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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Cllr  Robert  Ward

Waste permits - What a joke.
10/04/2017 14:02:00......Posted by Sara Bashford


Today I went to Fishers Farm to dispose of green waste from my weekend of gardening and took with me my passport and Council Tax bill so I could get a permit and instructed by the Council. Below is a letter I sent to the Director of Streets and the Cabinet Member when I got home. I thought you might like to see it and let me know if you have had any problems getting your permit or indeed if you have just used the service having not been offered a permit.

“I thought the point of the permits was to ensure only Croydon residents could use the recycling centres, clearly no one bothered to tell Fishers Farm this.

I went this morning and sat in a queue and in the front of the queue a member staff stood mainly doing nothing, although later he claimed he was busy doing traffic management (this was while chatting to a driver picking stuff up in a van, from one of the containers, I will come back to that). I wasn't asked for ID or where I lived and nor was anyone else who drove in. Whilst he stood in front of my car he could easily have checked documents and given out the permits he had on a roll in his hand. There was also no one in the main part of the centre checking for permits or explaining to people they had to have one. What is the point of a permit if it isn't being handed out. Please don't try and tell me it was busy so they weren't handing them out , because there were at least 5 empty spaces that cars could have parked in left vacant in the centre (even though there were queues outside)

On finishing disposing of my waste I went up to the man who had been on the gate when I arrived and asked why I wasn't offered a permit. He asked me why I hadn't asked for one. I said that was because he was supposed to check that everyone entering was a resident he said they all were and had permits, this was a blatant lie. His attitude and that of the pick up driver who he was chatting to him was very demeaning. The pick up driver (who this had nothing to do with) interjected and said as it was a sunny day,I should forget it. I asked again why he wasn't doing his job and he told me he was too busy - yes too busy chatting and standing round doing nothing to implement policy.

The arrogance and lack of adherence to policy does need to be dealt with. Please let me know what action will be taken. If you want to hear the conversation with the operative just let me know as I recorded it. 

On leaving the centre there was chaos outside as the person on duty clearly had no idea how to resolve a problem of a car blocking the road. If he had looked behind and asked those cars in the drive into the centre to all move forward a foot, which they could do, the problem would have been solved. There are clearly issue there with the staff as no one seems bothered or in control.

On the basis another resident couldn't get a permit because he drove a 4x4 I believe this policy is hit and miss and needs to be completely rethought. It didn't work for the same reason of noncompliance by staff the last time it was tried.

In addition on my way home a Veolia open back vehicle DF65 Y?Y was parked in the bus stop at Pixton Way which meant the bus could not pull in to pick up passengers. Why do Veolia drivers believe they have the right to block a bus stop which is specifically designed so a disabled person in a wheelchair or a parent with a buggy can get on and off the bus properly.

Both of your views are expected in reply.”

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Director of Place
06/08/2018 19:35:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Cllr Ward and I met with the Director of Place, and Head of Regeneration at the Council today.  We wanted to discuss what the Council can do to support Selsdon shopping parade.  We will be holding another meeting for businesses soon and there will be a representative from the Council there to advise how the Council can help.



Selsdon Shops
04/08/2018 19:34:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Following the meeting with local businesses in July, I met with representatives from Selsdon Residents' Association to discuss ideas for supporting our local businesses.



Selsdon Councillors Surgery - August 2018
01/08/2018 10:35:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

This Saturday, as on the first Saturday of every month, the councillors for both Selsdon Wards will be holding a surgery at the Selsdon Centre For The Retired (Sainsburys). The surgery runs from 10.00 am to 11:15 am. On this occasion we will be joined by the Local Policing Teams from the two wards.

Please come along if you have any issues that you think we can help with, or to have a chat about the issues affecting Selsdon, Forestdale and Addington. 



A great team out today picking up litter in Monks Hill
28/07/2018 21:40:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


Organising and taking part in litter picking events is a great way to show pride in your community and do something to make our environment just a little bit better. Croydon Council provide the equipment and instructions on how to do this safely. The council will also pick up the bags when the job is done. So a big thank you to the organisers and everyone who took part today.

If you want to organise something similar in your area there is more information here. You don't have to become a Green Champion, you can also contact Tracey Bellamy by emailing her at



Culture and Selsdon
26/07/2018 19:30:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met the Culture Director of the Council for my regular monthly meeting.  Got an update on how the Mela and Pride went, and heard about planned future events.  

I asked what she thinks she can do for Selsdon district centre and we will be looking at ideas for bringing more events to Selsdon in future.



St John's Church
23/07/2018 21:34:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Had tea (and cake!) with the Rector of St John's Church, Selsdon today. Good to hear about the Church's work in the community and plans to build a garden room.



Croydon Council granted injunction to help prevent illegal encampments
20/07/2018 17:09:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Croydon Council was granted an interim protective injunction at the High Court on Wednesday 18 July banning the setting up of unauthorised encampments and fly-tipping. The injunction covers more than 200 of the borough's parks, open spaces and council lands, and 11 highways.

There have been more than the usual number of illegal encampments this year, totalling 16 on highways and in parks and open spaces in the last three months alone.

The ban, against persons unknown occupying land and/ or depositing waste, seeks to stop people entering, or occupying any part of the land for residential purposes, including caravans, mobile homes and vehicles.

It also means the council does not have to attend court to obtain removal orders, which can take days to obtain, and that High Court enforcement officers can be called to future sites to assist with moving people on if they take no notice of the interim injunction order. Failure to do so can result in imprisonment, fines or seizure of assets.

More information, including how to report any activity covered by the injunction can be found here.



Meeting Selsdon businesses
17/07/2018 12:17:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

The four Selsdon Councillors met with Selsdon businesses to discuss how we can support the shopping parade.  A very useful meeting and lots of ideas about how we can support businesses and encourage new businesses to move here.  We wnat to keep this district centre at the heart of Selsdon for the benefit of residents.  



Labour's huge budget variances
16/07/2018 12:16:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended the meeting of Croydon's Cabinet in the Town Hall. Asked about the huge £63.6m variance on the capital budget last year. Apparently is is due to lank of expected progress from Brick by Brick



Monks Hill Residents' Meeting
10/07/2018 12:11:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of Monks Hill Residents' Association.  They are actively helping people who live 'on the hill' and have arranged a trip to the seaside in August.  It is good to meet people with such strong community spirit.  We agreed a few things that the Council could help with and these will be picked up on the walkabout in a few days time.



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