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 The Waddon Blog

Thornton Heath Islamic Centre open day
07/07/2013 20:55:00......Posted by Simon Hoar

Moving on from South Norwood i joined the Mayor and a dozen other Croydon councillors from both parties in visiting the Islamic Centre for their open day to the local community. We got to hear some wise words about the need for communities to work together to defeat the extremists from the Imam's and the Mayor along with a tour of the centre and display on the history of Islam. Only by working together can our communities show the extremists of both sides up as irrelevant to Croydon's future.

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Whitestone way crash with an energy unit.
19/03/2018 21:30:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

Last night there was a crash to an energy unit on Whitestone way in waddon at about 8pm. This caused damage to a gas main causing a leak and as a result approximately 800 properties in the vicinity was evacuated by the police.

SGN who look affect the gas network in the south of England and Scotland has been able to stop the leak and are working to repair the damage to the gas mains . Currently, electricity  is currently being restored to all of the affected properties on Whitestone way. SGN engineers are continuing to work on site to re-establish the gas supply to properties as quickly as possible.

The council led on the work on supporting the residents evacuated and rest centres were set up at the Salvation Army Citadel centre and Waddon Leisure Centre. We have received excellent support from the Salvation Army, Red Cross and GLL- the new leisure centre operator. The council is also working with voluntary sector partners, welfare services and the CCG to ensure vulnerable residents with specific health needs are cared for.

Residents that were placed in the waddon leisure centre have been conveyed home as electricity have been restored to the buildings but the gas supply will be restored in the early hours of Tuesday, 20/3/2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff from the council who have worked tirelessly throughout the night to help our residents during this incident and all those who have volunteered to work today.






Why we need a conservative run croydon council
03/03/2018 09:34:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen


We need a conservative run croydon council to do same for our council finances.

The attached graph shows how we have been doing as a country in managing our debt situation.




Help for rough sleepers
02/03/2018 23:51:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

If you see a rough sleeper in Croydon most especially at this very cold period , do please contact Street Link on 0300 500 0914.



Why am a conservative candidate
10/01/2018 20:02:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

want to understand why am standing in the May local elections in Croydon , click this link



Why I am standing for the May 2018 local elections
10/01/2018 19:47:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

To understand why am standing as a conservative candidate in the next elections, do go to this link




Why I am standing for the May 2018 local elections
10/01/2018 19:47:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen


To understand why am standing as a conservative candidate in the next elections, do go to this link




Why I am standing for the May , 2018 council election.
10/01/2018 19:39:00.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

To listen to my reasons for standing in the local election as a conservative candidate, do go to this link







Waddon community breakfast at St George's church
31/10/2017.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

At the hall of St George's church, the tables were laid for breakfast, full English breakfast. It was one of the regular monthly activities at this church for senior citizens and like minded people of waddon who fancy a meal while interacting with their neighbours. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience for me having only just heard about it. It provided an activity for older residents to help combat loneliness and for me, a great chance to meet with residents and listen to what affects them. What they needed changing by Croydon council and how they wanted it done. 



Meeting Waddon residents at the diversity festival
14/10/2017.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

We were at the annual waddon diversity festival at St. George's church. The theme of the festival was "It's all about community". It was a very well attended event which had the St Michael's and All angels Steel Band Orchestra, award winners at the 2017 Notting Hill Carnival opening the event. It also had support from The Young @heart dance group, The Phoenix group of senior citizens, The Cameroon North West cultural association and activities like the lunchtime workshop and a traditional head tie exercise from Nigeria.  This event highlighted the communal need for one another to live in a safe place in love and responsibility to our neighbours. The local conservative team was there chatting,participating in this community event as always while answering individual questions from the community . It was a really lovely event meeting the diverse members of our community.




Waddon ward panel meeting
29/09/2017.......Posted by Donald Ekekhomen

, I attended the waddon ward policing meeting at the Hilton Hotel, Purley way. In the meeting ,we had conversations around how well to Police the ward using the new police strategy. We listened to the spots in the ward where extra policing based on current reports is needed and how the police is attending to it. It was a great opportunity to meet the wonderful ward police team and other residents of the ward with concerns about policing. It was however very shocking that no current sitting councillor in the ward attended the meeting. This view was expressed strongly by other attendees at the meeting.



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