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 The Sanderstead Blog
Cllr  Lynne  Hale
Cllr  Yvette  Hopley
Cllr  Tim  Pollard

Beech Avenue Resurfacing
02/01/2019 14:20:00......Posted by Yvette Hopley

After some persuasion and numerous emails from your local councillors I am pleased to say that FM Conway will be commencing the resurfacing of part of Beech Avenue.  Residents should have received the following information explaining when the work will take place.  The location/s and date/s are below:

Date: 16th to  18th  January 2019 between 08:00-17:00

Location: Beech Avenue 

To enable the Contractor to undertake the works, on-street parking will be suspended during works hours.  We also kindly ask that with forward planning vehicular access to and from properties adjacent to the road are reduced to a minimum during the works hours. Pedestrian access will not be affected.

Advance driver / resident information boards will be in place before the works commence, advising of the precise dates and times of the road closure.

Please however note that unforeseen circumstances (e.g. inclement weather conditions) may necessitate a change to the scheduled dates and information on road signs will be changed accordingly. Please check the road signs regularly for any updates

The resurfacing works will take place : Sec 1 : Purley Downs   to  Balmoral Gardens   -   Sec 2 :  Prop No: 23    to    Purley Oaks Road   .

Due to the nature of these works it is inevitable that some disruption will occur. For this reason it is recommended that where possible you use alternative routes, or allow extra time to complete your journey.

The on-street parking suspensions that will be in place within the works area are 07:30-17:00 on 16th  to  18th  January  2019. No parking for residents on the highway in the areas covered by the enforcement signs.

 Please note that penalty charge notices (PCN’s) will be applied to vehicles parked within the suspended areas during the works hours and/or vehicles relocated.

 Due to the above we would urge all residents to ensure that their vehicles are moved from the suspended areas in order to avoid any delays to the works as well as incurring any charges.

 If your vehicle is relocated please contact the LBC on 020 8726 6000 Ext 52816, who will provide you with an exact location of your vehicle.

 We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause residents; however we want to ensure that all works carried out on the Croydon network are to the highest standards to ensure value for our residents.

 Beware Bogus Callers

Croydon Council does not permit its employees or contractors to undertake work on private property during the course of any scheme. If anyone offers such work they will not be a council approved contractor and should be treated with caution. Any scheme undertaken by a council approved contractor does not require cash payments.

Cold calling doorstep traders offering to carry out home maintenance work such as driveway repairs and roofing are a problem in Croydon. These traders can be very persuasive and can intimidate you into agreeing to have work undertaken. The advice from Croydon Trading Standards Service is to say “NO” to all cold calling traders – Every Time. If they will not leave or you get into difficulties, then call Croydon Trading Standards on

020 8407 1311

Thank you for your cooperation whilst we carry out this essential upgrade. If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us by email: or tel: 020 8726 6000 Ext 52816.


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Ashdown Gardens - Hamsey Green Sanderstead
22/07/2019 12:10:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


A number of residents have raised concerns with me over the constant flooding of the street and surrounding area.  I met with officers and residents to see how we can find a solution to alleviate the problem.  As many residents are aware during heavy rain the dains are unable to cope with the amount of rainfall and therefore the excess water rises above the system and finds its way through properties into peoples gardens and driveways.  This is particularly scary as we are seeing a great deal more flash flooding with significant rises in rainfall over a short period.

This is not the only location to flood - we have seen Purley Oaks Road, Kingswood Avenue and Limpsfield Raod properties suffer in the past and it is important that we look to the future and the impact of global warming when taking into account flood prevention in the borough.

The picture here shows the area after a short period of rainfall last week.




Act quickly to protect your local green spaces
18/07/2019 17:59:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

Croydon Council is currently doing the evidence-gathering for the next revision of its local plan and has called for people to highlight small green spaces which they particularly value. It is really important that local people tell the council how they use those spaces and why, when they currently have no particular local protection, they should get protection now.

In other parts of the borough the council's developer, Brick By Brick, has already indicated that it wants to build housing on lots of small green spaces. It is really important that we get protection for as many of our spaces as possible to ensure the same does not happen here.

To help residents know which spaces are meant and to focus thoughts on how those spaces are used, I have pulled together a form you can use as a template. This is mainly intended for those smaller spaces which are included in zones generally earmarked for housing, rather than our parks and public gardens, most of which are satisfactorily protected already.

The form on the link below is a PDF form, but if you want it as a Word document, you can download it here.

Here is the form



Barrowsfield planning application deadline tomorrow
18/07/2019 13:11:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to lodge any concerns which you have about the amendments made to the Barrowsfield planning application.

Points which can be used to lodge further objections include the following:

  1. The amendments, taken collectively, amount to a major material change and a new submission should have been required. 22 new documents have been uploaded, each requiring review and a period of 14 days to comment is not reasonable. 
  2. Notwithstanding the above, the proposal provides poor quality accommodation and should be refused. It fails to meet policy on a large number of issues and, furthermore, the applicant has not addressed planning officer concerns with the pre-application responses. 
  3. Height, massing and design are out of character and context.
  4. Density is too high and contrary to guidance.
  5. Over 50% are single aspect flats
  6. Loss of two properties below 130 sqm
  7. Inadequate cycle, mobility scooter and electric cycle storage
  8. Loss of amenity to existing residents of Barrowsfield and inadequate perimeter treatment
  9. Over development of the building footprint and car parking to cover 90% of the site
  10. Inadequate landscaping
  11. Proposed building line does not reflect the established building line
  12. Unsafe rooftop children’s play area
  13. Inadequate car parking which will negatively impact local businesses and residents
  14. Poor quality design with no architectural merit; completely at odds with its proposed Sanderstead Village location immediately adjacent to the open green space of Sanderstead Recreation Ground

In summary, this application fails to meet the Croydon Local Plan 2018 policy standards and should be refused.

The full details can be seen via the following link:

Comments need to be submitted by 19th July and you can use the following link to let the Council know your views:



Amendments to Barrowsfield proposal received
03/07/2019 11:17:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

Many residents have been horrified by the proposal to construct an almost Stalinist block on the edge of Sanderstead Rec. Cllr Lynne Hale has referred the application to committee and has been leading on it for the team. Now amendments have been received to the scheme, as outlined in the email the ward team received below.

18/05157/FUL 2-5 Barrowsfield, South Croydon, CR2 9BZ
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 4/5 storey building comprising 33 self-contained flats (5 x one bed, 14 x two bed and 14 x three bed), vehicular access on Limpsfield Road, 26 car parking spaces (including two disabled car parking spaces), integral cycle store for 64 cycles, integral bin storage, hard and soft landscaping, boundary treatment and communal amenity space at roof level.
Amended plans have been received for this application. The main alterations to the scheme are as follows:
-          Alteration of top floor to a mansard  roof form
-          Balconies recessed into the building envelope
-          Alteration to appearance of entrances
-          Inclusion of roof top children’s play space
-          Removal of entrance into Sanderstead Recreation Ground
-          Additional lift within the second staircore
-          Additional entrance to the car park
-          Addendum to Transport Assessment
The plans can be viewed on the application file on the website.
I would appreciate any comments on the amended proposal by 19th July 2019.

You can view the revised plans following this link.



Third consecutive missed green waste collections
03/07/2019 09:10:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

For the third collection running, the green waste has not been collected from Lime Meadow Avenue. The problem affects the whole road and it could well be other roads nearby as well. I have had a succession of angry residents either phone me or come and knock on the door about this.

The past two failures have resulted in many individual residents reporting the missed collection and a remedial collection taking place on the Weds or Thurs. However, in spite of the fact that Veolia have not collected the entire road, they only do the ones who have reported it, driving straight past the other bins left out in hope by their owners. 

This exposes a number of flaws in the system.

1. Surely if the team knock off early on a Tuesday and don’t do all the scheduled roads, they should add them on to the next day’s roster automatically, not wait for the frustrated residents to report it?

2. Even if the teams are not honest enough to admit they have not completed the schedule, surely the GPS trackers should demonstrate to management that the work has not been done? 

3. If a number of missed collection reports come in from one road, why does that not flag up the probability that the whole road has been missed?

4. If a road (or, more likely, a group of roads) is being systematically missed, why is the system not adjusting to either increase the resource or change the collection day?


Residents pay for this ’service’, it is not a freebie, so having to report missed collections every fortnight is doubly unacceptable.

I have asked officer to provide me with:

a. Assurance that the reasons for repeated non-collection have been identified and that it has been fixed.

b. Answers to the process questions above

c. A remedial collection today or tomorrow for the whole of Lime Meadow Ave, not just the households who have reported it

d. Assurance that there are no other roads in the area also missed.



Grass Cutting of Sanderstead Hill
27/06/2019 20:30:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I have received a number of complaints about the quality of cutting of the grass on Sanderstead Hill.  This is a beauty spot and a focal point leading up to our lovely pond.  Naturally residents want the grass to look well kept particularly now we have the good weather.  Unfortunately, since the contractor has been dismissed and the work brought in house there have been a number of problems.  Firstly, the lack of equipment meant that the bank could not be cut.  Then some of the areas at either end of the hill were forgotten and lastly the steep bank which goes down Purley Downs Road has remained uncut for the entire season.  The long grass is now at least four foot long and looks a complete mess.  I am now informed that the council are unable to cut the grass due to health and safety.  Despite the contractor being able to undertake this work it seems that the council are not able to do it.  They don't have the machinery to go on the pavement or will not allow the operator to use a strimmer.  A solution must be found to improve this area and I met with officers who are looking at cutting the bottom of the hill to a certain level.  We will have to assess the situation and see how it looks after the initial cut.  Oh dear this is not good news at all!



Sanderstead Horticultural Society - Summer Show
27/06/2019 20:27:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


It was another beautiful sunny day for the Sanderstead Horticultural Summer Show.  Many residents had taken part in the competiton and exhibited flowers and produce.  The band played whilst we enjoyed a nice piece of cake and cup of tea.  Children enjoyed the clown and many bought plants for the garden.  It is a wonderful local event enjoyed by so many.  Pictured here with one of the prize winners



Fallen Tree Across Mitchley Hill and Limpsfield Road
27/06/2019 20:15:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


A tree fell across the Limpsfield Road and Mitchley Avenue blocking the road completely.  The council attended the site quickly and cut up the tree and removed it but a number of cars had to be diverted.  Not sure what happened but think the tree may have been diseased.



Potholes in Sanderstead
14/06/2019 18:29:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard

Following a spate of resident reports about potholes in north-eastern Sanderstead, I today did a drive through. The following is what I found:

  • Ewhurst Ave bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing
  • Wisborough near Ewhurst Ave junction
  • Sandhurst Close and Sandhurst Road  junction pothole
  • West Hill also bad throughout, please assess for resurfacing, especially the slope up from Croham Hyrst
  • West Hill junction with The Ridge Way pothole
  • West Hill junction with Sanderstead Hill several potholes related to new development
  • Sanderstead Hill numerous potholes between West Hill and Mayfield Rd


I have requested that these be assessed for repair or resurfacing. 



Active Ageing Event - All Saints Church Hall
07/06/2019 13:39:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


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