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 The Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Blog
Cllr  Simon  Hoar
Cllr  Helen  Redfern

Concerns of asbestos on Montpelier Road
13/06/2018 17:48:00......Posted by Helen Redfern

Since yesterday evening, we have heard a number of reports about the possibility of asbestos being found, and incorrectly handled, during the demolition of garages as part of the new Brick by Brick develpment on Montpelier Road. We received a number of photos of what looked like asbestos sheeting and I took a look myself this morning.

Last night Simon contacted Shifa Mustafa, the Executive Head of Place at Croydon Council, and we've had a number of contacts today with council officers and Brick by Brick staff.

This afternoon, Colm Lacey MD/CEO of Brick by Brick sent us the following statement,

" We at BXB have checked with our contractor (Henry Construction) who have confirmed that, as per the Construction Management Plan, they have completed an asbestos survey on the garages and this confirms that there is no asbestos present in the material pictured, nor indeed in this phase of the development.

Our planning surveys (available on the planning portal) indicate that there may be asbestos fibres in future phases of the site. When and if any asbestos is required to be managed or removed in future phases, the appropriate methodology will be used and residents will be kept informed."

I trust that this reassures residents that there has been no risk to people living close by, local children walking to school and the workmen themselves.

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Residents meeting with Henry Construction and Brick by Brick
18/06/2018 15:44:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Councillor Hoar and I are continuing to seek further information to clarify the situation regarding the suspected asbestos on the Montpelier Road development site. 

Meanwhile, MAKRA, the residents' association for Montpelier Road and Kingsdown Aveue have advised us of the following,

"Henry Construction will be holding a residents meeting on Kingsdown Avenue / Montpelier Road tomorrow evening Tuesday 19th June at 6:30 PM. They understand this is very late notice but want residents to have the opportunity to hear how the project will progress...MAKRA have been told that there will also be representatives from Brick By Brick in attendance."



Purley & Woodcote Residents Association AGM
13/06/2018 13:24:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

We had a great time at last night's Purley and Woodcote  Residents Association ("PWRA") AGM. It was a good opportunity to meet some new residents of Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown ward. The area around Pampsiford Road, Montpelier Road, Grasemere Road, Warren Road and much of the Purley Bury are in our ward and the PWRA catchment.

The greatest worry for residents seems to be planning issues, as it is across our ward and much of the Borough.

The PWRA are looking for new committee members so if you are keen to get involved - or just a little curious - do let them know as they will be very welcoming.



Purley BID Board Meeting
13/06/2018 13:11:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


I attended my first Purley BID Meeting at Tesco Purley Cross yesterday. It was interesting to hear from local business owners about the improvements they are looking for in the area and how they hope to engage more people and bring in potential customers from a wider area. I'm especially looking forward to the Purley Food and Drink Festival on Saturday 30th June.



Montpelier Road/Kingsdown Avenue Update
11/06/2018 16:10:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Over the past month, we have received a number of enquiries from local residents about the work taking place on Kingsdown Avenue and Montpelier Road. This work will involve the building of 96 homes by Brick by Brick, the Council’s arms-length development company. We are only at the early stages, with just the hoardings going up at present, but already a number of questions have been raised mostly due to the hoardings not going up in the positions previously advised or the work taking place with a low level of consideration for those who live nearby. Last week I asked the Council questions about:

·       How the hoardings are being built, currently with holes in the ground that are not adequately covered.

·       Hoardings not being the right place, contradicting the diagrams produced during the planning process and illustrated by the site manager.

·       Hoardings not protecting the trees as promised.

·       The proposed location of the site entrance which appears to be dangerous.

·       How the hoardings are impacting on site lines (I was shocked at how blind the corner has become now). It seems only a matter of time before an accident happens.

·       The proximity of the hoardings to some of the flats – some tenants can literally touch the hoardings from their balcony (see photo).

·       The behavior of the workers on site which includes mixing concrete on top of the sewer manhole. There is also no portable loo for them to use.

It takes little time and money for the developer’s contractor to act in a considerate manner making this a less painful process for local residents. Do let me know if you are aware of anything taking place that I should be aware of.



Dementia Awareness Week
21/05/2018 18:35:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Did you know that it's Dementia Awareness Week? 

In advance of the activities taking place this week, I attended last Friday's Dementia Awareness Day at Croydon Town Hall. In the Braitwaite Hall there were a number of orgnisations providing information about the resources available to help those with dementia. In the David Lean Cinema there were a number of presentations and I was fortunate to hear Hakeem Anjorin's talk that explained the various forms of Dementia and why people with Dementia act in the way that they do.

A couple of key points stood out for me. The first was the explanation as to why someone might forget how to make a cup of tea. We learn how to do that when we are younger over a period of time. We don't just make a cup of tea, we perform a long series of steps to produce that cup of tea, and forgetting one step can make the making of a cup of tea a difficult, if not impossible task. The second point was those living with Dementia may forget the facts of an interaction, e.g. who visited and what their names are, but they do remember the emotion (good or bad) that that visit evoked. It is worth making that visit even if the sufferer won't remember that we visited because the emotion will be recalled.

Many thanks to Hakeem for his talk and to Vivian Slattery for organising this event.





New members needed for Safer Neighbourhood Panel
16/05/2018 11:27:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


Under the new Ward boundaries, Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown will benefit from its own dedicated Metropolitan Safer Neighbourhood Team. Members of the public are able to shape the work of the Team by particpating in the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel and volunteers are currently being recruited. You don't need to have any previous experience, just an interest in your local community and this inclusive meeting is open to the public.

Contact me an email if you're interested and I'll pass on your details. 



Night time road closure on Sanderstead Road
13/05/2018 19:16:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Network Rail need to examine a bridge on Sanderstead Road over the next few nights, meaning that there will be a road closure. The bridge in question is the one next to Broomhall Road and the road will be closed from 14 to 18 May 2018 during the hours 22:00 – 05:00.



Sanderstead Residents Association AGM
11/05/2018 12:47:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern

Around 16 roads in Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Ward fall within the area covered by Sanderstead Residents Association ("SRA") so last night I was delighted to attend the SRA AGM with the 3 Sanderstead councillors and Chris Philp MP.

Proceedings were started off by PC Revell and PCSO Sam Brooks from the Sanderstead Neightbourhoods Team who gave us some useful suggestions for protecting our homes and valuables.

SRA activity is clearly focussed on planning issues and unfortunately I expect that will need to continue. There were also a number of cheques presented to local charities including the 2nd Hamsey Green Scouts, Sanderstead Neighbourhood Watch and South East Cancer Help Centre, which is situated next to Tesco at Purley Cross, and provides a wide range of support to cancer sufferers and their families.

We finished off the meeting with drinks and nibbles provided by Waitrose and I was able to have a chat with individual residents. A great evening.



Will you be voting in a new polling station?
29/04/2018 17:33:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


A few residents with whom I've spoken have been surprised that they will need to travel to a new polling station for the Council Elections this Thursday. The details of your polling station will be on your polling card that you should have already received. The polling stations for Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown Ward are:

  • POR1: Christchurch Hall, Brighton Road, CR8 2BN
  • POR2: Sanderstead Lawn Tennis Club, Penwortham Road, CR2 0QS
  • POR3: Purley Bury Tennis Club, 53 Purley Bury Avenue CR8 1JF 
  • POR4: Riddlesdown Tennis Club, Lower Barn Road, CR9 1HR

Even if your previous polling station is listed above, it may not be your polling station for this election. If your polling station is one of the tennis clubs, do make sure that you are travelling to the right one!



Who owns the development land in Kingsdown Avenue and Montpelier Road?
19/04/2018 16:10:00.......Posted by Helen Redfern


In March, Simon Hoar and I attended the Montpelier and Kingsdown Residents Association (“MAKRA”) AGM which focused on the proposed Brick by Brick development to be built in the area. There was some uncertainty over the ownership of the land to be built on, with a number of organisations suggested as possible owners of the land. The MAKRA team had spent considerable time attempting to get a response on this issue from Croydon Council but was unsuccessful in gaining a response that revealed the ownership. I agreed to take up the issue.

I submitted a public question to the Council Meeting of 26th March to be asked to Councillor Alison Butler, Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning. My question sought clarification on the following points:

- the ownership of the land in Montpelier Road and Kingsdown Avenue that is to be developed, with documentary evidence;

- if the land is now owned by Brick by Brick, from whom was title transferred, together with confirmation that that entity had the legal right to transfer ownership, with documentary evidence.

I was advised that as this was a factual question I couldn’t ask it in person and would have to await a written response that would take up to 21 days. Those 21 days came and went and I had to chase for a response. Finally, a response was forthcoming but it didn’t answer my question.

The response stated that the land is owned by the Borough of Croydon and that this was substantiated by external lawyers. The land will transfer to Brick by Brick in due course under the terms of a legal agreement under which Brick by Brick has the option to purchase the land. What a disappointing response; no facts were proved at all.

I clearly asked the Cabinet Member to provide documentary evidence of both ownership of the land and the right of that entity to transfer such a valuable community asset. This evidence hasn’t been forthcoming despite reference to a set of title reports provided by external lawyers. Why would it be so difficult to provide this? What is being hidden? When the current Labour administration took control of Croydon Town Hall in 2014, it did so on a promise of Openess and Transparency and yet achieving clarity on what should be provable facts has proved so very difficult.

I have again asked for the evidence to be provided and await a response. Hopefully we’ll have a Conservative run council after May 3rd so that the truth can be revealed.



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