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 The Selsdon & Ballards Blog
Cllr  Sara  Bashford
Cllr  Dudley  Mead
Cllr  Phil  Thomas

Even more dispution - Addington Road / Ashen Vale
08/02/2017 15:44:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

We have been told that from the 13th to the 19th February due to a collapse sewer in Addington Road near its junction with Ashen Vale (Selsdon Park Road end) Thames Water will install two-way signals. These signals will be manually controlled during peak times and pedestrians will be albe to use the existing footway.

These works will be carried out ahead of Croydon’s carriageway resurfacing works in Addington Road which we have previously posted detials of.

Please note; these works will be delayed if the emergency UKPN works at the old Farleigh Road junction overrun - see last post.


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New trees - will Selsdon and Ballards get any?
24/02/2017 07:48:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

The Council have announced that they have received £13,000 from the Mayor of London to plant about 150 trees. My first reaction was that this is excellent news as the Council have asked for residents to let them know if they would like one in their road by emailing

However, as I read further down the announcement, the Cabinet Member has said that he wants the majority of these trees to be planted in the north of the Borough. His quote is “the north of Croydon has been highlighted as an area that needs particular attention”

I realise this doesn’t preclude the south and in particular Selsdon and Ballards, but I don’t feel hopeful we will see our fair share. If you have any locations you would like a new street tree planted, please send a request to the email above and if possible copy me in so I can monitor if any requests from our area are approved.








Yet more disruption - Coombe Lane
14/02/2017 12:51:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We have just been made aware that the gas board have informed the Council they need to install 2 way lights in Coombe Lane, 100 meters north of the Royal Russell School , in order to effect a repair on a leaking gas main. It is expected the works will take 3 days to complete.

We seem to be beset with emergencies that involve digging the road up in Selsdon and Ballards and very much hope this is the last of many disputions.



Urgent works - Old Farleigh Road
08/02/2017 15:23:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We have just been made aware of the following urgent works:-

Due to an electrical fault, UKPN will be excavating in the footway/carriageway in Old Farleigh Road opposite Sainbury’s. To facilitate these works multi-way signals are required at this junction. These signals will be manually controlled from 7am – 7pm. A pedestrian walkway will be provided. Like for like pedestrian crossing points will be installed and this 4-way junction. UKPN will work around the clock and hope to be off by Sunday afternoon.



Road works in Addington Road from 23rd February
06/02/2017 15:53:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We have been informed that Croydon’s Highways team will be doing resurfacing works between 211 and 326 Addington Road. The works are scheduled to be take place between 23rd February 2017 and 02 March 2017

Due to the locations and nature of these works it is inevitable that some disruption will occur between 21:30hrs-05:30hrs when the works are being carried out. For this reason, the council recommends that where possible you use alternative routes, or allow extra time to complete your journey. Additionally, to enable the works to be completed with the least inconvenient to the residents, appropriate traffic management plan will be in place

Croydon’s Highways team wishes to apologise in advance and welcomes your co-operation to ensure the work is executed safely and efficiently. Every effort will be made to minimise the inconvenience that may be caused during the works. In view of these works, the council have notified residents and businesses in the vicinity with a letter drop.




Run, Hide, Tell
04/02/2017 18:22:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We attended a presentation by the Counter Terrorism Police and wanted to share the good advice they provided if you are unlucky enough to be caught up in an act of terror. The advice is Run, Hide, Tell.

If it is safe to do so run and get away from the threat, if it isn’t you should find a place to hide. Only when safe dial 999 and tell the emergency services what is happening.

If you have to hide make sure you phone is on silent so you don’t give yourself away and if you are in a room with a keyhole try and stay out of view of it. Only if it is safe and away from the threat should you ring 999.

The other piece of advice relates to all crimes and is about reporting. If you see a crime in progress you should dial 999 even if someone else is doing it too. An example which illustrates the point is that person one could be telling the police the colour of the vehicle only, caller two can only state the make and model but the third person noted the number plate. Having all this clearly makes it more likely that the perpetrator will be caught. So don’t rely on others seeing the same thing as you and make sure you report any incidents.

We don’t want to worry residents unnecessarily, but we felt this was good advice to pass on.



A sad day - flats approved on Croham Valley Road.
26/01/2017 20:56:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Tonight Croham Valley Residents Association and I objected to the first block of flats proposed for Croham Valley road. To our dismay and great sadness, the committee on a vote of 6 to 4 approved the proposal. Conservative Councillors spoke against the plans but the Labour Councillors all voted in favour of it. Cllr Paul Scott made it very clear that flats can be built anywhere and no area is special and everywhere can be intensified. Not what any of us wanted to hear.

I will do all I can to keep our area as distinctive as possible, but it will be an uphill battle whilst Labour are the majority group on Planning. If you want to read the speech I made it is below.

In the reasons for recommendation the report states that the proposed development would not have a detrimental impact on the character of the area. This is completely untrue. It will and it will be very significant.

If you drive down Farley Road and into Croham Valley Road you will clearly see a change in the type of housing and character of the area. Where this proposal is are large detached family homes with one house per plot. There are no flats and this makes the area what it is. If this application is permitted it will start a trend and we will lose the very attractive and distinctive look of the area.

You may say that the plot is large enough for a block of flats but that should not be considered to the detriment of the character which is not just in keeping with the Croham Valley Road area but those roads around it. This is an area that is attractive, open and has a special feel with the cricket and rugby grounds of old Whits just up the road. If we start changing the character this part of the borough will just merge into the next and lose its distinctiveness, which would be a real shame.

Adding a block of flats will be to the detriment of the area and is not acceptable and whilst I know we need more homes these won’t be affordable to most so won’t really impact on the borough’s housing problems.

This is a further creep application. The developer started by getting permission to build semi’s which residents and I also opposed. The developer clearly felt this wasn’t enough and has gone one step further. I hope this committee agrees this is one step too far. This isn’t acceptable to residents so shouldn’t be acceptable to you. Please don’t let the need to put forward statistics and numbers override the need to keep parts of the borough special and respect the character.

I would also like to add that it is disappointing that yet again plans have been changed 22 days after the close of the application consultation date. It isn’t fair to residents not to advertise and give a chance for people to see these changes. I know officers say the changes are not material but they are to residents, we need to be open and transparent.  Any changes should be consulted on otherwise it looks as though there is favouritism towards developers and against objectors. This application has received a very high number of objections so I hope the committee does the right thing, respect the character of the Ballards area and listen to residents views and respect them.

I would ask that you refuse this very very out of character application.



Yorkshire Building Society to close in Selsdon.
25/01/2017 15:20:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford


We have been made aware that the Yorkshire Building Society on Addington Road will be closing in May. They say it will “enable them to deliver long term value to their customers”.

We are sure many residents won’t agree, but the decision has been made. The nearest branch will be at 66-68 George Street in central Croydon.





How to object - 20MPH Zone
20/01/2017 14:31:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

A number of people have asked how best to object to the 20 MPH zone. The Council prefer to recieve objections by email and they can be sent to

A sample objection for our zone is below. Please feel free to use this or of course you can write your own. Whichever option you chose should have the zone number which in our case is 4 and the Council's refernce number which is PD/CH/A62.



I object to the 20 MPH speed limit on the following grounds:-

  • At low speed pollution is greater
  • The police at the first scrutiny meeting on 20MPH zones said they would not enforce it.
  • If there is no (or minimal) enforcement pedestrians have a false sense of security.
  • This does not cover the main roads where the higher number/ most serious accidents are.
  • Each Zone costs £300K to implement (£1.5M for the whole scheme) and only targeting specific hot spots is better value for money.
  • Every road in the zone, at all times, eg 2am will be 20 MPH
  • That this scheme will not prevent inconsiderate / bad drivers who are the cause of many accidents.

Please acknowledge receipt of this objection.


I hope this is helpful



20 MPH consultation in Selsdon and Ballards
19/01/2017 13:10:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

The Council have a policy to introduce 20 MPH roads across the borough, these will cover the majority of roads, with the exception of a few arterial roads, such as Brighton Road and Addington Road

Different people have different views as to the need for these 20 MPH zones, but if implemented will operate 365 days a years and 24 hours a day.

Two zones in the north have marginally voted in favour of the scheme and now it is our turn to tell the Council what we want. The Council will start it’s consultation on the 18th January and it will run until the 15th February. They will deliver a leaflet with the full details to each household. The details will also be on the Council’s website. The consultation is not a simple yes or no vote, you will be asked to explain why you object, if you do, to the consultation and it will relate to all roads in the zone you live in to be 20MPH. This is a departure from how the previous two zones were consulted on so it is very important for you to respond giving your reasons. In summary the first two zones in the north of the borough had an opportunity to vote yes or no in an opinion survey, but the remaining zones covering the south and parts of the centre of the borough won’t have that opportunity.

This is an all or nothing approach so you will be expressing your view for the whole zone you live in. For example, Zone 4 covers Croham, Fairfield, Fieldway, Heathfield, New Addington, Sanderstead (part) Selsdon and Ballards and Shirley (part). Zone 5 covers Coulsdon East. Coulsdon West, Kenley, Purely, Sanderstead (part) and Waddon. Each Zone is consulted on separately, so if you have an objection you will need to submit it. 

As your local councillors we have had a number of concerns raised with us about this blanket approach scheme. We asked the Council to consider problem hot-spots and areas of specific need such as outside schools, medical facilities and elderly care homes. They refused.

Whilst we all realise that accidents at low speeds cause less injury and damage there are a number of reasons why a scheme across the whole zone has raised concerns too. The concerns that have been raised with us are:-

  • At low speed pollution is greater

  • The police at the first scrutiny meeting on 20MPH zones said they would not enforce it.

  • If there is no (or minimal) enforcement pedestrians have a false sense of security.

  • This does not cover the main roads where the higher number/ most serious accidents are.

  • Each Zone costs £300K to implement (£1.5M for the whole scheme) and only targeting specific hot spots is better value for money.

  • Every road in the zone, at all times, eg 2am will be 20 MPH

  • That this scheme will not prevent inconsiderate / bad drivers who are the cause of many accidents.

  • That current 20MPH zones outside schools will lose their significance and become more dangerous.

If you do not receive the information from the Council by the 25th January please do let us know, so we can ensure you have the opportunity to make your views known.

Please do contact us if you have any questions.



Selsdon and Ballards welcomes the new Borough Commander
19/01/2017 13:10:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Yesterday (Wed 18th Jan) I attended the local police meeting and was very pleased to welcome the new Borough Commander Jeff Boothe. He spoke about the future of policing and how vulnerable people will be a greater priority which was good to hear. At the meeting our ward priorities changed a little to include burglary as there had been a spike in numbers in December.

Out team remains unchanged which we are very pleased about and as such can be contacted in the usual way. Details can be found via




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