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 The Shirley South Blog
Cllr  Jason  Cummings
Cllr  Scott  Roche

Shrublands Avenue Planning Meeting
16/08/2018 21:31:00......Posted by Jason Cummings


This evening I and members of the residents association and community centre attended the planning meeting on the application by Brick-by-Brick to build three blocks of flats on some of the green space in Shrublands. Brick-by-Brick is a development company created and owned by the Labour Council. A large number of Shrublands residents had objected to this development when it was first put forward (tellingly none supported it) but at every stage the council has ignored their concerns and pushed ahead. Tonight was the last chance before full planning permission was granted. After meeting with members of the Residents Association on Tuesday and making sure we were all agreed on what we were going to raise we attended the meeting and made our points to the committee. The main arguments we were putting forward tonight were around the poor water pressure on the estate and how additional homes will make it worse, the lack of capacity in the foul water sewers which have back-up on numerous occasions and the risk of flooding incidents being made worse by additional building. Crucially we also questioned that the reports to the committee stated that there have been no flooding incidents before. Despite detailing the experiences of people who live right next to the site and how their flats have indeed flooded in the past we were voted down and the development has now been granted planning permission.

For the record the committee voted in favour of building on the green spaces by 6 votes to 4 as below:

Against the residents: Paul Scott (Lab), Maggie Mansell (Lab), Niroshan Sirisena (Lab), Muhammad Ali (Lab), Chris Clark (Lab), Felicity Flynn (Lab)

Voting with the residents: Scott Roche (Con), Jason Perry (Con), Simon Brew (Con), Stuart Milson (Con)

The Croydon Central MP did not attend or object despite being informed of the residents objections.

We will monitor the development and continue to fight to mitigate the impact on Shrublands residents.

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Changes to waste collections over Christmas holidays
17/12/2018 16:37:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Please see below the changes to waste collections over the Christmas holidays. These are what the council is saying will happen. I make no guarantee that this is what will actually happen!

Fingers crossed!


~~Changes to litter collections over festive period

Collections of household recycling and waste will be changing for three weeks over the Christmas period.
Collections between Tuesday 25 December and Friday 11 January will take place either one or two days later than the usual collection days. Extra waste produced during the change will also be collected.
This Christmas it is easier to recycle more than ever before thanks to a new recycling system introduced across the borough.
You can recycle card and paper packaging but please remember shiny wrapping paper cannot be recycled.
If you have a real Christmas tree you can have it collected for recycling alongside your usual waste collection from Monday 14 January, just remove any decorations and pots or plant holders and leave it by the kerbside.
Councillor Stuart Collins, cabinet member for clean, green Croydon, said: “We want to make Croydon the greenest borough in London but we need your help to do it.
“New bins have already been introduced across the entire borough to help boost recycling rates to more than 50% over the next two years.
“Most households will produce more waste over the festive period so please remember to recycle as much as you can.
“If you need to double check your collection day or what you can recycle you can look online.”
Usual collection date followed by Revised collection date
Monday 24 December - Unchanged
Tuesday 25 December - Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December - Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December - Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December - Monday 31 December
Monday 31 December - Wednesday 2 January
Tuesday 1 January - Thursday 3 January
Wednesday 2 January - Friday 4 January
Thursday 3 January - Saturday 5 January
Friday 4 January - Monday 7 January
Monday 7 January - Tuesday 8 January
Tuesday 8 January - Wednesday 9 January
Wednesday 9 January - Thursday 10 January
Thursday 10 January - Friday 11 January
Friday 11 January - Saturday 12 January



Shrublands Walkabout
30/10/2018 16:50:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Just finished a walkabout around the Shrublands estate with Cllr Alison Butler, Cabinet Member for Homes and Gateway Services and Beverley Warner, Chair of Shrublands Residents Association.

We looked at flooding issues across the estate, particularly where they relate to the new build sites on Shrublands Avenue. Also a number of places where the sewerage system is backing up and overflowing. I will monitor developments in this area and hopefully we will see some improvements.

We also looked at some issues being experienced by residents with damp in their flats and this has been reported to maintenance to sort out.

Several fly tips have been reported and these are due to be collected.

A number of other maintenance issues were spotted and reported so overall a very worthwhile walk around.

Please do get in touch with any other problems.



Sandrock Planning Application Withdrawn
18/10/2018 13:03:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


I have been informed today that the planning application for the Sandrock has been withdrawn.

This is a victory for local residents but I am fully expectant that a new application will come forward.

I will be pressing the developers to engage more with the local community in order to bring forward a plan for the future of the site that we can all accept.



Shrublands Trust - Community Ward Budget
12/10/2018 13:24:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Both Cllr Jason Cummings and myself have met with the Shrublands Trust recently, and we discussed what as local ward councillors we could do to help them using part of the Community Ward Budget.

The trust needs a new permanent floor for their storage room in the food bank; currently the storage room has MDF board flooring which will not last long.

It is our pleasure to cover the cost for a new floor, using some of the allocated community ward budget for Shirley South.

This fund has been given by the council to each councillor across the borough, to enable councillors to help with worthy local causes such as these.



Shirley Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Meeting - Community Ward Budget
12/10/2018 13:12:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


I recently met with the Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for the Shirley area of Croydon; it was great to hear some of the great work they undertake for residents, standing up for their needs, and helping to make residents feel safe and apart of a wider network/community.

It is vital that as a council, we support charities’ such as this, and as a local councillor for Shirley South, I want to ensure the work Neighbourhood Watch do is recognised to the wider public in Shirley South.

Cllr Jason Cummings and myself, have allocated some of the Community Ward Budget to enable Neighbourhood watch to circulate a ‘Good Neighbour Guide’ to all residents within the whole ward, this leaflet will be distributed in the near future!

Residents will be offered advice on who to contact in different situations, such as how to report door to door scammers, as well as giving general useful advice and contact details.

This will be hugely beneficial to residents within our ward, and I look forward to seeing it reach all the residents in the area!

These are exactly the sort of projects Community Ward Budgets has been made for, we are both very excited to support this iniative for the local area!



Ward Surgery
06/10/2018 11:15:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


Just finished ward surgery at West Wickham and Shirley Baptist Church. Please do come along to any surgery session if you have issues you'd like to discuss.

No appointment needed.

First Saturday of the month in March, May, July, September, November; 10:00-11:00.
Shrublands Advice & Coffee Shop
7 Broom Road, Croydon, CR0 8NG

First Saturday of the month in February, April, June, October, December; 10:00-11:00
West Wickham and Shirley Baptist Church
Wickham Road, Croydon, CR0 8EB



PM Conference Speech
03/10/2018 14:46:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


Was in the hall to hear what was, in my opinion, the Prime Ministers best speech yet. Whatever your view on individual issues it can't be denied that she is one of the most resilient politicians we have ever had, something undoubtedly needed in these difficult times!



Conservative Party Conference
29/09/2018 10:15:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Heading to Party Conference today, back late next Wednesday. It's always long days and hard work but an important opportunity to make the case for conservatism to the country.



SPD2 Residents Association Meeting
26/09/2018 22:27:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


The council has recently started the consultation period for the Draft Suburban Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2). The council is developing a new policy for planning guidelines, to intensify development in key areas of Croydon; Shirley is one of those areas.

Today Cllr Jason Perry held a public meeting for all the Resident groups across the borough. It quickly became clear that there is a lot of concern from resident’s group’s right across Croydon! Resident groups feel their concerns are not being listened to, and the council will approve inappropriate developments no matter what the cost will be to the local community.

For full details of the Draft Suburban Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2), please visit the following link:

Community engagement sessions will be held across the borough to engage residents, businesses, developers and interested parties on the draft SPD2.

I would strongly recommend residents attend one of the remaining sessions held by the council.

Details of the remaining consultation sessions are as follows:

1. Saturday 29 September, 10am – 2pm, Purley Library, Banstead Road, Purley, CR8 3YH

2. Tuesday 2 October, 4pm – 8pm, Christchurch Methodist Hall Addiscombe, 114 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon, CR0 6AD

3. Thursday 4 October, 4pm – 8pm, Selsdon Community Centre for the retired, 132 Addington Road, Selsdon, CR2 8LA

4. Tuesday 9 October, 4pm – 8pm, Shirley Community Centre, 28 Shrublands Avenue, Croydon, CR0 8JA

 If you are unable to attend a consultation session in person, you can also make a representation by:

1. Emailing a completed representation form to

2.  Alternatively, by posting it to Spatial Planning Service, 6th Floor Zone B, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA.

Please note that any representations received after 15 October 2018 will not be accepted by the Council as duly made. Any representation must include a name and either an e-mail or postal address all of which must be legible in order to be accepted by the Council as duly made.

As a member of the Planning Committee, I will always stand up for the Shirley Community.

If you have any questions about any of this, please do let me know by email:



Old recycling box collections
21/09/2018 11:59:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings


The council has released the following information about collections of the old recycling boxes. I can't guarantee they will actually do it but this is the official procedure. Since they are suggesting you leave them on the kerbside for up to two weeks and it is currently very windy they'll need to be kept an eye on!

~~Collections of old recycling boxes begin next week

Residents who want their old recycling boxes collected after receiving new bins should put their boxes out for collection on Monday.
The boxes will be collected separately to recycling and waste and this may be on a different day.
Residents who want the old boxes collected should leave them empty, with the lid inside, at the kerbside on Monday 24 September.
The boxes will be collected over the next two weeks. If residents do not want their boxes collected, they should not leave them in the front garden during this period.
The recycling boxes will not be collected from properties that did not receive new bins.
Councillor Nina Degrads, deputy cabinet member for clean, green Croydon, said: “We are collecting bins from hundreds of properties across the borough over the next two weeks.
“If you want your old recycling box collected please empty it and leave it at the edge of your property.
“Of course you are welcome to keep your blue boxes for another purpose if you want but make sure they are not left somewhere the collection team may think they are meant to be taken away.”



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