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 The Norbury & Pollards Hill Blog
Calum  Bardsley
Mike  Mogul

Pollards Hill Triangle is under threat
19/04/2018 11:01:00......Posted by Calum Bardsley


Visitors often comment on the striking beauty of Pollards Hill’s greenery; the weave of grass, oaks and daffodils is a sight for sore eyes. One of the most notable examples, a triangle in the centre of Pollards Hill which provides pleasure for residents, visitors and drivers alike, finds itself with no protection from greedy developers under Labour’s ‘local’ plan.

This is a disgrace, and your local Conservatives will not stand for it; if elected on May 3rd, we will ensure that your children, and your children’s children, will be able to enjoy Pollards Hill Triangle for decades to come.

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Fly-tipping epidemic in Norbury
24/04/2018 08:37:00.......Posted by Calum Bardsley


Over the last month, it’s becoming very evident that fly tipping and littering in #Norbury & Pollards hill is getting worse. From speaking with residents, they have told us they feel that the Labour run council are failing to keep our streets clean and their concerns are being mishandled and at times even ignored!

When we review the performance published on by the cabinet member responsible Stuart Collins, it’s not hard to see why the residents of Norbury & Pollards Hill feel the Labour run council is failing to keep our streets clean. Sadly, Fly tipping has actually increased by a massive 64% since Labour took control of the council in 2014 and there are no real plans in place to make sure this situation will improve.

Myself and Mike Mogul both passionately care about our community and want to see Norbury & Pollards Hill run better. If elected, we will fight to ensure the council always listens and acts to resolve problems quickly whilst championing a major crack down on litter and fly tipping to make our streets cleaner.

As we approach polling day (Thursday 3rd May), we ask you to consider voting for a Conservative council, who are passionate about really listening to residents and allowing Norbury & Pollards Hill to fulfil its true potential.

Let’s work together to make #Norbury & Pollards Hill the best it can be.

We are here to help local residents wherever we can, if you need help with anything please do get in touch with the team: Email:



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