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16 April 2020
Advice on getting supermarket delivery slots if you're in a vulnerable group

A number of our residents are starting to struggle to get delivery slots with supermarkets.

Below is some additional information which might help you if you are in a vulnerable group.

The issue we have is that people need to make sure they have registered as clinically vulnerable with the government website to get their delivery slots.  Some residents we have spoken to haven’t done that as they thought they only had to register if they needed a government food parcel. 

The council has talked to the borough leads for all the supermarkets and rung all the local supermarkets (including Sainsbury’s head office): they are doing everything they can to prioritise people and create more delivery slots.  We are talking residents through the steps they need to take to register with the government and the supermarkets.  We are also directing people to local businesses offering deliveries as an alternative to supermarkets. 

If you come across anyone who is struggling to get a supermarket slot for a delivery of their food please can you help them with the following information.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are on the clinically vulnerable list.  To do this you need to register on the government’s website here:

If they you are struggling to do this then you can either contact the Council or your local GP practice who can help.

Once their application has been validated, the Sainsbury’s website should read across to the government database and enable you to register for a priority delivery slot.

Instructions for registering with Sainsbury’s are as below:

1.     Step 1 - you must have an already existing account and you need either a previous 9 digits order number or your nectar card number.

2.       Step 2 - the name of the person on the account MUST be the person who ALREADY registered on GOV.UK as clinically extremely vulnerable. If you haven`t registered on GOV, go and do that first as it takes 3-5 days for the registration to work as the GOV have to verify if your name is on the NHS vulnerable list.

2.     Step 3 - Login and try to book a slot, it will give you an 0800 number (not the standard helpline) to call to confirm your vulnerability registration, DON`T wait for Sainsbury to call you, they likely will not contact you.

3.     Step 4 - during this call you need to use your last order 9 digit or your nectar card and DOB to identify yourself. This is an automatic process, you DO NOT need to speak to anyone.

4.     Step 5 - you will get a text notification it’s in progress

5.     Step 6 - Sainsbury will check your account according to the database provided by the Government. If it matches, in 24-48 hours you are good to go.

A similar process is available for other supermarkets

If you have any difficulties, feel free to get in touch with the Council.

And, in the meantime, if you are struggling to access food, please come back to the Council so we can arrange a food parcel for you.

There are a number of local delivery options (away from the supermarkets) that can offer basic supplies through a home delivery service – see links below. Note that businesses are adding themselves to these lists all the time:


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