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 The Addiscombe East Blog
Cllr  Jeet  Bains

Fallen branches on Green Court Gardens.
26/10/2017 16:07:00......Posted by Joseph Lee

Following on from the issue of the fallen branches on the communal green on Green Court Gardens which was brought to our attention by residents. We are pleased to confirm that since we raised the issue with the Council, the tree debris has now been removed.

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Bridges, traffic, trees, noise, surgeries, parking - and bats!
19/05/2018 21:26:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

Week 2 was another marvellously busy one helping the good people of Addiscombe East:

- I met the Chair of HOME Residents Association to talk about the traffic difficulties in the area of Elgin and Havelock Roads. Traffic volume has sky-rocketed here since the one way systems introduced on roads west of here. And residents in other roads are having to go on long, crazy diversions simply to get to nearby roads. The whole traffic system in this area is a mess and it appears that the language in Environmental Impact reports was softened in the space of three months in order to facilitate this. I've asked the Council to sit down with all parties and have an honest reappraisal of this situation.

- Blackhorse Lane Bridge has had no discernible progress and residents have no new information. We already know about the world's longest bridge in China taking only three years to build, and now we have the longest one in Europe taking only two years to build: . But the tiny little bridge on Blackhorse Lane? Nope, nothing, still talking about 2019 before we see anything. I'm taking this up with the right people.

- A resident complained about noise from neighbours living in flats above. I've contacted the Council to provide support.

- I will be holding surgeries on the first Saturday of every month. Arrangements have been finalised and I will publicise these shortly in a separate update.

- I asked the Council to look at the parking of cars on the Lower Addiscombe Road side of Ashburton Park which causes two lanes to effectively become one and thus slow down the traffic that is already hampered by the Blackhorse Lane bridge closure. As a result, double yellow lines have been marked along Lower Addiscombe Road outside Ashburton Park. These are complementing the Temporary Traffic Management Order that has been in place for the Blackhorse Lane road closure. The intention is to propose permanent waiting restrictions to mirror the ones that have been marked for Lower Addiscombe Road and Spring Lane (where temporary restrictions were marked outside the park last year). There is a 42 metre section (for up to 8 cars) opposite nos.378 to 390, where restrictions have not been introduced where parking currently does not cause any obstruction or safety issues.

- I informed residents about the Council's plans for tree pruning and tree removal in Ashburton Park, and they raised concerns about various wildlife that would be impacted - including bats. As a result the Council has radically altered its plans and will involve wildlife experts to ensure that all work is carried out carefully and sensitively.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance: or 07710 184923



Week 1 in Addiscombe East - already motoring.
13/05/2018 12:40:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

Week 1 in the new ward of Addiscombe East, and I've been busy getting to grips with helping local people:

- I was delighted to meet the Friends of Ashburton Park, a group of volunteers who really care about their local park and have great ideas to improve it. Took away several actions ranging from the poor litter collection to concerns about crime.

- I was shown around Ashburton Hall by Jon Mann of GLL who have the contract to run it. It was good to be brought up to date on their plans for getting extra facilities like a cafe for the community to use.

- Greenery at the Bingham Road entrance to Addiscombe Recreation Ground has been replaced by wood chips. A neighbour contacted me about this - it emits an unplesant odour and makes the place look like a "desert". I'm making enquiries.

- We are blessed in Addiscombe East to have several Residents Associations. I met the excellent Chairman of CHASE about long running problems with bin collections behind shared commercial and reidential properties on Lower Addiscombe Road. I've already actioned this with the Council.

- Residents of Elgin Road and HOME Residents Association have been in touch about the very unfair traffic situation there. I'll be meeting HOME and have asked the Council to rectify this situation and treat Elgin Road residents with courtesy and respect.

- I referred a wholly unsuitable planning application at 49-51 Shirley Road to the planning committee. I supported residents and opposed this scheme to build 8 flats. Good news! The Council's officers have refused permission for this to go ahead. An early victory for the people of Addiscombe East.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance: or 07710 184923


Best wishes,

Jeet Bains



A tribute to Joseph Lee
11/05/2018 19:12:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

With my first week as Councillor for the new ward of Addiscombe East having been completed, the excitement of the election fades and I've been getting down to business - details coming next.

As I meet people and grapple with the issues, it becomes clear what an asset to the area my fellow candidate Joseph Lee is. We worked our socks off during the campaign and became good friends. So many people have told me how they noticed Joseph being active, generating ideas and helping residents and businesses. Sadly he didn't get elected but, without him, I wouldn't have been either. 

We both thank the people of Addiscombe East who voted for us. And I personally thank Joseph - a great man who marches on to future victory!  



Rubbish bin collection issue on Highbarrow Road
19/03/2018 22:31:00.......Posted by Joseph Lee


Following on from a recent issue brought to my attention by residents of rubbish bins not being put back after collection on Highbarrow Rd. I’m glad to say that following this morning’s collections, bins have been put place where they came from and not blocking the whole pathway. 



Dumped rubbish on Woodside Court Road
15/03/2018 14:12:00.......Posted by Joseph Lee


Further casework which I’ve reported on Woodside Court Road is the dumped rubbish bags on the public footpath. Following on from us reporting it, we are pleased to say the rubbish bags have now been removed.



Visit of local business Tuga Sounds
12/03/2018 15:54:00.......Posted by Joseph Lee


It was Great to see Rick from Tuga Sounds again. He provided the sound system/Dj equipment for my own wedding and I would hugely recommend his services. Tuga sounds are based at 354 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 7AF.



Pot hole on Ashburton Road
21/02/2018 22:53:00.......Posted by Joseph Lee


Following on from residents concerns over the pothole as well as nearly driving over it myself. I am pleased to confirm that I’ve reported this to Croydon Council and have asked them to inform me once the repair is carried out so I can let residents know.




Blackhorse Lane bridge closure - the nightmare that Labour can't fix.
12/02/2018 10:20:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

I've been contacted by residents about the misery caused by the long-closed Blackhorse Lane bridge. Traffic on surrounding roads has become intolerable, with short journeys increasing by up to a factor of 5! People's lives are being negatively affected, businesses are severely losing revenue. As the cars sit in unmoving traffic, tempers are flaring and pollution is rising. My tweet on this matter:

The Council, TfL and the Mayor of London are all controlled by Labour, and yet between them they cannot get this small bridge repaired and reopened. Communication with local people has been sparse at best, until the Conservatives pressed for this to be regular and meaningful.

Comparisons have been made with Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China, the world's longest bridge, which took four years to build, and The Shard in London which took 3.5 years to complete. Yet two tiny bridges over tram lines on a narrow suburban street are estimated to take 3.5 years to complete by the Labour-run Council and TfL.

The people of Addiscombe East deserve much better than this.




Croydon Conservatives help expand innovative education programme in Addiscombe
11/02/2018 21:39:00.......Posted by Joseph Lee


Students who go to school in New Addington and Addiscombe will soon be working with the  prestigious “White Hut Studios in Education”,  thanks to Conservative Councillors  who stepped in to support with  a new pot of funding. White Hut Studios in Education are  a local music organisation,  who will be ramping up the scale of its work and helping young people hit the educational high notes.

White Hut Studios in Education, based in New Addington, has a proven track record of educating young people through music, using rhythm and rhyme to support what they do.  They use high level mentoring  skills  throughout sessions to enhance working with not only gifted and talented children, but also those that are hardest to reach, often coming from very vulnerable circumstances. It was started to inspire young people to write their thoughts, use their imagination and build songs, working as part of a team or as an individual, increasing their knowledge of music whilst learning by having fun, but more importantly, to build up confidence, perseverance, self discipline and much more.

Recently, the organisation has won funding from a group of Conservative councillors and candidates so that they can engage with schools in the New Addington and Addiscombe communities.

In a joint statement, Cllr Jeet Bains and Joseph Lee (candidates for Addiscombe East) and Tony Pearson and Mark Johnson (candidates for New Addington South) said:

“The education of young people should be among the highest priorities of any politician and we’re always excited by new and innovative approaches that engage each and every youngster in the borough.  When it comes to projects we are keen to support, the work of White Hut Studios strikes all the right notes.  We hope and believe that this will make a transformative difference to the lives of students who find the combination of creativity, learning and fun an irresistible mash up.”

The activities of White Hut Studios in Education usually take place in a workshop format.  Each workshop gives young people the opportunity to learn the process of songwriting, recording vocals and music production, from start to finish. White Hut Studios  in Education also offer African culture workshops, where children get to write and record Afrobeat music.  All workshops are tailor made according to the age group of the children and the number of young people in the session.

The team at White Hut Studios in Education work closely with SENCOS and family liaison officers within schools and other places, gaining valuable insight on the progress and impact of the activities, and remain consistent by following up with schools and other institutes even when sessions have cone to an end.

“We at White Hut Studios in Education believe in the youth and we also believe in community, we know that the society in which we live can be stronger and better and we want to be the change we want to see. Myself, Miriam, I am a director and operate as a top end mentor. With well over ten years experience of working in this field, it is my delight to work with young people in New  Addington and Addiscombe, helping forge new relationships, and turning negative vibes into positive ones. My co-director Silvastone who built our state of the art music studio in the Heart of New Addington, is an international recording artist and producer, and  has a whirlpool of experience within this industry. He is well respected by youth in the area and has a great rapport with them.  We are very pleased with the support we have recently received from some of the Conservative councillors and candidates and are sure, that when we all do something, a lot can happen!”

Schools interested in working with White Hut Studios in Education should contact Davidson on 07868716736.

In total, £3000 has been contributed by Conservative councillors.



ASPRA Road Reps meeting
08/02/2018 10:10:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

It was great to attend my first ASPRA Road Reps meeting where I was delighted to be confirmed as a Road Rep. Only one road rep vacancy left now I believe!

The meeting was very well attended and I was impressed with the passion and sense of community. Important issues were raised, including encouraging a sustainable way for local businesses to continue supporting the community.

I look forward to more of this, and to being of assistance.



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Fallen branches on Green Court Gardens.
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