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 The Park Hill & Whitgift Blog
Cllr  Vidhi  Mohan

Lloyd Park Litter
02/12/2017 10:29:00......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Your local councillors were in Lloyd Park today and was disappointed to see two bins overflowing with rubbish. This seems to be happening more regularly in the last year or so.  They reported this to the council and will put pressure on the current administration to ensure the parks cleaning contractor does its job properly. 

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Missed Bin Collections in Edith Court
20/02/2019 13:37:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan


This morning I visited Edith Court in Paul Gardens. Residents are very angry that their communal food waste bin has not been cleared for weeks, and is now overflowing. They have complained to Croydon Council using the online system, but the problem persists. One of them even saw rats runing around the waste bin this morning! I have been assured by Council officers that this will be dealt with urgently, so hopefully this is done soon.  



Flats on Addiscombe Road
22/06/2018 08:48:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Last night Croydon’s planning committee gave permission for the construction of a block of 9 flats, replacing the wonderful detached family home, at 114 Addiscombe Road. Despite over 300 local residents objecting, the Labour members on the committee ignored their views, leaving them angry and disappointed. This development is completely out of character with the local area and the adjoining Whitgift Estate, which has wonderful detached houses and is an integral part of our built heritage. Those living nearby also expressed serious concerns around loss or privacy, noise and increased traffic. I also spoke on behalf of residents, urging the committee to preserve the unique character of the Whitgift Estate. While the Conservative members on the committee supported local residents, Labour members did not. It was also unfortunate that residents did not receive any support from their local Labour MP, Sarah Jones.



Save the Whitgift Estate
21/06/2018 10:03:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Tonight, Croydon's Planning Committee will make a decision on an application for 114 Addiscombe Road (Application no. 18/01353/FUL), to replace the lovely house with a block of 9 flats. This is a terrible proposal which is completely out of character with the surrounding area. It will also have an adverse impact on those living in adjoining properties, including on Fitzjames Avenue. Approval of such developments could lead to the long term destruction of the the Whitgift Estate as we know it, an area of unique character with wonderful family homes.

I will be at the planning meeting, speaking on behalf of residents opposing this development.  Over 300 residents have objected to this application, and I hope the planning committee listens to their arguments and rejects this development. 



Friends of Lloyd Park
17/05/2018 17:58:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Had a very productive meeting today with the newly formed Friends of Lloyd Park group. They are are very enthusiastic and motivated group looking to increase activities in the park, and ensure greater community participation in its development. You can follow them on Twiiter: @LloydParkCR0



Lloyd Park Litter Pick
14/05/2018 09:50:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan


Was delighted to join the newly formed Friends of Lloyd Park group on a litter pick in Lloyd Park on Sunday. 



Overflowing Bins
25/03/2018 16:34:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan


Overflowing bins have been reported to the Council in Cotelands, Park Hill. Hopefully these will be emptied as a matter of urgency. The strange thing is that the inside bin itself seem to have been turned upside down! Not sure if this has been done by the Council or is the work of vandals. But an upside down bin is of no use to anyone!



Potholes on Whitgift Estate
21/03/2018 10:12:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan


Driving around the Whitgift Estate I am appalled by the poor state of the road surfaces and number of potholes around. Many residents have complained to me about this. I have brought this to the attention of the Council, particularly highlighting Radcliffe Road, Fitzjames Avenue, and Ramnore Avenue. I have asked the Council when they plan to resurface these roads, and will keep residents posted when I hear back. 



Gas Mains Replacement on Whitgift Estate
11/03/2018 15:20:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

I have been infomred that Essex Utilities and Southern Gas network, are to start replacing the gas mains in Sandilands on from 19th March. I understand that residents have been notified. The project is for the replacement of 5,852m of the cast iron gas mains network together with the renewal of the steel service pipes. The replacement material will be polyethylene. The works are due to last 10 weeks.

At some points temporary traffic signals will be required, namely at the junctions with Grimwade Avenue, Harland Avenue, Fitzjames Avenue, there will be advanced notice signs in place and with an estimated duration of one week at each location.

If you have any concerns please get in touch with me:



Addiscombe Road Planning Application
23/02/2018 15:17:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Last night the Labour Council approved an application to demolish a lovely detached home on Addiscombe Road an replace it with 2 semi-detached properties, which was completely out of character with the adjoining Whitgift Estate. Despite objections from local residents, this was pushed through by the Labour controlled planning committee. If elected, the Conservatives pledge to listed to residents’ concerns with an open mind before taking any planning decisions. It is important to maintain the unique character of both Park Hill and the Whitgift Estate, and we will never try and cram more housing into these neighbourhoods.



Friends of Park Hill Park
22/02/2018 10:41:00.......Posted by Vidhi Mohan

Cllr Helen Pollard attended the AGM of the Friends of Park Hill Recreation Ground.  It is amazing to see how much they have achieved in the past few years and she was pleased to have helped by providing some of Fairfield's community budget to fund some of the projects.  

They have some exciting plans for the future including a Peace Garden and a Peace Festival.  

Now that the Parks Master Planning projects is complete Cllr Pollard will arrange a meeting with council officers so we can finally get some progress on improving the toilets in the park, and move forward other improvements.  



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Lloyd Park Litter
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