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 The Shirley South Blog
Cllr  Jason  Cummings
Scott  Roche

Another case of Croydon Labour simply not listening...
29/01/2018 22:05:00......Posted by Scott Roche


I submitted a question for council this evening on behalf of the most vulnerable residents within our borough, and individuals who do not feel as if they have the relevant support network to raise a concern they have with their care. Which could potentially lead to vulnerable members of our community not receiving the quality of care from the council they deserve, my concern is especially for residents who do not have the family or friends network to help them when they need it most. 

This is from my personal experience of endless problems my mum experienced with her carers, and the contractors responsible for the service provided by the council. My mum has been disabled for many years, and relies on Croydon carers daily; as a result, she “doesn’t want to cause a fuss". Even though she had received repeated instances of poor care from the carer contractors employed by the council, she did not want to report the issues. She felt vulnerable, and concerned of the potential risk from a carer retaliating, without my mum being able to protect herself due to her disability. 

Each complaint raised about my concerns, was with the relevant department in the council, I have received feedback from the relevant council officer, with the promise that the standard of care will be improved with the new contractor offered to my mum.

Over the years, my mum has gone through several carer contractors, some better than others for various reasons, but I felt that now was the time to raise my concern directly to the council, addressed to the labour cabinet member for Families, Health & Social Care: Louisa Woodley.

My question to her was: 

"Why, and how Croydon Council, allow such poor carer contractors to be allowed to look after some of the most vulnerable in our borough?

What is the Councils procedure for checking the quality and reputation of a contractor, before they are allowed to look after residents?

I am genuinely concerned for those individuals who do not have the network of people to stand up for them, and make sure the carers and the contractors are held accountable for the consistent poor care given"

I was very shocked to hear Louisa Woodley's response to my question in council: My concerns were brushed under the carpet, Cllr Woodley claiming that no such issue exists within the council, she also said to me "I am surprised Mr Roche, has allowed it to get to the stage, where he feels the need to raise it me in council, rather than contacting me directly via email", an absolutely shocking attitude to have towards such a sensitive issue!

I have reported all instances directly to the council, which are all recorded on the council complaints system, with an individual reference number given for each complaint raised. The cabinet member clearly does not have a grasp on such an important department, if she was completely unaware of my previous complaints to a department she is overseeing in her role as cabinet member!

My concern of what safeguarding procedures the council has is in place, for vulnerable members of the community, who might feel intimidated or worried to raise a concern was not answered and ignored by Labour's Cllr Woodley. The Labour Council just do not listen to residents, no matter how much they claim they do!

I am concerned that with such a vital department, that looks after some of the most vulnerable members of our community, the labour party do not listen or seem to care when repeated concerns are raised, and cannot be trusted with the huge responsibility. 

The residents of Croydon deserve better!

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Temple Copse - one of the 31 sites Labour has left unprotected!
13/04/2018 17:19:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


'Temple Copse' in Shirley is one of the 31 sites Labour's 'Local Plan' has left unprotected, leaving it at risk of inappropriate development. Croydon’s Labour Council have made it very clear that, as they over intensify development across our borough, our vital green spaces are under threat and disappearing. At a time when our population is expanding our green spaces are going to be even more important for health and well-being.

This vital piece of green space within Shirley, is lovingly cared for by 'Spring Park Residents' Association'. But thanks to the lack of foresight shown by the labour run council, one of our green spaces is now under threat! 

We are appalled at the way that Croydon Labour is riding roughshod over the views of local residents, our green spaces are simply not safe whilst they are in charge of Croydon Council.

The Croydon Conservatives has pledged not to develop any parks and managed green spaces that are in Council ownership which find their protection removed, Jason and myself would always fight to protect our beautiful green spaces in Shirley!



Brick by Brick planned developments - Public Meeting.
15/03/2018 21:48:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


It was great to see such a huge turnout tonight for the Croydon Conservative public meeting, about the wide concerns residents have with the borough wide planned Brick by Brick developments. 

Residents associations came together from all over Croydon, to protest against numerous planned Brick by Brick developments, and the dismay with the labour council not listening to petitions raised, official objections to the planning committee etc.

I fully support and understand that we as a borough have to play our part building new houses in London, but this should be approached more sensibly and logically, looking at brown field sights first for example, and not recklessly upsetting communities by not listening to their genuine concerns!

Once again, this is an example where the Labour council have proved they simply do not listen to residents’ concerns. 

It is clearly a huge issue for us in Shirley, Jason and myself would always fight to #SaveShirley!



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