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 The Shirley North Blog
Cllr  Sue  Bennett
Cllr  Richard  Chatterjee
Cllr  Gareth  Streeter

Cream team to support Shirley Neighbourhood Care
28/07/2018 17:26:00......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Had a great time at the Shirley Neighbourhood Care cream tea hosted by Shirley Methodist Church.  As well as listening to the fantastic local men’s choir ‘The Singers’ it was a chance to raise money and awareness for their important work.

Shirley Neighbourhood Care Scheme (SNC) is a registered charity founded in the 1970s by the Churches Together in Shirley in Croydon.  Shirley has a greater percentage of people aged over 85 than the rest of Croydon and we provide services to help our older residents live independently for as long as possible.

You can read more about their work on their website.

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 Other Blog Posts

Shirley Conservatives quiz Parliamentary candidate at special meeting
17/02/2019 17:12:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


This week we were very pleased to have Mario Creatura join us at a special meeting of Shirley Conservatives.

Mario is the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Croydon Central – which means that next time there is a General Election he will be the Conservative name on the ballot.

Mario fielded a number of questions.  It was clear how much anger there was about further delays to the Westfield scheme – something that the Labour Party needs to take responsibility for.

We also had a great chance to catch up and exchange a bit of gossip.  Cllr Sue Bennett even provided some wine and crisps!  In fact, my only complaint about the evening is that whoever took this picture has clearly doctored it to make it look like my hair is receding!  Total fake news of course!

If you live in the Shirley area and are interested in getting involved with us, please do get in touch.  You would be very welcome.



New bin at Verdayne Avenue/Wickham Road bus stop
01/02/2019 17:10:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter

Many thanks to residents who reported that the bin at the Wickham Road / Verdayne Avenue had mysteriously disappeared.

We have lobbied the Council about this and are pleased to report that a new bin is now in place.

Do get in touch if there’s ever anything like this we can help with.



Mud scrapers return to Parkfields
13/01/2019 19:22:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Residents have contacted us to express concern that there were no longer any mud scrapers at Parkfield Recreation Ground.  This is obviously a big inconvenience for those enjoying the lovely green space.

Toward the end of last year, we persuaded the council to reinstate them.  Today, we can confirm that they are back in place.



Festive fun continues with Aladdin
09/01/2019 23:00:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


After all the festive fun of December, cold, dark January can be something of a downer.  But thanks to the hard work and talent of the West Wickham Pantomime Society, a sprinkle of Christmas cheer spilled into the New Year.

Along with Shirley South’s Scott Roche and Mario Creatura (the Conservative candidate for Croydon Central MP) I had a great time watching Aladdin tonight thanks to efforts of a fantastic cast that included several Shirley actors.

Just to make the night even better, the proceeds from many of the tickets will go toward Shirley Neighbourhood Watch – one of the most important community groups in the Shirley area.

I’m looking forward to next year already (“oh no he’s not”, "oh yes I am" etc etc)!



Little Movers Christmas Party
15/12/2018 21:05:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


I had a great time at the Addiscombe Boys and Girls Club ‘Little Mover’ Christmas party.

As well as having more than my fair share of sweets and enjoying the music, it was great to chat to organisers and other residents about community issues.

I didn’t actually brave the dance floor though.  I guess I have a year to work on my own moves before next Christmas…



Festive fun at St George's Christmas market
17/11/2018 15:36:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Lovely afternoon at the St George’s Christmas market.  As well as a chance to catch up with residents and old friends, we picked up some books and other goodies from the excellent stalls.

I also had a great chat with the hard working team raising money for ‘Combat Stress’ – a charity that supports ex-soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Unfortunately I didn’t win the raffle.  Fingers crossed for next year!

Thank you to the wonderful team at St George’s for all their hard work.



Problematic potholes on Orchard Way and the Glade
04/11/2018 15:25:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Today we’ve been on #PotholePatrol – identifying places around Shirley North where the roads needs some urgent attention.

To be honest, we weren’t expecting to find much today.  The good weather has only just finished and the roads are usually much worse after the winter.

We were pretty disappointed therefore to find 10 potholes on Orchard Way and the Glade.  These are busy roads – if they’re not cared for it is both dangerous and unsightly.

We’ve reported these to the Council and hope to see some action very soon!

If you notice any potholes in Shirley North please email Gareth –

We’ll be back on #PotholePatrol soon!



Staying alert and alarmed with Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch
23/10/2018 10:58:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Excellent meeting at Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch tonight.

As well as being a good chance to catch up with everyone, there was some very useful information from Trading Standards about the latest scams we must be mindful of.  Also an interesting update from the Fire Brigade about the importance of testing our fire alarms.

We also had some interesting conversations about potentially extending the Shirley cold calling zone.  We will keep residents updated as these conversations progress. 



The future of Addiscombe Boys and Girls Club
19/10/2018 10:27:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Many residents are concerned about the future of the Addiscombe Boys and Girls club building on Stroud Green Way.

We have met with the trustees and will soon be meeting with council officers to obtain clarity on the situation.

We will update residents when we know exactly what is happening.



Update from Longheath Residents' Forum
17/10/2018 22:31:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


It was great to be with Longheath residents at the forum tonight. 

Residents fed back many concerns to the council and contractors working on the site.  While there is still much work to be down, it seems like communication from contractors is getting much better - and this is certainly good news.

Residents with specific issues should continue to contact us and we will do everything we can to help!



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