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 Blog Posts for Shirley North
04/10/2018 21:06:00 Concerns continue around Ashburton Playing Fields
10/09/2018 21:08:00 Addiscombe Village Jumble Trail - 30th September!
08/09/2018 20:47:00 Have your say on plans to 'intensify' the suburbs
28/07/2018 17:26:00 Cream team to support Shirley Neighbourhood Care
19/07/2018 13:38:00 Residents' meeting, Longheath Gardens
16/07/2018 15:20:00 Progress on grass verges
03/07/2018 15:23:00 Update on Ashburton Playing Fields
11/06/2018 15:47:00 An evening with residents
11/06/2018 13:08:00 A beautiful day in Shirley
11/06/2018 13:08:00 A beautiful day in Shirley
03/06/2018 17:51:00 Wickham Road roundabout to receive overdue grass cutting
21/05/2018 19:10:00 The Glade reopens but temp lights needed for Long Lane
16/05/2018 12:22:00 Emergency Road closure - The Glade, junction with Brookside Way
29/04/2018 11:16:00 Sad day in Shrublands
13/04/2018 14:21:00 Making a difference
08/04/2018 18:44:00 Litter issue on Bywood Avenue
28/03/2018 Council Meeting
15/03/2018 22:10:00 Public meeting opposes Brick by Brick developments
01/04/2017 19:23:00 Attack at Shrublands last night, Friday 31st March
17/12/2015 22:49:00 Shirley overwhelmingly rejects Local Plan proposals
10/12/2015 23:42:00 Shirley Oaks residents turn out in large numbers for local plan meeting.

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