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 The Woodside Blog

Flytipping witness
05/05/2014 19:55:00......Posted by Michael Sidwell

Met with Croydon enforcement personnel this afternoon and gave my witness statement regarding flytipping in Woodside ward which I had reported previously.

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Woodside candidates attend safer neighbourhood meeting
11/04/2018 22:16:00.......Posted by Arda Akartuna

This evening, our Woodside candidates Arda and Mus attended the Safer Neighbourhoods meeting at Woodside Green Christian Centre. Officers from the Woodside Ward team were there to hear concerns from local residents about recent reports of an increase in crime. Particular concern was shown in regard to knife crime, burglaries, speeding and antisocial behaviour. Each problem was addressed by officers, who made it clear that the perception of crime was much higher than the actual statistics, and despite the media hysteria, Croydon remains a great and safe place to live.

It was insightful to hear the experiences of local Woodside residents with crime and the police. However, one thing that most residents agreed on was that greater community spirit along with closer knit neighbourhoods would be the best way of deterring crime. 

The Woodside Conservative team commits to working with the community and local police team to make our roads and borough safer. This can only be done if the community is active in logging and reporting crime wherever they see it. The main takeaway advice from the meeting was that if you see something, report it!



Protecting Apsley Road Playground
05/04/2018 14:52:00.......Posted by Mustafa Tary


The playground in Apsley Road is a beloved part of the communities of Woodside and South Norwood. It’s a peaceful place where children can play while keeping off the streets, which brings the neighbourhood closer together. 

It hasn’t always been taken care of the way it should, but losing it would be a tragedy for the community, which is why I am proud to back a Conservative ticket opposing development of open spaces like Apsley Road Playground which have lost their protections under the grievously insensitive local plan. I will fight to protect it for the next generation.



Fly Tipping Arena alley way
28/04/2014 08:59:00.......Posted by Michael Sidwell


Using Croydon's My Account I've reported fly tipping in the Macclesfield Road to Arena alleyway.



Cleaning Up Woodside
26/04/2014 14:41:00.......Posted by Amy Pollard


Whilst out with the team in Woodside today, we spotted and reported three instances of fly-tipping (on Seymor Place, Albert Road and Cumberland Road) using the fantastic My Croydon app. Looking forwards to hearing that it has been removed, taking steps towards cleaning up Woodside. If you see any in your area download the app and report it, very quick and easy to use. By working together we an make Woodside a cleaner place.



Flytipping in Tudor Road, Woodside
23/04/2014 17:04:00.......Posted by Michael Sidwell


Reported further flytipping in Tudor Road to Croydon Council.  Also, provided culprit and witness details.  Enforcement department will be contacting me and rubbish will be cleared within 72 hours.



Cleaning up Christie Drive
21/05/2013 15:03:00.......Posted by Gavin Barwell MP

On Saturday 11 May, a group of 15 men, women and children descended on Christie Drive for the first Great Croydon Clean Up. There was plenty to do and everyone mucked in. It was great to see, especially the children, who were taking great pride in their local area. They were willing to clean up anything from cigarette butts to bicycle tyres. They enjoyed running around finding items to throw away, especially down by the lake where they were numerous food and beverage items.

It was noted at how much cleaner the area was from the last year's clean up. This shows the effect the clean up has had on the community. After the morning hard work the team were rewarded with juice and pizza much to the kids delight. A big thank you to Suzie Dutfield and Sara Weller of Amicus Horizon for organising the event on Christie Drive and now all that is left to be said is BRING ON NEXT YEAR’S CLEAN UP!

By Mus Tary, Woodside committee member



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