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07 January 2019
Croydon Labour to increase charges for Borough’s most vulnerable

Conservatives call on residents to make views known.

Social care charges for some of Croydon’s most vulnerable residents are set to increase following a consultation on planned changes by Croydon Labour.

Under the new plan, deadlines for payments will be brought forward, people in receipt of higher rate disability benefits will be asked to pay more and the price of ‘meals on wheels’ is set to increase.

Croydon Conservatives are calling on Adult Social Care users to respond to the consultation ahead of the 25th January deadline. While some measures – such as introducing a light touch financial assessment for people on low income – can broadly be welcomed, the plan contains much that will raise the alarm with service user.

Yvette Hopley, Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care says, “We recognise the need to run all services efficiently but are alarmed that rather than identifying waste and savings elsewhere in the council, Croydon Labour seem determined to push up the costs of vital services to some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents. The increased cost of "meals on wheels" and racking up charges for people with the most severe disabilities are two measures that sum up Labours complete disregard for our elderly and vulnerable residents and demonstrates a tasteless lack of compassion.

“Croydon Labour certainly don’t have a good track record when it comes to listening. Although they’ve been known to totally ignore feedback from consultations in the past, it is vital that people take this opportunity to make their views known.”

The consultation is primarily seeking feedback on the following areas:

  • Amending the point at which services become chargeable – essentially brining charges forward
  • Changing the treatment of some income – meaning that some of the most vulnerable will have to pay more
  • Introducing light touch financial assessments
  • Administration charges – increasing costs for those who seek the Council’s assistance in seeking care arrangements
  • Meals on wheels – increasing the charges for people who already pay for this essential service

To find the consultation document and questionnaire online, details of the charging helpline telephone number please go to:

If you have any queries about this consultation, or if you would like to receive any of the documents in another format, please telephone the Charging Helpline on: 020 8760 5676.

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