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 The Addiscome East Blog
Cllr  Jeet  Bains
Joseph  Lee

ASPRA Road Reps meeting
08/02/2018 10:10:00......Posted by Jeet Bains

It was great to attend my first ASPRA Road Reps meeting where I was delighted to be confirmed as a Road Rep. Only one road rep vacancy left now I believe!

The meeting was very well attended and I was impressed with the passion and sense of community. Important issues were raised, including encouraging a sustainable way for local businesses to continue supporting the community.

I look forward to more of this, and to being of assistance.

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Blackhorse Lane bridge closure - the nightmare that Labour can't fix.
12/02/2018 10:20:00.......Posted by Jeet Bains

I've been contacted by residents about the misery caused by the long-closed Blackhorse Lane bridge. Traffic on surrounding roads has become intolerable, with short journeys increasing by up to a factor of 5! People's lives are being negatively affected, businesses are severely losing revenue. As the cars sit in unmoving traffic, tempers are flaring and pollution is rising. My tweet on this matter:

The Council, TfL and the Mayor of London are all controlled by Labour, and yet between them they cannot get this small bridge repaired and reopened. Communication with local people has been sparse at best, until the Conservatives pressed for this to be regular and meaningful.

Comparisons have been made with Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China, the world's longest bridge, which took four years to build, and The Shard in London which took 3.5 years to complete. Yet two tiny bridges over tram lines on a narrow suburban street are estimated to take 3.5 years to complete by the Labour-run Council and TfL.

The people of Addiscombe East deserve much better than this.




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