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Scrum Down for a rosy future.
16/06/2013 16:00:00......Posted by Steve O'Connell

Streatham and Croydon RFC go from strength to strength. The Brigstock road club have consolidated their league place after 2 successive promotion seasons, reversing a long trend of playing decline. But moreover they are on track to become a real Community Hub in North Croydon. They are close to finishing their first phase of facility improvements, part funded by 70k of Boris funding. Phases 2 and 3 are mapped out and I'm confident that with support and their own excellent leadership the fortunes of the club on the field, and importantly, in the community, will prosper. Their plans are exciting and I am looking forward to giving them a hand where I can. As long as it's not in the scrum.

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Plans for 20 mph speed limits
17/09/2014.......Posted by Vidhi 

Last night I attended Croydon Council’s Scrutiny Committee meeting, where plans to implement 20 miles per hour (mph) zones in some of Croydon North’s residential areas were outlined. The scheme would mean that cars will have to travel at a reduced maximum speed of 20 mph, down from the current 30 mph.  Areas affected in Croydon North will include:

  • All roads north of Beulah Hill in Upper Norwood
  • All roads to the east of London Road, between Windmill/Whitehorse Road and Brigstock Road
  • All roads to the west of London Road in West Thornton ward, between Thornton Road and Galpins Road
  • All roads to the east of Mitcham Road in West Thornton ward, between Thornton Road and Aurellia Road
  • All roads to the west of London Road in Norbury, between Pollards Hill South and and Abingdon/Colebrook Road

The main reason given for these plans was that it would improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. However it must be noted that evidence from other cities where this has been implemented is mixed. While some areas have shown a reduction in accidents, others have shown no clear trends in any direction. Further, road accidents in general have been falling across the UK, so any reduction in specific areas may or may not be due to the introduction of lower speed limits.

The Council plans to spend £300,000 in the next financial year to implement these schemes. Given the financial pressures we face, one has to question whether this is the best use of the Council’s limited resources. After all the money could be spent on resurfacing our roads, fixing pot holes, or introducing better facilities for cyclists.

Then there is the issue of enforcement. The police quite clearly stated at the meeting that they do not have the resources to effectively enforce these speed limits in residential areas. Given this, will all drivers adhere to these limits? We could have a very dangerous situation where pedestrians and cyclists expect cars to travel at 20 mph, but find them travelling much faster at 30 mph.

Finally, and most importantly, the policy has to be implemented only in streets where local residents actually want them. I will fully support residents who want 20 mph zones on their street, but this must be determined only after an extensive consultation exercise, where each and every resident is asked for their views.  We should not accept any sham consultation undertaken by the Council, just for the sake of justifying this policy. We all want safer streets, with better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, but any policy must be implemented only if local residents specifically desire it.

Over the next few weeks I will be meeting with residents in the affected areas, and canvassing their views. In the meantime if you want to contact me with your views on this issue (or any other concern you may have), please email me at:



Residents Lose High Street Bank Branch
25/08/2014.......Posted by Vidhi 


Residents of Thornton Heath and the surrounding area are very disappointed to see the closure of the Barclays Bank branch on the corner of Brigstock Road. When in opposition, the Labour Party pledged to open more bank branches on our high streets and district centres. In fact Cllr Toni Letts claimed to have met with senior bank executives who had supposedly supported this policy. However, as with everything the Labour Party does, the reality on the ground does not their lofty words.  I wonder what steps the Labour Council took to convince Barclays not to close this branch. Not much I am sure, and it’s our residents who have to live with the consequences of another high street bank closure.



Fly Tipping Around Selhurst Park
25/08/2014.......Posted by Vidhi 


Cllr Tim Pollard and I walked the streets around Selhurst Park on Saturday and unfortunately found at least 6 to 8 incidents of fly tipping on the pavements. All of them were duly reported and we hope the Council has cleared them up by today. It does goes to show that despite all the Council’s rhetoric around tackling fly tipping, and their Don’t Mess With Croydon campaign, residents continue to suffer the blight of fly tipping. We urge the Council to get tough with offenders, and will fully support them towards this end.



Electric blanket and small appliance testing day
13/09/2013 15:56:00.......Posted by Croydon North Conservatives

Croydon Trading Standards are holding its annual electric blanket and small appliance testing days on 23rd and 24th October 2013, in Thornton Heath and Shirley. Appliances can be safety tested free of charge.

The event will take place on 23rd October at the Parchmore Community centre, 55 Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, from 9.30 to 4.30, AND

On 24th October at the Shirley Library, Wickham Road, from 9.30 to 1pm and then from 2pm until 5pm.

Any Croydon resident was has an electric blanket more than 2 years old is urged to book an appointment to have their electric blanket tested.

Last year 70% of the electric blankets tested failed safety testing.

This year Croydon Trading Standards are extending the event to include the testing of small electrical appliances such as irons, kettles, electric heaters. Any consumer who has an electrical appliance that is more than 1 year old can bring the item to either venue for a free safety test.

If your electric blanket fails safety tests we cannot return it to the consumer as it is
unsafe and likely to overheat and cause a fire. We will however be providing discount vouchers to reduce the cost of replacement electric blankets.

Trading Standards will also be collecting electric blankets prior to 23rd October from anyone in the borough who is housebound or unable to attend the event themselves, but would like to have their electric blanket or an electrical appliance tested.

Please contact Caroline Dawson at Trading Standards on 020 8407 1311, or email her on to book and an appointment time for testing, or to arrange for collection of electric blankets.

On 24th July 2013, Debenhams, issued a product recall on their Sleeping Beauty Electric Blanket. The product concerned was the Sleeping beauty single and double tie-on under blankets, model numbers: SB1001 and SB 1002, production dates 9/11 or 8/12. These electric blankets were sold in Debenhams stores and online between October 2011 and June 2013.

Debenhams were recalling the 2 sleeping beauty electric blankets due to an electrical fault that can cause the electrical cable to short out. This could result in the user getting an electric shock or the electric blanket overheating and catching fire.

Debenhams said that if you have one of the affected blankets you should stop using it immediately and return it to any Debenhams store for a full refund.

The Electrical Safety Council recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electric blanket that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

The Electrical Safety council has issued guidance on the Do’s and Don’t of using electric blankets. The key points are:

• Always buy electric blankets from a reputable trader.
• Always look for a UK Standard Safety Mark.
• Don’t buy second hand blankets, you cannot be safe that they comply with current safety requirements.
• Do examine your blanket regularly for signs of wear and damage.
• Don’t use the blanket whilst it is folded



Summer Festivities
17/07/2013 11:40:00.......Posted by Steve O'Connell

A welcome trend in recent years is the increase in fairs and carnivals. South Norwood in particular is no exception. Recently, along with many thousands of others, I attended the South Norwood Festival in the park. I have been struck how this has been organised and driven through by local residents and businesses, and I have been an advocate for some time. It was a great day, great weather, and some excellent music. This cracking event gets better each year and aim to support it next year too.
The following week I also had the pleasure in attending the grand finale South Norwood Arts Festival Fayre on Woodside Green. Again well attended on a hot day, and another event that shows that South Norwood and Woodside's community know how to organise brilliant events and have a great time.



South Norwood Country Fayre
10/06/2013 10:54:00.......Posted by Steve O'Connell

A date for your diaries, Sunday 7th of July, in the Park. A dedicated band of local people and businesses are cracking on and organising this event which goes from strength to strength. I am very pleased to support them. I spend a lot of time in the area for several reasons, it's a great place, Mum's Home is there, and there is the small matter of a football club. My first senior position in the Bank was 1st Cashier at the Barclays there many moons ago. So I have had a long and vested interest in South Norwood and its well being.i hope the 7th is a great success and perhaps I'll see some of you there.



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