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 The Waddon Blog
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Crime Down in Waddon.
02/05/2014 14:02:00......Posted by Mark Johnson

Recent figures from MOPAC, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, show that Conservative administrations in Croydon town hall and up in London's City Hall has made a big difference to crime in Waddon.

Figures show that between 2009 and 2013 crime in Waddon went down by:


-          7% overall, from 1446 offences to 1338 offences.

-          31% for Criminal Damage.

-          30% for Violence with Injury.

Your ward action team of Tony Harris, Simon Hoar and Mark Johnson are delighted at the progress made and encouraged by signs that this trend is continuing. They said "We can never be complacent, but these figures are encouraging and show that Conservative policies are making a real difference.

"The Conservative-controlled council has successfully argued that Labour's old resource allocation formula for the Met was not fair and that it seriously under-resourced Croydon. The changes the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, made last year has resulted in Croydon receiving 117 extra police officers and this is helping the fight against crime here in Waddon.

"Whilst these figures are good, it's no consolation if you have been unfortunate enough to be one of those victims of crime, so we will keep up the pressure to ensure we get our fair share of the resource in Waddon and keep those figures going down."

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 Other Blog Posts

Thornton Heath Islamic Centre open day
07/07/2013 20:55:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

Moving on from South Norwood i joined the Mayor and a dozen other Croydon councillors from both parties in visiting the Islamic Centre for their open day to the local community. We got to hear some wise words about the need for communities to work together to defeat the extremists from the Imam's and the Mayor along with a tour of the centre and display on the history of Islam. Only by working together can our communities show the extremists of both sides up as irrelevant to Croydon's future.



South Norwood Community Festival
07/07/2013 18:35:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

On the same weekend as the Wandle Park revival i got to double up on the community events with the brilliant South Norwood Festival in South Norwood Rec. The hundreds of people coming through the gates on such a scorching hot sunny day was testament to the organisers for getting entertainment in. They even made the centre ground of the rec a medieval re-enactment display. All in all it was a great day out in South Norwood that the Conservative's were more than happy to support. Just a shame that the South Norwood cllrs were nowhere in sight, but then it is a long way from Selsdon.



Wandle Park Revival
06/07/2013 20:22:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

It was a fantastic day out in on Saturday for the revival of the park back to its Victorian heyday. My Waddon colleague Clare George-Hilley did a fantastic job with the Council in organising the whole event with plenty of stalls, bands and fun for the kids, all based around the reopened river, back after decades buried underground. The couple of thousand people coming through the park gates during the course of the day just showed how keen local residents were to see the park back up and running, just as they were also keen to see the new Waddon leisure centre that we delivered for the people of Waddon at the start of 2013.

Our thanks to Mayor Boris, Barratt's, the lottery and local businesses for sponsoring the revival of the park. Just a shame that Pelling and the Labour Party thought it was a good idea to try and politicise a family fun day out in a park by peddling their leaflets!




Met Police Big Wing Operation
27/02/2013 21:54:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

Anyone who watched the local London news tonight would have seen the Met's Big Wing Operations all across London targeting prolific robbers, burglars and criminals in general. In Croydon I was invited to go and spend a few hours with the police in Thornton Heath, getting a tour round the area with the local Inspector and seeing how they were cracking down on Anti-Social behaviour, drugs, even stopping people for cycling on the pavement.

The whole day was a zero tolerance operation letting those who think it's ok to commit crime in our communities know that the police are there and present in those local areas. Seeing 50 officers lined up opposite the train station for their briefing and flanked by six horses from the mounted division really showed how serious they were and it was nice to see how pleased local shopkeepers and residents were to see the police out in force. I look forward to the next Big Wing operation.



Lives Not Knives football tournament
27/02/2013 21:34:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being part of Team Barwell at the Lives Not Knives and YMCA Community Games at the BRIT School. On turning up I seriously wondered what we were letting ourselves in for playing 5-a-side with a group of 30 and 40 something's (plus Jason Cummings' 11 year old son) against four teams of 18 year olds. Just to top it off, the temperature felt slightly colder than the Arctic!

On the plus side it turned out to be a bit more old boy friendly with only eight, five minute games and running around was a lot warmer than standing on the sidelines. We even managed to avoid getting whooped every game and got one win, one draw and several close single goal loses. Not too bad for playing against guys half our age.

All in all the Community Games were a great event that brought together local groups for a good cause that does a lot of good work in countering gang culture amongst young people.



Fixed Penalty Notices - litter and dog fouling
14/02/2013 14:00:00.......Posted by Simon Hoar

On Monday night i presented a paper setting up a six month trial for private sector enforcement for littering and dog fouling. Residents are always concerned about rubbish in our streets or dogs being allowed to foul. Not only are both of these generally unappealing, but dog mess is dangerous to the health too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the trial operate in the coming months because littering is unacceptable. Hopefully this will catch a good number of those that find it ok to throw their rubbish on the streets and by having this extra enforcement make Croydon a nicer place to live.



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