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 The Addiscombe West Blog
Jade  Appleton
Lindsey  Blackburn
Michael  O'Dwyer

The night time scam artist
11/04/2014 23:47:00......Posted by David Harmes

The Night Caller is back !

The mixed race young lady in her mid/late twenties is back. She was jailed for 9 months but has obviously been released early. She urgently knocks or rings on residents front doors between 12 & 4 in the morning, claiming that she lives nearby and a family member has been injured, taken to hospital and she needs to get there as soon as possible. The latest road to be hit is Lebanon Road - please warn your neighbours. She is very convincing, but IT IS A SCAM to get your money. Phone 999 immediately.

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Meeting and Listening to the residents of Addiscombe West
12/02/2018 15:42:00.......Posted by Lindsey Blackburn


Since October 17, Jade Appleton, Lindsey Blackburn and Michael O’Dwyer the Addiscombe West Conservative Candidates for the May 18 Council elections have been out and about on the streets of Addiscombe West meeting and listening to residents. We have heard the frustrations at the Labour Council’s inability to keep the streets clean, delays in Westfield and Fairfield Hall, parking issues, the confusion over 20 mph implementation and signage and mixed views on the new one way system.  We’re committed to continuing to listen to residents and will fight for to make Addiscombe West a better place for all.



Holocaust Memorial Day
26/01/2018.......Posted by Jade Appleton


The Power of Words was the theme for the Memorial Service held at the Town Hall.

"Words can make a difference - both for good and evil".

With poetry, songs and testimonies written and performed by Croydon schools, a string quartet from Whitgift School and witness accounts from a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto.  I attended with my wife, Marion, whose mother and two aunts arrived in England from Vienna in 1939 on the Kindertransport.  By this time Austria had been annexed into Nazi Germany and her grandparents and extended maternal family ultimately all perished, but to this day in circumstances unknown.

As well as remembering the horrors of the Holocaust it was also a reminder that history can and does repeat itself with genocides committed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.......Lest We Forget.




Introduction of Controlled Parking Zones
11/01/2018.......Posted by Jade Appleton


After listening to residents on the doorstep, feelings are running high in the roads recently consulted on the introducton of a CPZ. 

The majority of respondents in Rymer, Stretton and Vincent Roads opposed its introduction but it seems that Labour is still pushing ahead, despite their pledge "It will not be imposed on any roads that vote against the proposals".  

With this in mind we petitioned the roads (email your petition support to to get this decision overturned. 

We also put a public question to Cllr. King, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, at the full Council Meeting on 29/01/2018 (can be viewed on Croydon Council webcast from 23mins).  The next Traffic Management Advisory Committee meets on 06/02/2018 so there should be more information then.



Confusing Speed Limit Signs
06/01/2018 15:34:00.......Posted by Jade Appleton


We were out this morning meeting and listening to local residents and businesses and an issue raised was the confusing speed limit signage at the junction of Cross Road and Cherry Orchard Road. 

As well as appearing contradictory an additional concern was the close proximity of two schools.  This had been raised with a local Labour Councillor but no response had been received. 

We wrote to the Director of Streets with supporting photographic evidence and within seven working days received this commitment

 "I have arranged for the removal of 30mph signs in Cross Road at the junction with Cherry Orchard Road and the relocation of the 30mph VARs (electronic signs).  This should address the confusion at the junction."

Addiscombe West Conservatives listening to the concerns of local residents and businesses, taking action, and getting results.



Meeting Conservative Councillors
09/11/2017 23:57:00.......Posted by Lindsey Blackburn


The evening of 9th November 17 provided an excellent opportunity for residents of Addiscombe West to meet Conservative Councillors. Held at Christ Church, Addiscombe, the event attracted about 40 residents and discussions focused on concerns around Westfield delays, the failure of Croydon’s children’s social services, planning approvals and fly tipping. Councillor Tim Pollard provided some detailed insight into why Westfield had been delayed and Councillor Maria Gatland provided more information about how Children’s Services work in Croydon Council. The evening was full of debate and discussion with residents highlighting the many issues affecting the Addiscombe West Community which we will look to improve.



Clean up Addiscombe
14/10/2017 11:30:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Survey after survey, doorstep after doorstep, local residents have told us about paying their Council Tax and not getting the service they deserve from the Labour Council.  Fly-tipping, street cleaning, litter, graffiti are major concerns.  So our Action Team said "We've had enough!" and took to the streets.  Armed with litter pickers, rubbish sacks and our determination to sort this out, we collected litter from our streets and reported numerous fly-tips to the Council.  Many thanks to the local residents who joined us and helped collect about 20 sacks of rubbish which went for recycling.



Council Elections 2014
24/05/2014 21:53:00.......Posted by David Harmes

A disappointing result for Addiscombe. Despite increasing our share of the vote by 1.5%, the complete collapse of the Lib Dems (21% share down to 4% share of the vote) meant it was not to be. UKIP had good gains but from Labour as well as us.

Worse still, the transfer of power in Croydon to the Labour team is very bad news. Although they are prevented from making massive increases to our Council Tax, they could still derail the significant investment & improvements planned for our town centre.

The positive: We have Labour Councillors who can no longer claim that their lack of any progress is down to having a Conservative controlled Council - we need to keep a close eye on their efforts and hold them to account when nothing changes !!

Thanks to everyone who helped in our efforts - our time will come again



Fly tipping reported
21/05/2014 11:50:00.......Posted by Lisa Terry


On Morland avenue today saw and reported using My Croydon



Fly tipping
19/05/2014 14:12:00.......Posted by Lisa Terry


Mattress left in Canning road, I have reported to the Council today using "My Croydon"



Fly tipping
16/05/2014 23:01:00.......Posted by Lisa Terry


Whilst talking to residents on Chisholm road fly tipping reported yet again with "my Croydon " 



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