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21 February 2019
Labour failings leave elderly without hot water, heating or access to medication!

Conservatives call for an emergency panel to investigate failings in their Special Assisted Homes

A senior Conservative councillor has called time on Labour’s record on Adult Social Care, as deep concerns have emerged around the handling of the Council Run Special Assisted Homes.

Cllr Yvette Hopley, Shadow Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care has called for an emergency cross party inspection panel to visit Freeman Court and Toldene Court, following the discovery of serious failures such as a lack of heating and no hot water for weeks on end.

The shocking failures include:

  • Toldene residents left without a disabled bath and hoist for over eight months
  • The kitchen at communal area at Toldene was closed and they were unable to even have a Christmas meal
  • Medication being locked in an office with no access
  • Only one carer on duty for long periods at a time, despite needing to look after 50 residents
  • Residents at Freemen Court left without heating or hot water for 8 weeks
  • The disabled bathroom at Freemen Court left out of action for over a year
  • An overgrown garden at Freemen Court with no disabled access

Cllr Yvette Hopley says, “A civilised society should have no higher duty than honouring and looking after the senior generation. Not only do these failures fly in the face of common decency but it is becoming increasingly clear that the Labour administration have never had a grasp on the shocking situation and have left vulnerable residents in appalling conditions for months on end. Immediate action is urgently required.  To add insult to injury, Labour has now announced plans to increase charges to meals on wheels – a vital service that is the only option for many residents, given the kitchen facilities remain closed!

“The reality is that the Council has received extra funding from the Conservative Government for adult social care – but these residents just do not seem to be their priority.  Locally, Labour has managed to find money for pay rises for senior politicians – yet these elderly residents have been deprived of heating, a hot bath and even a garden that they can access.”

Despite the urgency of the issues raised, the initial response from Croydon Labour has struck notes of complacency and disinterest.  At a recent council meeting, every Labour member voted against a motion requiring the Council to take urgent action.