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25 March 2019
New Croydon Council parking charges to cost drivers up to 300 a year.

Croydon Council plan to introduce an emissions test for your car parking permit that could mean your permit increasing to £300 per year.

Under Labour's proposals to Cabinet on Monday they plan to increase parking permits for all but electric and the lowest of emissions cars. Instead of £80 for your permit, regular cars will see an increase to £104, £149 or £300 and any vehicle older than 2001 will automatically be charge at £300.

Parking tickets will also increase with every vehicle other than fully electric only vehicles paying more with a 30% increase in charges and anyone wanting to pay cash at a parking meter or having a vehicle older than 2001 paying 30% more as well. Plug-in hybrids will pay the same as most petrol cars and all but the most polluting gas guzzlers. 

This policy will be a tax that penalises the elderly and low income residents who can't afford to buy a new vehicle and is a Croydon Car Tax on small businesses that rely on their vehicles to trade. 

Cllr Simon Hoar, Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport said, "This is another regressive anti-car tax on Croydon residents by Labour. It will be nothing more than a car tax on owning a car. Even Labour's own report says residents in controlled parking areas will be badly impacted by the plans. The low income and elderly who are most likely to have older cars will be unfairly hit by these charging plans and small business will be targeted at a time when we want to deliver on Westfield and attract new business. Labour are simply anti-Croydon drivers whilst pretending this was about the environment. If they were really so concerned about emissions instead of taxing residents more than they wouldn't have built a primary school next to Purley Way