill community funday takes place right at the heart of the community.  The green spaces on Farnborough Avenue, Foxearth Road and Croham Valley Road are enjoyed by children and dog-walkers, as well as being a haven for wildlife.  The loss of the garages will be hard to cope with as they are a safe place for cars or for storage. 

If you are unhappy with these proposals you can:

  • Write to the Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Newman
  • Come to the public meeting at the Council on Monday 15th July at 6.30pm in the Town Hall to make your voice heard.

You might expect your local MP to support you in objecting to council plans to build on our green spaces but Sarah Jones (Labour MP for Croydon Central) is on record as saying that future governments, Labour or Conservative, local and national, would have to “be brave, be bold, and be prepared to build in places people might not want us to.”

As your local Councillors, Robert Ward and I will do everything we can to resist these in appropriate developments.

At the end of this article is a downloadable copy of the document that includes the proposals to build on these green spaces.

The Cabinet Report about building on green spaces



Commemorative bench in Addington Village
02/06/2019 18:59:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


Ward Councillors have a small budget for improving the well-being of the ward community, its environment or economy. Just recently one of our projects in Selsdon and Addington Vilage has come to fruition with the installation of a bench in Addington Village.

The bench is dedicated to the memory of Jim and Myrna Drummie who were respected members of their community for many years. It has been placed on a green space in the heart of the village and it is hoped it will encourage walking and interaction within the community for many years to come.



Addington Village Conservation Area
16/05/2019 17:44:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

The Council is reviewing Addington Village Conservation area.  Here is my response to the public consultation.  NB: Three is still time to submit comments as the deadline is 30th May 2019.

Addington Village Conservation Area Review - Comments 15th May 2019

I welcome the fact that the Council is carrying out this review as it's important the Conservation Area is kept up to date and relevant.  The Draft Planning Document is well researched and considers, in depth, the nature and character of the area.

I also welcome the inclusion of Addington Palace, Addington Park and ancillary buildings.  Both these areas are part of the historic estate in the Addington Village area and it is right that they form part of the same conservation area as Addington Village.  The inclusion of Roxton Gardens is a good proposal as it protects the area around the church.

I do, however, believe that some of the proposals in the Draft Supplementary Planning Document should be changed. 

1.       Firstly, the name.  I have been the elected representative for Addington Village for a number of years, and one of the noteworthy characteristics of the area is the strong sense of identity as a village.  The village area is clearly defined and surrounded by green space.  By adding in the new areas, the Council will simply be including parts of the village that should always have been part of the conservation area.  They were all part of the same estate.

Dropping the word 'village' from the name of the conservation area shows a lack of awareness of the strong identity of the area and the strength of village community spirit.  The area looks like a village, residents feel that they live in a village, and it has always been known as a village.  The addition of more buildings to the Conservation Area doesn't make it any less of a village.  Furthermore, the removal of the word 'village' and calling it Addington Conservation Area will lead to confusion with New Addington which is a completely separate area. 

The old title of 'Addington Village Conservation Area' should remain unchanged.

2.       Secondly, three areas that are intrinsic parts of the village are to be removed.  Whilst the buildings in these areas are not as historic as some other buildings in the village, they are still part of the village and part of the community. 

a.       In terms of Boundary Way and the Wicket, surely it would be better to include both these roads rather than chop off one more bit?  They are part of the ancient estate and it would harm the conservation area if they were subject to major redevelopment.  Better to protect them than leave them vulnerable to a greedy developer especially as they surround the country's oldest Cricket pitch and other historic buildings.

b.       The removal of the houses at the end of Addington Village Road by the cricket pitch, seems a bit petty.  The houses are stated to have a 'neutral' impact on the conservation area so it makes no sense to remove them.  The people who live in these houses, who are very much part of the village, feel they have been unfairly targeted and are being kicked out of the village. 

c.       Removing the triangle of land at the other end of Addington Village Road also seems unnecessary.  It opens up for development an area that is next to historic buildings and an area of beautiful parkland.  It makes no sense to remove it. 

The three areas proposed for removal should be kept within the Conservation Area.

3.       In the ‘Development Guidelines’ part of the document it is particularly disturbing that point 8.1 of the document says it is acceptable to demolish the homes of people who live in 'neutral' buildings as well as those detracting from the area.  It is also worrying that point 8.2.2 seems to open the door to infill development on back gardens. 

4.       The report points out that the buildings within the Conservation Area are still vulnerable to uncharacteristic minor developments because some of the changes do not need planning permission.  Is there not a case to have more of the buildings listed or locally listed?  This would give the Council more control of the iterative changes that might undermine the character of the area. 

5.       I am concerned that the Council Planning Department's approach to Conservation Areas is not aligned to the intent of the Supplementary Planning Document for the Addington Village Conservation Area.  The document clearly states that the marquee at Addington Palace is out of keeping with the host building and yet the Council has allowed it to remain in place for a number of years.  This is already inconsistent with protecting the character of a listed building.

Addington Village has a very strong sense of community.  It has a strong and active residents' association that has invested significant time and money in the protection of the character of the area.   And this means the whole of Addington Village including the areas that the Council is proposing to remove from the village.  By taking some areas out, it sends a message that they are not considered important enough to protect.  This will make it even harder for residents to protect the character of their village.   The Council relies on the help and support of Residents' Associations, and the dependence on these local organisations is likely to increase, rather than diminish, in future.  By cutting off some of the village, the Council undermines the work the Residents' Association has done in Addington Village in the last 40 years.

The lack of consistency in the decisions about which of the more modern houses should be removed from the Conservation Area leads to the obvious conclusion that they are being removed for another reason, namely to open up the areas for intensive development.  If this happens, the character of Addington Village will be irreparably changed for the worse. 

I ask that the Council listens to the concerns raised by residents in relation to the proposed changes to the Conservation Area.



Labour's secret plans to close libraries
08/05/2019 20:05:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

I have recently obtained a copy of a report with details of Labour's secret plans to close three of Croydon's libraries. Croydon's Labour administration had tried to bury the report deep in meeting papers for the Cabinet Meeting on 7th May 2019 when their libraries strategy was nodded trough. As the Shadow Cabinet Member for Culture I asked for the report and was given a copy of the 243-page document minutes before the meeting.  I was shocked to find that one of the recommendations in the report is the closure of three libraries; Bradmore Green (in Coulsdon) Sanderstead and Shirley.  They are also considering asking volunteers to run some libraries entirely, probably with significantly reduced opening hours.  

Croydon has 13 libraries that are valued by residents from all parts of the community.  The three that are earmarked for closure have a high level of usage amongst local residents with around 40-50k visits each year.   I will be campaigning to keep all our libraries open and fit for purpose. 



25/04/2019 20:12:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met with the Council's Culture Director to discuss plans for the libraries and culture in the next few years.



New look for Selsdon Library
17/04/2019 20:11:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Council officers have briefed Selsdon Councillors about plans to refurbish Selsdon Library.  Look forward to longer opening hours and a smart new look after the 2-month closure in July/August.



Sewer works at the Churchill site on the Addington Road planned for 8th April now delayed till Easter
15/04/2019 10:50:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Please take note that the works planned to start on 8th April have encountered engineering issues so did not commence as scheduled. They are now planned to be on site during the May half term being 25th May to 02nd June.



Sinhala and Tamil New Year
13/04/2019 20:10:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

It was a great pleasure to join the Sinhala and Tamil communities for their New Year Celebration in Croydon High School. I felt very welcome and enjoyed the performances from the talented musicians and dancers.



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