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Cllr  Mario  Creatura

How many Council tenants have made 'disrepair' claims?
15/02/2017 16:46:00......Posted by Mario Creatura


I've sent the following question in to the Council, I'll update when I received a response:

Could the Cabinet Member please detail the total number of 'disrepair' claims made by Council housing tenants each year from 2010 to the most recent year available?

Can the Cabinet Member please detail the total figure each year spent on legal fees or compensation paid as a result of 'disrepair' claims?

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 Other Blog Posts

Objection to the 20mph zone consultation process
15/02/2017 15:07:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Below is my submission the the Council's extremly flawed consultation on 20mph zones in Croydon. I do not oppose 20mph roads where they are required or where residents want them, however, the way this consultation is being carried out degrades the democratic mandate of the Labour administration and weakens faith in the consultation process. I therefore write in opposition to this and not the principle of the policy:


I write to object at the process by this this consultation is being carried out.

1. The website does not allow respondents to 'support' the proposal for 20mph zones. As indicated by the text on the website and implied by the email address, only objections are sought. 

One example of this can be found at the following web link.

The site says:

'The statutory consultation will close on 15 February 2017.  Persons desiring to object to the proposed Order should send a statement in writing of their objection quoting PD/CH/A63 and the grounds thereof to the... or by emailing quoting the reference PD/CH/A63 by 15 February 2017.’

Does this not imply that there is a presumption of opposition to the proposals? How will the Council assess support for the plans? If you received 1,000 objections and no statements of support, how can the Council proceed with the policy? If there are 2,000 supporters, for arguments sake, they have no formal mechanism to respond. This is undemocratic as it does not allow for an equal expression of opinion in the consultation. This implies the Council is not prepared to actually listen to the volume of opinion and so degrades trust in the consultative process.

2. No threshold for ‘objections received’ has been supplied. This is, to use the above example, mean that if you received 1,000 objections and no expressions of support that with 100% opposition the Council could still proceed with the policy. This will weaken the foundations of democratic accountability in Croydon, and not serve to bolster the administrations claims to be ‘open and transparent’. Why not have the threshold published and demonstrate a faith in the strength of the arguments provided? 

With no option to ‘support’ the proposals, there is nothing to combat the narrative that ‘100% of respondents objected to the 20mph policy’ – it will be a matter of fact due to the Council not providing another option.

3. The Council is well aware that in Zones 1 and 2 that residents were given the opportunity to support or object in the first round of the consultation. This eventually resulted in the policy going ahead in those two zones. Given the success rate of this approach, it does not make democratic sense for the consultation to be amended for the 3rd, 4th and 5th zones.

The narrative that the Council treats residents in different parts of the borough differently, or at least that they do not care to listen to all residents equally, is entirely justified as it is literally what has happened with this consultation. 

Many of my Residents’ Associations feel like their voices are not being heard equally or fairly by the administration: you’ll have seen objections to the consultation from Old Coulsdon Residents’ Association and East Coulsdon Residents’ Association, to name a few. It’s important to note that this is not a partisan point – the Chair of ECRA is a staunch Labour member and has run for the Labour Party in many different elections.

4. I do not object to the principle of individual roads being 20MPH, but I do object to the poor way that the Council has implemented this policy. If you are going to consult with residents, consult with them all consistently and with a mechanism by which you can guarantee you will hear the full range of opinions on a policy. The Council has not done that in this instance, has therefore weakened their claim to be open and transparent, has shaken faith in the principle of consultations and has silenced potentially thousands of residents who may wish to support the Council’s policy.

If the Council believes that 20MPH zones is the right course, then they should have the confidence to make the case firmly for them in public, provide evidence for their assertions and correct opposition, consult all widely and fairly, and then respond to the will of the electorate.

As it currently stands, the changes to this consultation over the previous months implies that the consultation is being treated as a formality and not as the vital democratic step that it is.

It is for these reasons, and these alone, that I object to the consultation process.



Lost revenue from 1 hour free parking?
09/02/2017 17:00:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


I've sent the following question in to the Council, I'll update when I received a response:


At the last Traffic Management Committee, Cllr King said that the annual loss of revenue from re-introducing 1 hour free parking in district centres was £155,000.

Could you please provide a breakdown as to how this was calculated please? It would be welcome if annual figures from 2014 to today would be included.

It would be helpful to also have these figures broken down by district centre.



How should Coulsdon police communicate with you?
08/02/2017 12:35:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Coulsdon Police communicate policing news and crime prevention advice to local residents on a regular basis. They're quite rightly conducting a review on how they do this.

Please do spare a few minutes and complete their short survey by clicking on the link and help them to improve how they deliver information to the local community:




How do we build schools for the future?
08/02/2017 12:16:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Last night at Children and Young People's Scrutiny I asked officers and Cllr Flemming how the Council goes about assessing population demands and long-term plans for school construction across the borough.

You can watch the exchange online on the Council website. 






Empty units in Croydon Town Centre
08/02/2017 10:49:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Question from Councillor Mario Creatura to Councillor Mark Watson

Could the Council please provide detail on plans for currently empty units from the junction of George Street/Church Street/High Street and North End to the junction of High Street and Scarbrook Road in the Town Centre?

In particular the following empty units:

  • Yates'
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Banana Joe's
  • Roxbury Nighclub
  • 43 High Street (seemingly empty unit in between The Spreadeagle and The Ship)
  • 53 High Street (empty unit next to Sainsbury's Local)

What is the Council's policy on encouraging businesses to invest in this area of Croydon? What talks are in place to fill these empty units and when can we expect new business to appear in this section of the Town Centre?


Yates’ 3-11 High Street

Managed by Nash Bond

Contracts have been exchanged with a restaurant who will take occupation shortly. The space is due to be occupied by the popular burger chain, Five Guys who obtained planning approval for the change of use class from a bar/club to a fast food restaurant in spring 2016. Five Guys are currently going through planning for their shop front.

Tiger Tiger 16 High Street

Turtle Bay is a national Caribbean restaurant chain which has taken a lease of the former Tiger Tiger premises. The restaurant is due to open on Sunday 29th January. 

Banana Joe’s 15 High Street

Managed by Stuart Edwards Fullermoon

The unit has been let to Stitch and Thimble who are currently letting 37 High Street. 

Roxbury Nightclub 19-21 High Street

Managed by Stuart Edwards Fullermoon

This property has been let to a retailer is who is currently fitting out the property. No further information has been disclosed.

43 High Street Managed by Jenkins Law

This property is currently under offer and is designated for D1 (non-residential institutions) use. The intended use is for a dentist who will occupy the ground and basement floors.

49-53 High Street Managed by David Menzies Associates

The property is currently under offer and is designated for A1 (shops), A2 (financial and professional services) or A3 (restaurants and cafés) use. No further information has been disclosed.

Croydon’s Inward Investment team provides a dedicated, customer focused service to businesses actively seeking premises across the borough and the town centre. 

The team works directly with businesses to understand their requirements as potential occupiers, and specialises in providing an efficient process-driven approach to identifying potential spaces in the borough and assisting businesses throughout the site evaluation and acquisition process.

The Inward Investment team also actively promotes the town centre and the wider borough to new investors and occupiers through direct engage as well as by working closely with external partners such as London & Partners and the Dept. for International Trade to promote Croydon to national and foreign investors and occupiers.

In order to further support new and existing businesses in Croydon, the Council offers a free-to-use job brokerage service, Croydon Works, to employers/businesses recruiting in Croydon which further encourages businesses to invest in the borough.

In addition, the Council has recently introduced a local discretionary business rate relief policy that can potentially offer support to Croydon occupiers achieving the following outcomes:

  1. Supporting inward investment from large companies bringing significant numbers of new jobs to the borough;
  2. Supporting smaller businesses to locate in the area and helping them through difficult periods to become sustainable in the longer term;
  3. Bringing empty space back into use to support the economy.

(Photo by Kake Pugh, used under Creative Commons licence)



How do Emergency Placements for vulnerable children work?
07/02/2017 17:01:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


I've sent the following question in to the Council, I'll update when I received a response:

When the Council is made aware of an incident concerning children that necessitates an emergency placement or somewhere to stay for the night at short notice, how does this work in practice?

Does the Council have any measurable data about the time from reporting concern to removal of the child and successful placement in a temporary safe environment?

Are there enough placements available for emergency situations?



The future of Coulsdon Community Centre
03/02/2017 08:00:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Many residents have expressed their concern at proposals for the Council's Brick-By-Brick development company to close down Coulsdon Library and the Coulsdon Communty Centre on Barrie Close and move them both into the CALAT building.

There are a number of obvious issues with this, not least that the current Cousdon Community Centre is operating at 95% capacity and is

At full Council on Monday 30th Januar I asked Cllr Alison Butler, the architect behind Brick-by-Bricks' bonkers plan, how she can support and justify the plans. You can view the exchange online. My question is below.

"Cllr Timothy Godfrey praised the community services offered by the Coulsdon Community Centre and has been citing it as an example of best practice in the borough. Brick by Brick are currently formulating plans to shut down the Community Centre as well as Coulsdon Library and move all the services into the much, much smaller CALAT centre. Do you Cabinet member support Brick by Brick in this?"

"The Community Centre currently is at 95% capacity in a building that s 850sq m. The CALATs net internal area is only 661sqm in size. What is your message to those hundreds of residents who will have their community services cut if you continue to push this destructive agenda?"

If you were one of the parents, children or elderly residents who use the Coulsdon Community Centre day in, day out, and you heard Cllr Butler's response - would you be confident the Centre was safe from closure?

I think not.



How will 20mph be enforced?
02/02/2017 14:52:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Question from Councillor Mario Creatura to Councillor Hamida Ali

Borough Commander Boothe has said publicly that for the Council's 20mph policy to be enforced, education of the public and police officer training will be needed. He has rightly said he is keen to enter into a conversation with lead officers to discuss enforcement strategies. 

At this stage, can the Council please outline what conversations it had with Croydon Police before embarking on the consultation to ascertain the level of public investment needed to police and enforce new 20mph speeding zones, as Ch Insp Boothe implies?

What is the Council's plan to provide additional funding to the police to aid enforcement of the 20mph policy?


The Metropolitan Police were informed at all stages of the development of the area wide 20mph speed limit proposals, and an officer from the Metropolitan Police was part of the working group that guided its development.

The initial proposal for an area wide 20mph speed limit was also the subject of a report to the Council’s Streets and Environment Scrutiny sub-committee meeting on 16th September 2014.  At this meeting the Metropolitan Police representative, Chief Inspector Malcolm Noone, indicated that the Police would provide the same level of enforcement for the 20mph as they currently do for the 30mph limit, and as such, there would be no difference in their workload.

Cllr King, as Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment and I will be meeting with the Borough Commander in the near future to discuss how both the council and the police can continue to work together to support 20mph zones across the borough, and other road safety priorities.

The council already works closely with the Metropolitan Police on a number of enforcement schemes including the RoadWatch project and the provision of data through our innovative automatic number plate recognition systems.  The Council will continue to provide direct support of this nature to the Police on enforcement issues, and will continue to take an active part in any strategies that help reduce traffic speeds and improve road safety on our highway.



Why won't Croydon Labour support making London a National Park City?
01/02/2017 17:02:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


I've sent the below question in to the Council, I'll update this blog when I receive a response:

Almost a year ago, every ward held by Croydon Conservatives declared their support for the 'Greater London National Park City' campaign.

London can become a National Park City once at least two-thirds (436) of London’s 654 wards, the Mayor of London and the London Assembly have declared their support. So far just 213 wards have.

Despite requesting that Croydon's 40 Labour councillors register their support, none have yet done so. I feel this is a terrible shame.

Could the Cabinet Member please explain their reason for ignoring Conservative calls for cross-party support on this campaign to date? Alternatively will the Cabinet Member endorse our calls that Croydon becomes the first full borough in London to declare its support? Members can do so using the website.

Cllr Jason Perry, Shadow Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Planning & Regeneration, commented at the time: “Croydon is the most populated London borough and has over 120 parks and open spaces. We felt it vitally important to support this initiative that will protect and promote our precious green spaces for generations to come.” I hope all members of the Council agree with that sentiment, and that all Croydon Labour Councillors will be encouraged to get behind this important initiative.



How many children are currently missing in Croydon?
01/02/2017 09:49:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


I recently asked Cllr Flemming how many children are missing from Croydon, here is her reply:

Question from Councillor Mario Creatura

Councillor Alisa Flemming

How many children are currently missing in Croydon?

Can you please list in a table the figures since 2010?


Missing Numbers 2010-2016

Please see below the figures that have been requested regarding children who are reported missing in Croydon. The figures include children who are living at home as well as those who are looked after, including children who are looked after by other local authorities but have been placed within Croydon.

(See blog image)

Croydon Safeguarding Children’s Board have identified missing children as a significant risk. The Board has established a sub-group to work across agencies to monitor and improve our work to keep children as safe as possible. A report was presented to the main Board meeting in December 2016 regarding the partnership work that is currently undertaken.

It is noted that the year 2014 data is significantly lower than all other years reported. The children’s recording system (CRS) went live Oct. 2013 and it is likely that the low numbers are a reflection of a data migration issue.

Children who are reported missing will be recorded on the Children’s Record System. A daily list of missing children is circulated within the Council and this is cross referenced with Police colleagues. Six weekly summary reports are prepared for managers, senior managers and elected members that provides a wide range of data sets and analysis on various aspects of the missing profile. 

Return home interviews are routinely offered to missing children, prioritising high risk children through an independent service provided by the NSPCC and Safer London. We use the intelligence and information gathered through those interviews to inform safety planning for individual children as well as identify themes/areas for the Missing Panel to consider and monitor from a multi-agency prospective. 

The Council works closely with colleagues in the Police and voluntary agencies to continue to improve our work and understanding with this vulnerable group of young people.



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