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 The South Croydon Blog
Cllr  Maria  Gatland
Cllr  Michael  Neal
Cllr  Jason  Perry

Selsdon Road Goods Planning Application Deferred
11/03/2018 14:52:00......Posted by Maria Gatland

Last Thursday evening I attended the Planning Committee to represent residents concerns about an application for a car repair business and paint spray booth. The residents most affected are those in Rockhampton Rd who live above the Goods Yard. This business started up without planning permission and has worked there for months causing noise and fumes for those residents. The Committee were very concerned that there were no real details of the mitigating measures proposed in the report and the effect that the works clearly had on residents until now. After a lot of discussion and legal advice from the Committee Solicitor the proposal from my ward colleague Cllr Jason Perry to defer this application was agreed by all on the Committee. The applicant must now bring forward details of workable mitigating measures to the satisfaction of planning officers or a temporary stop will served on this business by the Council. I hope for the health and well-being of local residents these measures come forward quickly.

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 Other Blog Posts

Bridge Works Stop Tree Planting South Croydon Recreation Ground
02/05/2019 09:57:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Last Autumn I met with Council officers to discuss tree planting at South Croydon Recreation Ground. It is a very important green space locally in a built up area.

This park left unprotected in Labours Local Plan would really benefit from care and attention. I had hoped that some tree planting would help start the process 

Unfortunately Network Rail plans for the works on the railway bridge around Christmas time will prevent the planting going ahead

Tree officers from Croydon Council are liaising with Network Rail to protect the current trees in the park.

i really hope we wont see any further destruction of trees by Network Rail. Trees are so important in our fight against climate change and we should all be seeking not only to protect our current trees but to plant more.



Dog Bins not collected on yet another Bank Holiday
23/04/2019 08:50:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Another Bank Holiday and once again complaints about overflowing dog bins at Croham Hurst Woods. Many families with or without dogs visit our parks and woods on such a beautiful holiday weekend. It can’t be beyond this Administration to ensure that on these long weekends the bins are emptied. We all want people to enjoy the nature and beauty of these places in Croydon not faced with rubbish and overflowing dog bins.

I have reported to Council and have been assured the bins will be emptied 



Normanton Hotel development = parking restrictions Whitmead Close
03/04/2019 13:53:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Most residents would agree the old Normanton Hotel needed redevelopment.

However the planning application for a huge development of flats

with access for vehicles through to the small cul de sac Whitmead Close was opposed by residents and ward councillors. It was pushed through at Planning Commitee by the Labour dominated Planning Commitee 

To order to faciliate the huge lorries now coming down the narrow cul de sac safely temporary parking restrictions have been put in for up to 2 years.The yellow lines will impact on those residents with no garage. Under this Labour Administration the  residents objections and concerns are ignored.



Support for local groups in South Croydonís Ward Budget
03/04/2019 12:52:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Once again in 2018/2019 Jason Michael and Maria were delighted to support local groups that make a difference in our ward of South Croydon

The spring display at South Croydon Allotments was funded through our ward budget and we are looking forward to the difference our ward budget will make to the gardeners at St Peters Church

We know how important pets are to so many people and were so pleased to support the PDSA in South Croydon for residents who cannot afford expensive vets bills.

Neighbourhood Watch Good Neighbour Guide has proved very popular with residents funded through our ward budget.

Local churches play such an important role in our local community and we supported Brighton Rd Baptist Church and St Gertrude’s to help them improve their community halls.

The Food Festival gets more support this year as well as Christmas lights for traders around the Red Deer.

There are also more local projects we have been pleased to support and if any group out there would like us to consider supporting them after next May please get in touch.







Residents frustrations grow as works continue on footbridge by Network Rail
21/03/2019 13:44:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Works began by Network Rail in February to rebuild the footbridge linking Whitmead Close and Dornton and Moreton roads in order in their words to make the footbridge a visual asset in the local community. As it is heavily used by parents and children to get to their local school and commuters to South Croydon station a temporary bridge was built alongside the original bridge. Since then residents particularly those close to the bridge suffer lights day and night, noise all day and noise and pollution from the generator at night. Huge vehicles park at the bottom of the cul de sac of Whitmead Close often blocking residents. The bridge is covered while works continue underneath but noise continues with often a strong chemical smell. The works are due to finish at the beginning of April so let’s hope it will be worth the disruption. Similar works are taking place on the footbridge between Spenser and Campden roads. I can’t help but feel the money spent here by Network Rail would have been better spent clearing decades of fly flytipping on the disused Railway line.



Unprotected Normanton Meadow more encroachment with by latest planning decision
01/02/2019 11:55:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

 Normanton Meadow is a grassed area off Normanton Rd very popular with residents and dog walkers in an intensely developed area. It has sadly been left unprotected in the latest Croydon Plan of the current Labour Administration. Over the last couple of years a number of back garden developments were permitted overlooking the Meadow.

A couple of weeks ago a planning application was granted that will cut into the bank and further encroach on this precious green space for a development of five flats none affordable. I attended the committee to speak on behalf of residents who opposed it. All the Conservative members and one brave Labour member voted against it. However it was approved by the casting vote of the Chairwoman. There will be another huge loss of mature trees from the back gardens of 23 and 25 Normanton Rd a loss in the fight against pollution and climate change. The residents were rightly upset that the freeholder gave permission to cross the car park to enable the development for future home owners. The residents in Ward Close pay to maintain this car park so doubly unfair. It is a shame the developers did not come to a sensible arrangement with the residents. Jason Michael and myself are currently supporting residents to start a Friends Group to care for and protect Normanton Meadow 





Network Rail acts at last to deter fly tipping under Croham rd Bridge
08/01/2019 09:43:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland



New Year but Fly Tips Continue in South Croydon
08/01/2019 09:21:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Such a shame fly tips continue to spoil our local area. Reported this one some time ago but still waiting for Council to clear. Now told there are Health and Safety concerns. As it is a small tv and packaging for a new one I find this hard to understand and am seeking clarification as well as reporting more fly tips in Moreton rd



Residents raise concerns TFL Proposed Bus Change
17/12/2018 11:30:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

hMany residents have contacted me to express concerns to TFL proposed changes to bus routes 403 and 412. The changes propose to stop in Katherine Street and St Georges Walk rather than cross the town centre. For some residents it will be a longer walk to the town centre or to East Croydon Station. I have urged them to respond to the consultation  by January 13th

As Ward Councillors we will raise residents concerns through the consultation 





Planning applications and the affect on the local community
11/10/2018 13:47:00.......Posted by Michael Neal

The Labour controlled Croydon Council continue to tell us and the residents of Croydon that we need to build more homes which are affordable to local residents and their families.

We get the message, but at what cost?

At a recent planning meeting, applications to approve the demolition of 6 individual homes to make way for 48 high density flats across the South of the Borough will change the local character of the area forever, not to mention changes to the environment and to place further pressure on local Schools and Services.

Some may say that this is an inevitable change due to the increase in population around London and the UK as a whole, even if this is the case surely a better balance could be thought through which will reduce the impact on the local character of the area and the communities it serves. Better to build “like for like” rather than impose blocks of flats in areas where there are just houses and bungalows.

At present Labour is not listening to local concerns, residents are fair minded and can sense fair play. They do understand the need for extra homes to be built but don’t like it if their concerns are not heard and they are overlooked by the planning committee as is the case under this Labour administration.

Residents in South Croydon do not have this “not in my back yard” attitude but do care how the area should be preserved for future generations. Any new developments should be in keeping with the character of the area.

At present planning applications are being nodded through even when there are several objections. One resident told me after a planning meeting, “I had no faith that my concerns would be acted upon and I was proved right” it’s a “fait accompli”

In South Croydon Ward there have been major planning applications approved by the Committee, residents have to put up with the idea that a particular area will be intensified with a number of flats being built, in some cases around one or two particular properties with residents powerless to stop it.

One resident told me “I may as well sell my property to a developer and move out of the area” why does a resident have to resort to these types of statements?

Pre 2014 - during the Conservative time in office planning applications were at times refused and then approved (or not) on appeal. Better to move refusal when applications cannot be justified by the Committee and the local community.

At least the resident will have faith in the Committee to make decisions that reflect their views overall bearing in mind that some decisions may not go their way.

I realise that you cannot please everybody all the time. I only hope that the Labour Controlled Planning Committee start to realise that they are damaging the trust between residents and the Council.

The question is will they listen? Not on their past record they won’t.







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