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 The Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Blog
Cllr  Simon  Hoar
Cllr  Helen  Redfern

Proposed changes to our local bus routes.
13/01/2019 14:33:00......Posted by Helen Redfern


TFL is proposing changes to 11 bus routes that currently travel through Croydon town centre. A number of these bus serve Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown so residents may wish to participate in the consultation survey which can be found here:  or emailing direct to: by midnight tonight, Sunday 13th January.

I have made a submission covering the concerns of many local residents, the text of which is below:

"I am very disappointed to see the proposed changes to the bus routes that run through or close to Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown Ward. The following bus routes are of particular interest to residents in the ward:


405: Travelling along Pampisford Road into Croydon town centre

403: Travelling through Sanderstead into Croydon town centre. This is the only bus through Sanderstead and is used by some Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown residents after dropping off their children at Atwood and Gresham Schools.

412: Travelling through Riddlesdown into Croydon town centre via Selsdon. The frequency of the bus route was recently reduced significantly on September 1st 2018 and the punctuality is so poor during the morning peak that the timetable seems irrelevant.


Many people travelling from the south into town are doing so in order to reach the centre of town e.g to shop in the Whitgift Centre, work on Wellesley Road/Ruskin Square and connect with services at East Croydon tram/bus/train. The new routes drop passengers further away from these locations whilst the proposed Fell Road detour will make it a longer journey with no additional benefit for the passenger. The result of this is that:

-          Those with mobility issues may find the extra walk just too far to travel and therefore they will be effectively excluded from using public transport. Not everyone with mobility issues has a blue badge or even a car.

-          Parents with young children in-tow may opt to not use the bus if they have to walk a long way to the bus stop, especially where busy roads need to be crossed, they may opt to use their car, having to pay high parking fees, choose to go to another shopping centre such as Bromley or shop online.

-          Those who have been shopping may find it too difficult or frankly too inconvenient to carry heavy loads back to further bus stop. Again, they may opt for the car parks or another shopping centre all together.

-          People who work in the centre of town will have further to walk (in addition to sitting on the bus for the longer Fell Road detour) and therefore may have to start their journey earlier to accommodate this.

-          People who travel into town to connect with West Croydon train station will have to walk almost 1 kilometre. This will add significant time to their journey.

-          The Riddlesdown/Purley Oaks area has always had poor connections to East Croydon Station and the proposed route changes have extended the walk required to connect to over 600 metres.

-          I believe that there will not be a bus route on the east side of Park Lane for Fairfield Halls patrons to be use to get home to Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown after a performance. Many will simply choose not to travel over to Katharine Street in the dark to catch a bus. With reduced parking options too, this may be damaging for Fairfield Halls which is due to open later this year.

I also note that the proposed stop to the east of Katharine Street is usually full of buses that are out of service. How will this be managed so that passengers do not have to sit on a queueing bus waiting to be let off due to there not being sufficient space?


It looks like TFL is aiming to reduce its costs and has lost sight of the reason that passengers are using the bus - i.e. to get to a specific location/interchange - which I would expect to be its primary purpose. Residents of Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown have few public transport options (and the 412 has had reduced frequency as of September 1st) and these are the only available bus routes, none of which will take them into town, and now further from railway stations. A more inconvenient bus service may cause a reduction in use that will then be used to justify cutting the service further.

I believe that these changes will do no favours to the prosperity of our shopping centre as the difficulties involved in getting to and from the centre will cause people to shop elsewhere. I also fear for the success of Fairfield Halls if getting back home will be so difficult.

I hope that TFL will be persuaded to, at least, maintain the current level service and if there are to be amendments that the frequency be increased rather than the routes cut."

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School Streets - Kendra Hall Road
15/09/2019 19:38:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Kendra Hall Road, which links Pampisford Road to Harris Academy Purley has become a School Street. This means that no vehicular traffic is permitted between 8.00am to 9.30am and 2pm to 4pm. This will obviously affect parents at Harris Academy Purley and Regina Coeli schools but could also impact on anyone visiting the road, or trying to use the entrance of the road as a turning point. 

The penalty for driving into the road during these tiems is £130 or £65 if paid within 14 days. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) technology will be used so it will not be worth trying to sneak in!

If you wish to correspond with the Council about the School Street Scheme, please contact:



Sanderstead Rail Bridge to be replaced
02/09/2019 22:30:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown and South Croydon councillors have been informed that the rail bridge closest to South Croydon Rec is to be replaced. 

South Croydon councillors Jason Perry and Maria Gatland met with Council officers and representatives from Network Rail to get greater detail on how this will be implemented.

The new bridge will be constructed in South Croydon Rec prior to being moved into place. Access for the engineers and their equipment will be via part of the playgorund. Reassurances have been given that the park will be returned to its original state.However, we are unhappy that local residents will lose this public space during this time.

I understand that there will be some road closures, parking bay closures and one-way routes over the next 5 months.

The PDF link below shows greater detail of the first stage and once we have more information we will update on this blog.

Road Layout in September



02/09/2019 21:58:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown and South Croydon councillors have been informed that the rail bridge closest to South Croydon Rec is to be replaced. 

South Croydon councillors Jason Perry and Maria Gatland met with Council officers and representatives from Network Rail to get greater detail on how this will be implemented.

The new bridge will be constructed in South Croydon Rec prior to being moved into place. Access for the engineers and their equipment will be via part of the playgorund. Reassurances have been given that the park will be returned to its original state.However, we are unhappy that local residents will lose this public space during this time.

I understand that there will be some road closures, parking bay closures and one-way routes over the next 5 months.

The PDF link below shows greater detail of the first stage and once we have more information we will update on this blog.

Road Layout in September



Electoral Review - Possible New Polling Station
09/08/2019 20:32:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Croydon Council is currently reviewing the polling districts and stations/places to be used in future elections. A few minor changes are being suggested in Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown Ward:

·       3-17 Riddlesdown Road are currently on the electoral register in POR3 polling district but are located in polling district POR1. As the polling place for POR1, Christ Church Hall, Brighton Road is closer, it is proposed that these households with 16 electors be transferred to the POR1 electoral register.

·       632-694 Brighton Road and 592-626 Brighton Road, are currently on the electoral register in polling district POR2 but are located in polling district POR1. The polling place for POR1, Christ Church Hall, Brighton Road, is closer so it is proposed to transfer these addresses with 76 electors to POR1 and should be more convenient for the electors.

Prior to the Returning Officer’s Report being published, I submitted comments on the polling place for POR4 which stretches from Riddlesdown Station to Riddlesdown Collegiate. Previously the polling place was St Edmund’s Church Hall but in 2018 this was moved to Riddlesdown Tennis Club. This added additional walking distance for voters (it’s near impossible to find somewhere to park in Lower Barn Road) and took the polling place even further away from the middle of the polling district.

Whilst at present a change back to St Edmunds has not been included in the initial proposals from the Acting Returning Officer, a decision on whether to include this in the final proposals has not yet been made.

The introduction of the new ward boundaries meant that St Edmund’s Church Hall is now just over the boundary in Sanderstead ward and is used as a Sanderstead polling station. Two polling stations in one polling place is possible, but in this case the fact that the stations are for different wards would present some logistical challenges for the Returning Officer and staff at Council elections. The Council is therefore investigating how it might deal with the separation of the two polling stations within the polling place before a decision is made on whether to include this change in the final recommendations.

The Council welcomes comments from any registered elector on the existing and proposed arrangements, including whether you would want the POR4 polling place to be moved back to St Edmunds. More information is available at:




Local Plan Partial Review - Call for Evidence on Local Green Spaces
20/07/2019 19:47:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


The Croydon Local Plan 2018, that sets the policy for all planning decisions in the Borough, is due for a partial review.

As part of the process, Croydon Council is requesting your assistance in evidence gathering relating to green spaces across the Borough.

The Council is asking for this local information in order to determine areas of green space that could be granted Local Green Space designation, which could offer greater protection to the site.

The more evidence they receive from the community, the more informed the Local Plan evidence base will be.

This includes the original 31 green spaces left without local protection in the Croydon Local Plan, as well as any additional sites that residents feel should be protected. 

In Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Ward, Allder Way Playground off Pampisford Road and Purley Rotary Field need the support of the local community.

The Council is relying on residents to provide the evidence to save these spaces for future generations so it is important to detail why any of these local green spaces are special to you, relating your comments to paragraph 100 of the National Planning Policy Framework and your evidence can include photographs and links to documents about the green space.

Paragraph 100 states:-

The Local Green Space designation should only be used where the green space is:

a) in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves;

b) demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquility or richness of its wildlife;

c) local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.

Submissions can be made by:

- Online submission:


I've made my submissions on these two spaces. The deadline is 22nd July 2018.




Incident in Purley Town Centre
13/07/2019 11:43:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Many residents will be aware that there was an incident in Purley Town Centre on Thursday evening.

Police were called shortly after 9pm to reports of a knife incident. Despite the best efforts of Police, paramedics and an air ambulance team, one male victim, aged 19 years old, was pronounced dead at 9.50pm.

A second male was found close by and was taken to hospital suffering from non-life-threatening knife injuries.

A third male, was found close to Purley Railway Station and taken to hospital with a slash wound. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of att empted murder.

A number of other young men were arrested later and one has been charged with GBH, violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon.

Cordons remained in place until well into Friday morning.

A Section 60 search area covering the south and centre of the Borough of Croydon was in place until 5am this morning. This meant that Police officers were able to ‘Stop and Search’ anyone within that area.

However, I would stress that Purley remains a safe place and I hope that residents will continue to feel safe shopping and dining in Purley town centre.



Call out to Dancers and Musicians
21/06/2019 11:18:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Young dancers and musicians have been invited to audition this weekend for an exciting new project that will culminate in a live performance at Croydon’s newly-refurbished Fairfield Halls. 

Open to Croydon residents aged 14-19, auditions for Assemble are taking place this Sunday 23 June, 1pm to 4pm, at Oasis Academy Shirley Park School, Shirley Road, Croydon.  A brand new project, Assemble is a partnership between the contemporary dance festival, Dance Umbrella, and local production company Drum the Bass.

The project will bring together young people from across the borough, to be mentored by industry experts as they collaborate on a live performance, which will be staged at Fairfield Halls this autumn. 

Auditions are open to performers of any and all types, styles, concepts and practices of music and dance and not limited to classical/jazz/hiphop or contemporary/street/ballet.

The successful applicants, chosen for skill and collaborative spirit, will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other young artists across dance and music, enhance their composition and/or choreographic skills and, over nine workshops, create new works together for the public performance.

To secure a place at the audition contact or 020 7257 9380. 

For more information on the project visit and



Police Ward Panel
20/06/2019 21:27:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

I attended the Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown Police Ward Panel this evening, attended by residents and members of our local police team.

We looked at a breakdown of the 108 crimes that took place in our ward over the past 3 months. Vehicle offences accounted for 25 crimes, violence against the person 24 crimes, theft 19 crimes, burglary 11 crimes and sexual crimes 6 crimes. Those who attended were most concerned about burglary, vehicle crime and drug offences..

The sergeant gave us an interesting overview of how the team works within the ward and with neigbouring wards.We also heard how the Metropolitan Police has struggled to recruit new officers so if you or someone you know are considering a career in the police, this would be a good time to apply!

We discussed what our local police team should have as their priorities and it was decided by residents that they should focus on burglaries, motor vehicle crime and engaging with vulnerable residents. 

I would be very interested to hear from residents as to whether they agree with the above priorities. Do contact me whether you agree or think that other priorities shuld be considered. It is important that we hear a range of voices. Alternatively, come along to the next meeting which is expected to be in early October.



Active Ageing Event - All Saints Church
27/05/2019 19:38:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


All Saints Church in Sanderstead will be hosting an NHS Active Ageing Event tomorrow between 12 noon and 3pm.

Together with a range of local health and community organisation being availabe to discuss their services, there will also be a number of taster sessions in activities such as seated exercise, seated youga and Zumba.

Free refreshments will be available.







Helen Pankhust - Deeds Not Words
27/05/2019 14:27:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


On Thursday I attended a talk at Croydon College by Helen Pankhurst, writer of the book Deeds Not Words, and grand-daughter of Sylvia Pankhurst. The event was attended by pupils of a number of local schools and those from the College itself.

Helen's talk was interactive, giving the audience am opportunity to consider how much more equal (or not) women had become in the past century. Whilst Helen lead the discussion in areas such a politics and the work place I was interested to hear that the comments from the audience tended towards pressures on women and girls to look a certain way, and after an intervention from another speaker, how the discussion turned towardsintersectionality.

It was great to speak to Helen in person afterwards. When I dashed off afterwards to collect my daughter from school she was very impressed by who I'd just met.



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