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 The Broad Green Blog

Broad Green
28/02/2018 21:24:00......Posted by Kofi  Frimpong


At the beginning of February, I had the distinct pleasure to be at West Croydon Station with the West Croydon Station Energy Garden team to see how they are putting the green back into Broad Green. From this experience it was clear that the volunteers have a fantastic vision for Broad Green aswell as other parts of our borough. In the coming months members of the energy garden alongside members of other ward organisations will be looking to implement a green mile from Thornton Heath to West Croydon, an exciting project that will brighten up our local area. I have also been in contact with Broad Green's Residents Association (BGRA) thinking of new ways we can engage more resisdents to join. I look forward to working with BGRA and help them in anyway I can.

On the 22nd of Febraury, James Cleverly, MP and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party,  came down to Praise House Church in Broad Green to talk to local residents and, alongside Croydon Conservative Leader Tim Pollard, answer questions from residents. In this event I had the opportunity to talk about my passion for the place i have grown up and what can be done to perpetuate the love of Broad Green. It was a great event as residents had the chance to directly have a say on a matter of things concerning them. In the upcoming future we aim to give residents even more chances to express their needs and concerns without being taken for granted. We aim to represent the voice of our fellow residents and actually LISTEN to them nd DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

So in short......WATCH THIS SPACE.

Kofi O. Frimpong



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We must protect Canterbury Road Recreation Ground
09/04/2018 18:22:00.......Posted by Jayde Edwards


An oasis of greenery in Broad Green, Canterbury Road Recreation Ground has become an irreplaceable part of the local community.

It is one of the few places in the neighbourhood where residents can feel the grass beneath their feet and enjoy nature, and losing it would be awful, stripping vital green from Broad Green.

This is why it is a terrible misjudgement in Labour’s local plan that it has lost its protections from development.

Croydon Conservatives have pledged not to build on those of the 31 green spaces under Council control if elected, and your Broad Green Conservative team back this policy to the hilt.



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