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 The Shirley North Blog
Cllr  Sue  Bennett
Cllr  Richard  Chatterjee
Cllr  Gareth  Streeter

Wickham Road roundabout to receive overdue grass cutting
03/06/2018 17:51:00......Posted by Gareth Streeter

Residents are rightly frustrated about the overgrown grass on the Wickham Road roundabout and the nearby grass verges. 

Working together, the Shirley North and Shirley South councillors have been trying to get this sorted.  As TfL has responsibility for sorting this out, Steve O’Connell, our London Assembly representative has also leant a helping hand.

We’re pleased to report that TfL has now confirmed that the grass will be cut in June.  We will keep an eye out to make sure this happens on schedule and report back.

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An evening with residents
11/06/2018 15:47:00.......Posted by Sue Bennett

After the fete later that same evening Gareth, Richard, Scott and myself attended the SPRA summer party, there must have been eighty local people there, we were well received and warmly welcomed.

It was such a pleasure to meet with so many local residents, good food, good wine and great company, who could ask for more, it's tough being a Councillor ! 



A beautiful day in Shirley
11/06/2018 13:08:00.......Posted by Sue Bennett


All days in Shirley are enjoyable but Saturday was special we enjoyed brilliant sunshine at St George's Summer fete.

The vicar and parishiners are busy fundraising to repair the roof before the winter sets in and we were delighted to play a small part by attending the fete.  Gareth, Richard, Scott and myself enjoyed a delightful afternoon sampling the delicious home made food and meeting all those who worked so hard to make the afternoon a great success.



The Glade reopens but temp lights needed for Long Lane
21/05/2018 19:10:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter

Following emergency repairs by Thames Water, The Glade, at the junction with Brookside Way was reopened today - good news!

Unfortunately we have been informed that owing to the pressure caused when recharging the main, some more damage has been caused to the main in Long Lane.

To enable the repairs to take place three way temp lights will be required, the nearby pedestrian crossing will have to be closed we residents can use the temp lights to cross Long Lane. Work will be continuous until the repair is complete. The lights will be removed for the AM rush hour tomorrow (22nd May).

Thanks to Croydon Council officer's for staying on top of the situation.




Emergency Road closure - The Glade, junction with Brookside Way
16/05/2018 12:22:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter

Quick update for residents concerned about the closure of The Glade at the junction with Brookside Way:

Officers have informed us that this road was closed yesterday due to emergency works by Thames water to rectify a customer supply issue. The road is expected to reopen on Friday morning. Local diversion is in place and unfortunately a section of the local bus route is affected.

We will work with the Council to get the road reopened as soon as possible and will keep you updated if the situation evolves.



Sad day in Shrublands
29/04/2018 11:16:00.......Posted by Sue Bennett


It was a sad day in Shrublands as I attended my last surgery as a Shirley Councillor, due to the Boundary changes Shirley has been expanded and now there are two Shirley wards - Shirley North and Shirley South.  I have been privledged to have been selected for Shirley North.

If I am elected I look forward to getting to know our new residents but leave behind with a heavy heart the warm and inclusive atmosphere of Shrublands.

I am not going far and they won't get rid of me that easily, so keep the kettle on.





Making a difference
13/04/2018 14:21:00.......Posted by Sue Bennett


As Shirley Councillors we have been delighted to support and encourage Ballers Football Project; a 'grass roots' initiative which aims to take vulnerable youths off the streets, it has been very successful since its inception by an exceptional young man, Raymond Bascombe who has turned his own life around and now dedicates himself to making a difference to other youngsters at risk.




Litter issue on Bywood Avenue
08/04/2018 18:44:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Plenty of litter on Bywood Avenue today.  Residents are rightly concerned about it and we have reported it.

If you have any concerns about litter or fly tipping anywhere in the ward, let us know. 

If the Conservatives win the election on 3rd May, we will introduce fly tipping patrol squads so that these issues are dealt with more proactively.



Council Meeting
28/03/2018.......Posted by Sue Bennett

On the 26th March at the Council meeting Cllr Butler (Deputy Leader) repeatedly confirmed to a packed public gallery that the Labour Party would not build on open green space.

Cllr Bennett challenged  her and reminded her of what was printed in the original published Local Plan, this Labour administration intended to remove MOL status and build upto 751 homes in Shirley Oaks Village, before it was pointed out to this inept Council that residents owned the land. The residents mounted a detailed and robust defence at the Public Hearing and MOL was reinstated to several pieces of land.  unfortunately, there is still considerble land which has lost MOL protection and becomes 'white land' due to the removal of the local Green Spaces policy.

The Council was seeking to designate areas across the Borough as Local Green Spaces, however , the Inspector maintained that the Council had not carried out a sufficient and rigorous review of LGS sites for allocation. If the Council is minded to pursue this policy a review of LGS would have to be carried out.

I won't hold my breath.





Public meeting opposes Brick by Brick developments
15/03/2018 22:10:00.......Posted by Gareth Streeter


Great meeting tonight.  Residents associations came together from all over Croydon to protest about numerous planned Brick by Brick developments.

Clearly this has been a huge issue for us in Shirley.  I have always supported the principal of house building – but we should be doing this on brownfield sites and in the Town Centre.  We should not be trying to change the character of our beautiful suburbs.

We will always fight to #SaveShirley



Attack at Shrublands last night, Friday 31st March
01/04/2017 19:23:00.......Posted by Richard Chatterjee

Shirley councillors Sue Bennett, Mike Fisher and I are appalled at the attack last night and the terrible injuries on this 17 year old young man at the edge of the Shrublands estate. We encourage anyone who has information on the attack to share this with the police who can take the necessary action to bring those responsible to justice. This attack is an attack on all of us and is unacceptable in a civilised society. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family.



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