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 The Shirley South Blog
Cllr  Jason  Cummings
Cllr  Scott  Roche

Another case of Croydon Labour simply not listening...
29/01/2018 22:05:00......Posted by Scott Roche


I submitted a question for council this evening on behalf of the most vulnerable residents within our borough, and individuals who do not feel as if they have the relevant support network to raise a concern they have with their care. Which could potentially lead to vulnerable members of our community not receiving the quality of care from the council they deserve, my concern is especially for residents who do not have the family or friends network to help them when they need it most. 

This is from my personal experience of endless problems my mum experienced with her carers, and the contractors responsible for the service provided by the council. My mum has been disabled for many years, and relies on Croydon carers daily; as a result, she “doesn’t want to cause a fuss". Even though she had received repeated instances of poor care from the carer contractors employed by the council, she did not want to report the issues. She felt vulnerable, and concerned of the potential risk from a carer retaliating, without my mum being able to protect herself due to her disability. 

Each complaint raised about my concerns, was with the relevant department in the council, I have received feedback from the relevant council officer, with the promise that the standard of care will be improved with the new contractor offered to my mum.

Over the years, my mum has gone through several carer contractors, some better than others for various reasons, but I felt that now was the time to raise my concern directly to the council, addressed to the labour cabinet member for Families, Health & Social Care: Louisa Woodley.

My question to her was: 

"Why, and how Croydon Council, allow such poor carer contractors to be allowed to look after some of the most vulnerable in our borough?

What is the Councils procedure for checking the quality and reputation of a contractor, before they are allowed to look after residents?

I am genuinely concerned for those individuals who do not have the network of people to stand up for them, and make sure the carers and the contractors are held accountable for the consistent poor care given"

I was very shocked to hear Louisa Woodley's response to my question in council: My concerns were brushed under the carpet, Cllr Woodley claiming that no such issue exists within the council, she also said to me "I am surprised Mr Roche, has allowed it to get to the stage, where he feels the need to raise it me in council, rather than contacting me directly via email", an absolutely shocking attitude to have towards such a sensitive issue!

I have reported all instances directly to the council, which are all recorded on the council complaints system, with an individual reference number given for each complaint raised. The cabinet member clearly does not have a grasp on such an important department, if she was completely unaware of my previous complaints to a department she is overseeing in her role as cabinet member!

My concern of what safeguarding procedures the council has is in place, for vulnerable members of the community, who might feel intimidated or worried to raise a concern was not answered and ignored by Labour's Cllr Woodley. The Labour Council just do not listen to residents, no matter how much they claim they do!

I am concerned that with such a vital department, that looks after some of the most vulnerable members of our community, the labour party do not listen or seem to care when repeated concerns are raised, and cannot be trusted with the huge responsibility. 

The residents of Croydon deserve better!

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 Other Blog Posts

Shirley Neighbourhood Care - Quiz Night Fundraiser
09/03/2019 23:51:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Tonight the Shirley Councillors had a fantastic evening, supporting the Shirley Neighbourhood Care Quiz Night Fundraiser, and I am happy to say we did not come last!

Over 100 people attended this fantastic event, and there was a great atmosphere, together with an excellent set of challenging questions... 

We look forward to attending the next fundraising event!

It is very important we continue to support the most vulnerable members of our community!

If I can help with anything, please let me know:



Ministerial visit from Mims Davies MP - Croydon Carers Support Centre
01/03/2019 15:09:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Today the Minister for Sport, Civil Society and Loneliness, Mims Davies MP visited Croydon, and met colleagues Cllr Yvette Hopley, Cllr Margaret Bird, Cllr Mario Creatura, the team at the Croydon Carers Support Centre, and me. 

It was fantastic to meet her and discuss how we can further assist the most venerable members of our community. Having a disabled mother myself, and being a carer for her, I can relate to a lot of what was discussed. Often carers needs are forgotten, who also need the support networks, to enable them to be the best carer for their loved ones as possible.

Mims Davies MP has a very inspiring story, she was a carer for her mother so can relate to the importance of supporting vulnerable members of our community. She was then elected as a District councillor on Mid Sussex District Council for the Haywards Heath Lucastes ward from 2011 to 2015, and then at the 2015 General Election was elected as MP for Eastleigh. It was very clear she passionately cares and wants to bring positive change to help carers and residents that need the support. 

It appears Mims Davies is also a good dancer! The centre asked us all to join in some Indian dancing that was taking place, and one of the dancers taking part was 90 years young! This centre and the fantastic members of staff bring the vital support network and respite to those who need it most!

If you would like to find out more about the fantastic work they do at the Croydon Carers Support Centre, or you would like to enquire how they can help you, please visit their website:



Friends of Shirley Windmill - February Edition of Fantail Magazine
21/02/2019 20:08:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Today I recieved my February edition of the 'Fantail' magazine, I am a proud member and Friend of the Shriley Windmill, and would encourage anyone with a love of local hertiage to join as a friend!

For further details visit their website:

We are very lucky to have such a local treasure within Shirley, Friends of Shirley Windmill do fantastic work, please support them by joining as a member!



Shirley South Canvassing Session
10/02/2019 17:36:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This afternoon the team were out knocking on doors in my fantastic ward of Shirley South, luckily the weather held out for us, and we spoke to hundreds of residents across the ward! 

As a result the team picked up some casework, which we have already reported to the council to action, and we received lots of positive feedback on the door! 

I am very proud to represent this beautiful ward, and of course I could not help but pose in front of the most iconic landmark within Shirley, the Shirley windmill!

If you would like any assistance, please email me:



My Speech at LGBT History Month Launch Event
07/02/2019 22:03:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This evening I was asked to give a speech at the launch of the ‘LGBT History month’, held in Croydon Town Hall, and it was my absolute pleasure to speak!

As an LGBT Conservative local councillor, this is obviously an issue which is close to my heart! But the main reason I felt it was very important to speak this evening, was to show and remind those individuals struggling with their own sexuality, that there are support networks available if they need it, and they should never feel alone in the world! 

Coming to terms with your sexuality can be a very lonely and scary process, but it is with the help offered from LGBT groups that can really make the difference, and have such a huge impact on their life, I know they did for me!

My full speech can be heard here:

As I highlighted in my speech, depression linked with a person’s sexuality is a real and scary reality, to many people when they are first coming to terms with their sexuality. It is with the LGBT support networks, friends and family that get you through the difficult times. Still today, sadly too many people are taking their own life as a result of feeling alone in the world! 

My hope is if we continue to positively advertise and promote the fantastic work taking place within our fantastically inclusive borough and beyond, that the shocking statistics linked with depression and some even taking their own life due to individuals struggling to come to terms with their own sexuality, will be a thing of the past!

If you need support, or know of anyone you think would benefit from support, please contact the fantastic LGBT charity:




Shirley South Surgery - West Wickham Shirley Baptist Church
02/02/2019 10:09:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


Good morning Shirley!

Your Shirley South ward Councillors team, are currently in the West Wickham Shirley Baptist Church for our ward surgery until 11am today! 

If you are unable to attend this morning, please let us know by email of any issues you need assistance with, or we can of course arrange an appointment if needed. 

Email me direct with any issues if you need help:



Community Ward Budget - Pinewood Scout Camp
24/01/2019 14:48:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This morning Jason and I were invited to have a tour of Pinewood Scout Camp, Shirley. Pinewood is an amazingly beautiful facility, which is available for the community to use as well. The Scout's hire out this beautiful space to community groups for multiple occasions, I think I may have to think of an excuse to hold events here in the very near future! 

Attending this wonderful scout site, brought back some wonderful memories from when I used to be a beaver, cub, and scout! My mum always insisted my brothers and me joined the scouts, she did not want us to hang out on the streets, potentially getting into trouble, through scouting I learnt some valuable life skills, which I still rely on today!

The purpose of our visit today, was to find out what the scouting unit required in terms of resource. Jason and I have a Community ward budget to help such amazing community organisations like this! Jason has supported them in the past, and with my background in scouting, I of course was fully behind and take pleasure continuing that tradition!

In the past the scout centre has purchased outdoor activity equipment using the money donated by previous councillors, as well repairing the roof to the scout hut. It is very important we continue to invest in our young people, to ensure they have fun activities to do after school. They are taught valuable life skills like I was, but also socially it is excellent development.

I look forward to attending this site again in the near future, especially to test the new fun outdoor equipment they will be purchasing with the money donated by Jason and myself. 

If you have any community projects you think would benefit from the Community Ward Budget, please let me know:



Shrublands Estate Walkaround
24/01/2019 14:18:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


This morning I had a walkaround the Shrublands Estate, together with representatives of the Residents Association, and Senior Council Officers. 

I asked officers to attend the walkaround with me, so we could proactively report casework as we found it. The Main issues we came across during our walkaround were, fly-tipping, blocked drains/sewage issues and a broken fence. All of these problems have been reported to the council, with immediate action scheduled to resolve these issues within the next few days. 

It was an excellent opportuntity for me to witness some of the issues residents face on a daily basis. I plan to take regular walkarounds with officers in the future, to try and keep on top of recurring issues facing the community. 

If you need help with anything, please do let me know by email:



Shrublands Residents Association Meeting
15/01/2019 22:03:00.......Posted by Scott Roche

This evening I was invited to attend the Shrublands Residents Association meeting, very passionate community in the Shrublands area, these meetings are always well attended! 

It is a great example of an excellent community working for residents, and it is my pleasure to represent this community in the council!

If you need any help please let me know:



Aladdin Pantomime - Ticket proceeds raised for Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch
09/01/2019 23:34:00.......Posted by Scott Roche


I have just come back from a very enjoyable evening watching an Aladdin Pantomime, at Wickham Hall, Sussex Road!

Dianna Fraser, who is the chair of the Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch, kindly invited me, together with Shirley North colleague Gareth Streeter, and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Croydon Central Mario Creatura, for a very fun evening of pantomime! 

I never need an excuse to go and watch some panto, and the 'West Wickham Pantomime Society' did not disappoint! They brilliantly showcased some of the amazing local talent, am-dram at its finest! This organisation has been bringing pleasure and laughter to the local community through pantomime for over 70 years, I cannot wait to see what they have installed for us next year! 


You still have a chance to go and watch them perform 'Aladdin', at Wickham Hall, but only until the 12th January 2019, you will need to hurry, tickets are selling fast…

You can book your seats at:

They support local charities with the ticket proceeds, which is an excellent way of raising funds for good causes, in addition giving some of the very talented local community an opportunity to shine in the spotlight, and all whilst you’re having a fun evening!

Thanks to the kindness of the 'West Wickham Pantomime Society', half of this evenings ticket proceeds, went to support the brilliant work the team undertake at Spring Park Neighbourhood watch! Over 90 members of our amazing Shirley community came this evening to support Dianna Fraser, and all the hard work she and her team do within the Spring Park Neighbourhood Watch, all whilst having a lovely fun evening!

Once again, thank you Dianna for inviting me to attend this evening, and of course well done to the team at ‘West Wickham Pantomime Society’, for putting on such a good show!

See you next year!



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