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12 February 2019
Croydon no place for families under Labour

Families will find it increasingly difficult to settle and build a life in Croydon, as the Council is falling well short of its own target for building family homes.

Croydon’s Local Plan, which is intended to ensure future developments in Croydon take into account the needs of the whole borough, sets a target of 30% of new homes being ‘family’ homes, with 3 bedrooms or more. However, since the Local Plan was introduced in February 2018, only 19% of new homes given planning permission by the Council have 3 bedrooms or more – the overwhelming majority of homes given planning permission are 1 or 2 bedroom flats.

This will make it increasingly difficult for growing families to make a home in Croydon, according to Conservative planning lead, Jason Perry.

“The Local Plan is intended to ensure everyone can find a place to live that is suitable for their needs – a true home. It is perfectly natural that families with 2 children want to live in a 3 bedroom home, ideally with their own garden. The requirement for 30% of homes to have 3 bedrooms or more acknowledges this, because the reality is that if families can’t find those homes in Croydon, they will move elsewhere.”

“If the Council does not provide the type of homes that families need, Croydon will become a stop-gap, where people live for a couple of years before they move to their forever home elsewhere. With such a transitory population it will be very difficult to maintain any sense of community here in Croydon.”

The Council’s failure to meet its own target comes from building far too many flats in suburban locations outside of the town centre. The Local Plan recognises that urban locations, close to stations and other public transport options, are good places for higher density developments of 1 and 2 bed flats, often populated by people in their first or second home. Therefore, in order to balance large developments of small homes in the centre of Croydon, the Council requires that at least 7 homes in developments of 10 or more homes in suburban locations have 3 or more bedrooms. Unfortunately the Council is currently nowhere near this – barely 2 of every 10 homes given planning permission in suburban locations are family homes.

Conservative Councillor Stuart Millson, who uncovered the details of the Council’s missed targets, said,

“The Labour Council has to do a much better job standing up for its own Local Plan with developers. Time after time the planning committee is presented with applications to demolish family homes in the suburbs, and replace them with 9 flats. Time after time the Labour members on the planning committee vote these developments through – instead of throwing them out and insisting that developers come back with a proposal which provides the type of homes that Croydon families want to live in.”