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 The Selhurst Blog

Meeting a legend
26/02/2010 09:24:00......Posted by Mervyn Adon-Wint


Today I had the pleasure of meeting US civil rights icon Reverend Jesse Jackson, at the launch of the Operation Black Vote (OBV) later voter registration publicity campaign in Westminster. Emblazoned on an OBV 100 foot billboard poster was the slogan: 'Expect the best from yourself and society - Register to vote'. This aims to mobilise BME communities up and down the UK to use their voice and their vote in the upcoming elections.

BME communities will have a major impact on the outcome at the general election and also on London's Local Election, in which I will be a Conservative candidate.

There are just a few weeks left to register to vote for an election on May 6th. This is the most important election in a generation and offers the country a real opportunity for change. So if you want to have a voice, make sure you register.

You'll find an online form to register to vote on Croydon Council's web site, follow the link here and follow the link to the Voter Registration Form.

Mervyn Adon-Wint

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 Other Blog Posts

Wilford Road Recreation Ground
02/05/2018 13:34:00.......Posted by Sas Conradie


Selhurst finds itself with a third green space unprotected in Wilford Road Recreation Ground. It is simply a travesty that Selhurst has not one, but three parks and open spaces losing their protections; the way Labour takes its people for granted is just unacceptable!

As your local candidate I will work to protect every one of them, and if Croydon elects a Conservative Council, we will be sure to do just that.



Great news about Selhurst Park!
19/04/2018 22:23:00.......Posted by Sas Conradie


I am very pleased that Croydon Council's Planning Committee voted tonight unanimoulsy in favour of the redevelopment of Selhurst Park. This is very good news for the residents of Selhurst and South Norwood. An investment of £100 million will have to improve not only the stadium itself but will also benefit the wider community through improved infrastructure and employment opportunities. I am very encouraged with what seems to be a commitment from Crystal Palace Football Club to improve Selhurst station and parking facilities. With the existing parking and traffic problems in Selhurst, the new stadium will hopefully improve parking facilities not only for football fans but for residents as well. We in the Conservative Party will make sure that will be the case.

The new stadium will also give residents something to be proud of. This is sometimes in short supply in Selhurst. My passion is to see Selhurst become a fascinating urban wonderland that will be a wonderful place to visit and even a more wonderful place to live. The redevelopment of Selhurst Park is a step in the right direction but I hope that it will be the first phase to improve the wider Selhurst. Too often residents in our community feel forgotten and neglected. I as Conservative Party candidate in Selhurst Ward who live close to the stadium, am therefore looking forward to work closely with Crystal Palace Football Club to ensure the maximum benefit of the new stadium not only for the fans coming to our community, but also for those living in our community.

And finally, as a Crystal Palace fan myself, I hope that the new stadium will become an impenetrable fort for visiting teams! My heart is not good enough for an annual relegation battle ...



King George’s Field Recreation Ground
13/04/2018 08:54:00.......Posted by Sas Conradie


Another of Selhurst’s parks and green spaces which has found itself unprotected after Labour’s local plan, King George’s Field Recreation Ground is a major span of greenery that acts as the natural lungs of the neighbourhood.

It is a great place for walks with friends, pets, family, and partners, with a certain tranquil beauty; a place to step out of the hustle and bustle of urban Selhurst and relax.

As your local candidate I will campaign to protect this area, and if elected a Conservative Council has pledged to do just that.



Boulogne Road Playground: an asset to the comunity of Selhurst
07/04/2018 19:25:00.......Posted by Sophia James-Hoar


There are many children in Selhurst for whom Boulogne Road Playground has been a real part of their growing up. That is why I was shocked to find it had lost its protections from development under Labour’s local plan.

A place which keeps children off the street and gives them somewhere to play and form happy memories is deeply important, and if we lose this playground it cannot easily be replaced.

That is why I am campaigning as a Conservative, for a Council that is on your side -  one which will protect important community spaces like Boulogne Road Playground.



You Choose ... Your future
16/02/2018 14:15:00.......Posted by Sas Conradie


Selhurst Ward has the 3rd highest youth crime rate in the Croydon Borough. I was therefore very excited to have been able to attend a brilliant performance by the BRIT School on Monday the 12th of February to raise awareness of knife crime. Many important questions related to vulnerable families and young people, poverty, involvement in gangs, peer pressure and the impact of crime were raised. Afterwards there was an interesting panel discussion during which issues around identity, youth involvement in decision making and engaging the community in reducing youth crime were raised. The School in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police would like to take the production to schools and community groups across Croydon and even in London. This initiative should be supported. I hope that community groups including faith based groups would make use of this opportunity to talk about knife and youth crime in Selhurst Ward in particular and Croydon in general. What is clear is that we need a much more joined up approach to youth crime in Croydon that should come from the community itself instead from being imposed from the top. 



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