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 The Shirley South Blog
Cllr  Jason  Cummings
Cllr  Scott  Roche

Shirley Windmill
06/06/2018 12:55:00......Posted by Scott Roche


I received some casework via email last Friday, from the 'Friends of Shirley Windmill Society'. They were concerned the general appearance of this wonderful local landmark was poor, due to long uncut grass, and weeds. 

Sunday 3rd June 2018 was their next open day, with an expected 100 people due to attend the event. They were rightly concerned the image of uncut grass, weeds, and moss surrounding the area, would have a negative impact on the image of this wonderful monument, and area/council as a whole.

I was asked to intervene as one of their local councillors, to ensure the grass and weeds were cut in time for the impending open day. I am very happy to report, that with my intervention, the council took immediate action, cutting the grass, weeds, and clearning it away before the event. This helped ensure the open day was a success, and I have asked the council to ensure their schedule for cutting the grass, matches with the scheduled future open days for the Shirley Windmill.  

The next open day for the Shirley Windmill is on Sunday 1st July 2018, between 12:00-17:00, I would urge you attend this beautiful local monument, when it is next open to the public, I will certainly be attending the next open day and look forward to seeing you there!

Shirley Windmill is owned by Croydon Council, but is staffed and managed on Open Days entirely by volunteers from the Friends of Shirley Windmill, who give visitors a very warm welcome, and provide official Guides to accompany the guided tours.

To Join 'Friends of Shirley Windmill', as I will be very soon, all you have to do is contact the Hon. Secretary Tony Skrzypczyk on 0208 406 4676. There is a very modest subscription fee, which entitles members to receive a free copy of the newsletter 'The Fantail' each time it is published. 

For further details you can go to their website:

Return to Shirley South's main page
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Sandrock Planning Application open for comments
17/08/2018 15:08:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

This application can now be looked at and commented on by following this link:



Sandrock Site Development Update received today
17/08/2018 13:56:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


Today I received the following update from the developers agents.

At this time I cannot yet see the application on the councils website but will let you know when it appears.

For the record I am opposed to this development.



~~Dear Councillor Cummings

Plans for Sandrock Pub: Planning application now submitted
We are writing to update you on the plans to redevelop the Sandrock Pub. We are pleased to report that a planning application has now been submitted to Croydon Borough Council.
Over the past two months we have consulted local residents and community groups. The consultation included sending a leaflet to 450 nearby households and businesses informing them of the proposals and inviting them to the public exhibition we held. The leaflet also included a feedback form which allowed people to return comments to the project team. The public exhibition was held on Thursday 31 May in the main hall of Shirley High School.
We have engaged with many local residents throughout the consultation. 105 people attended the exhibition. We have also received comments from people sending back the feedback form, emailing us and phoning the consultation Freephone number.
The full documents are available to view on the council’s website, using reference 18/03022/FUL.
As a reminder, the proposals include:
• The refurbishment and extension of the Sandrock Pub to provide an improved customer dining area, toilet facilities, landlord’s accommodation and three new homes.
• 16 new homes, on land at the rear of the site, including affordable housing.
• 18 car parking spaces, including visitor, disabled and resident parking, along with cycle parking provision for residents, customers and staff of the pub.

We will continue to keep you updated as the application progresses and would be delighted to discuss matters in more detail.
If you would like to discuss the plans further, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 0800 955 1042 or email
Yours sincerely,
Harry Gilham
Your Shout

0800 955 1042 Freephone | 020 7587 3049 switch
New address:
The Royal Doulton Factory
107 Southbank House
Black Prince Road
London SE1 7SJ



Shrublands Avenue Planning Meeting
16/08/2018 21:31:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


This evening I and members of the residents association and community centre attended the planning meeting on the application by Brick-by-Brick to build three blocks of flats on some of the green space in Shrublands. Brick-by-Brick is a development company created and owned by the Labour Council. A large number of Shrublands residents had objected to this development when it was first put forward (tellingly none supported it) but at every stage the council has ignored their concerns and pushed ahead. Tonight was the last chance before full planning permission was granted. After meeting with members of the Residents Association on Tuesday and making sure we were all agreed on what we were going to raise we attended the meeting and made our points to the committee. The main arguments we were putting forward tonight were around the poor water pressure on the estate and how additional homes will make it worse, the lack of capacity in the foul water sewers which have back-up on numerous occasions and the risk of flooding incidents being made worse by additional building. Crucially we also questioned that the reports to the committee stated that there have been no flooding incidents before. Despite detailing the experiences of people who live right next to the site and how their flats have indeed flooded in the past we were voted down and the development has now been granted planning permission.

For the record the committee voted in favour of building on the green spaces by 6 votes to 4 as below:

Against the residents: Paul Scott (Lab), Maggie Mansell (Lab), Niroshan Sirisena (Lab), Muhammad Ali (Lab), Chris Clark (Lab), Felicity Flynn (Lab)

Voting with the residents: Scott Roche (Con), Jason Perry (Con), Simon Brew (Con), Stuart Milson (Con)

The Croydon Central MP did not attend or object despite being informed of the residents objections.

We will monitor the development and continue to fight to mitigate the impact on Shrublands residents.



Meeting with Residents opposed to Shrublands Avenue development
14/08/2018 21:51:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Met with local Shrublands residents tonight to discuss the application by the council to build three more blocks of flats on green spaces on Shrublands Avenue. Strong concerns raised around water pressure, foul water sewer capacity and flooding issues as well as missing objections already made to planning. We will be going to the planning meeting on Thursday to oppose the plans and ask that they think again.

Thank you to all those who came along to give opinions and examples of previous flooding incidents. We'll do our best!



Croydon Conservatives at Croydon Pridefest 2018!
14/07/2018 21:21:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Today the Croydon Conservatives had a fun day attending Croydon Pridefest 2018! The venue has expanded in size from last year’s event, now held in Wandle Park. This is great news, as that means it will give the annual event room to expand over the years to come.

The Croydon conservatives had a stall, full of brightly coloured decorations, also including some A4 posters in the colours of the LGBT flag, stating some of the positive changes and measures brought in by the Conservative government to help bring true equality in the UK.

Our posters surrounding the stall stated the following:

  • MODERN AND INCLUSIVE: The Conservatives have more LGBT+ MPs than any other party.
  • MARRIAGE EQUALITY: As Conservatives we believe in freedom and supporting people who make a commitment to each other.
  • HARSHER PENALATIES FOR HATE CRIMES: We have ensured people who murder transgender people in hate crimes now face life sentences.
  • TACKLING HOMOPHOBIA: We have invested £2 million in schools to help tackle homophobia bullying.
  • PRACTICAL ACTION: The government has launched a pilot for 40,000 men to be vaccinated against HPV.
  • CORRECTING PAST WRONGS: We have made it possible for gay men with historic criminal records for consensual gay sex to have these records deleted.

We were very proud to join the march, alongside the thousands of Croydonians who wanted to stand up and highlight the need for LGBT equality within Croydon and beyond. It was very positively received from the many onlookers, waving and taking photos as we passed! The march started outside M&S on North End, and proceeded along the length of the road, turned right down Church Street road, and then back towards Wandle Park.

This is when the party officially began, with a steel drum band welcoming back the people who marched. There was an excellent party atmosphere throughout, together with highlighting the important issue of improving and expanding LGBT+ rights and equality in the UK.

As an LGBT Conservative Councillor in Croydon, I was then given the amazing opportunity to speak to the hundreds of people at Croydon Pridefest, on the main stage. I gave a brief  insight to my journey as a Gay man growing up in Croydon, also highlighting my very positive experience being an openly gay man within the Croydon Conservatives.

This is the speech I gave:

“My name is Scott Roche, and I am one of the Croydon Conservative Councillors for the Shirley South Ward.

I have grown up and lived in Croydon all of my life, however growing up as a Gay man in Croydon has not always been easy. I struggled admitting to myself that I was gay, let alone telling my friends and family! It was a hugely daunting task, but I was very fortunate to have the friends and family network to help me through it.

Back when I was 17, when I was still coming to terms with my sexuality, there is no way in a million years, I could imagine myself stood here today, talking to hundreds of people about my sexuality, and proudly so!

It is fantastic events such as Croydon Pridefest, which is making huge strives, reaching out to the many people who are struggling with their sexuality, and helping to turn a negative connotation into a positive one. This event is promoting true equality and diversity in Croydon, and it can empower those people, who are struggling with their sexuality, and it helps proves to them, that being different is ok, and it is nothing to be ashamed about! Each person’s sexuality should be celebrated, and never used as a weapon of hate!

However, not forgetting that this event is an excellent opportunity, to have some fun, and party, there is a serious side to this event, but also a fun side, and we should never forget that.

I am very proud to be stood here today, representing the Croydon Conservatives, as one of their LGBT councillors!

The Croydon Conservatives want to help change and improve Croydon for the better, and we would love for you to come and say hello to us at our stall, we will be there all day, so please do come over and talk to us.

Thank you very much, enjoy the rest of your day!”

It was a huge honour to represent the Croydon conservatives in this manner, and I look forward to next year’s event. If you would like to get involved, and help us at next year’s Croydon Pridefest 2019, please do get in touch:



Persistent Fly-Tipping on Oaks Road
23/06/2018 12:40:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Cllr Jason Cummings, and myself, today made a site visit, relating to some casework we were dealing with.

Upon our visit to the area, we came across lots of garden waste left along the roadside; bags of rubbish dumped in the bushes, and discarded takeaway boxes on the floor, next to the London LOOP pathway entrance on Oaks road. This does not give a great image of the area, to people walking along the London LOOP pathway, surrounding the Addington Hills, a natural beauty spot within Shirley.

Speaking to local residents, they confirmed fly-tipping along Oaks road has recently increased, and has started to make this beautiful part of Shirley look tatty as a result!

To ensure the issue does not spiral out of control, I have reported the fly-tipping and litter problem to the Council, we will both monitor the situation. I have asked the council to include Oaks road within their patrol route, to try to mitigate this growing issue for local residents.

If you notice fly-tipping has become an issue where you live, please let us know.  



Queen's Hotel Planning Application
22/06/2018 12:49:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


One of the roles I have been given as newly elected councillor for Shirley South, was to be assigned as a member of the Croydon Council Planning Committee, and the Deputy Shadow Cabinet Member for Planning in Croydon. I am working together with the Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr Jason Perry. 

An application close to my heart was referred to the planning committee yesterday, the redevelopment of the Queen's Hotel in Crystal Palace. It was referred to the planning committee, due to the sheer number of objections received from local residents, and local elected officials.  

The Queens hotel was built in 1854, at the height of popularity for the Crystal Palace Exhibition, millions of tourists flocked to the area to see the exhibition. The Crystal Palace Exhibition had an estimated 6 million visitors, the equivalent to a third of the entire population of the United Kingdom at the time! 

The Queen's Hotel current owners submitted an amended planning application for a proposed 161 additional room increase, which as a result would make this hotel comparable to a central London hotels in size. For a moderately small town such as Crystal Palace, a hotel of this size is not justified, or appropiate for the local community. 

The Crystal Palace community as well as myself welcome very much any investment to the area, but it has to be appropriate for its local surroundings and circumstances. Increasing the capacity of this hotel by nearly 50% is too vast; and as a result, the local community would be hugely impacted by such a scheme if it was approved by the planning committee. 

After carefully reviewing the amended planning application submitted, and listening to what both the objectors and supporters of this application had to say, I had no hesitation to second Cllr Jason Perry’s motion for refusal of this application.

The Hotel is a locally listed building; I felt the current design was not sympathetic enough towards the heritage of the hotel. Hugely increasing the number of cars and coaches likely to come to this hotel and the area, would result in increased levels of air pollution, congestion on the surrounding roads, together with exacerbating the problem of hotel stayers avoiding parking charges, and inappropriately parking in the surrounding roads as a result. Additionally I was concerned what impact this scheme would have on the Victorian buildings towards the rear of the hotel, and the surrounding green spaces. All these factors helped me reach the conclusion, that this application was inappropriate in its current form. I felt the planning applicant had not made enough amendments within this newly submitted planning application, to help address many of the concerns raised with the last application, which as a result was refused planning consent by the committee last year.

It was refreshing to see two of the Labour planning committee members, Cllr Frazer and Cllr Clark, using their conscience and common sense, rather than following Cllr Scott's lead to support this flawed planning application. They instead supported our motion to refuse this application; therefore, the planning committee voted to refuse the planning application. This news was received with cheers of joy from the public gallery, which was full of concerned local residents!

Let us hope independence of mind is here to stay!



St George the Martyr Church, Shirley - Summer Fate
09/06/2018 21:42:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Today I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful summer fate, held at St Georges the Martyr Church in Shirley. It was a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather to attend a fate, whilst basking in the sun, and enjoying Shirley at its best! I attended together with my Shirley North ward colleagues, Richard, Sue and Gareth.

There was a lot to see, and do; and was a lovely fun way for the church to help raise some of the much needed funds to repair the church roof.

The fate was an excellent opportunity to further reach out into the local community, and engage with some of the passionate individuals who care for their community! 

St Georges Church often hold events, so please do support them!

For further details of what they are doing locally, please have a look at their website:





South London's Silicon Valley
31/05/2018 20:35:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This evening I attended the ‘South London’s Silicon Valley’ event, which was hosted by Sussex Innovation Centre, in No.1 Croydon tower:

As well as appreciating the wonderful views from the 11th floor, it was also an excellent opportunity to hear and engage with some of the local Tech businesses that have chosen to make Croydon their home.

As a life long Croydon resident, I am always going to be naturally proud of this wonderful borough. However, it was amazing to see the same level of passion expressed from the local entrepreneurs and businesses that attended this event, many passionate individuals want to help make Croydon ‘the place’ to be in London!

The increasing number of successful Tech businesses based in Croydon, is helping our borough to be known as “South London’s Silicon Valley”, long may it continue, and grow!

It was very exciting and interesting to hear from some of the successful start-up firms, also from some of the more established Tech brands based in the borough.

They all had the same vision and philosophy, to collectively help our local community thrive, and as a locally elected Croydon councillor, I want to be a part of that process, and help however I can!



Spring Park Residents Association AGM
22/05/2018 22:47:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This evening myself and Jason was invited to attend the 'Spring Park Residents Association AGM'.

It is always great to hear the views and concerns directly from passionate local residents. Spring Park residents association acts as a force for good, helping stand up for local residents. They are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, Jason and myself will help however we can, as councillors for the Shirley South ward. 

After the AGM was finished, I took the great opportunity to engage with local residents, and established some community engagement causes, and charity work, that I would like to be more involved with, and help however I can.

If you need our assistance, please do get in touch!



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