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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Cllr  Robert  Ward

A sad day - flats approved on Croham Valley Road.
26/01/2017 20:56:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

Tonight Croham Valley Residents Association and I objected to the first block of flats proposed for Croham Valley road. To our dismay and great sadness, the committee on a vote of 6 to 4 approved the proposal. Conservative Councillors spoke against the plans but the Labour Councillors all voted in favour of it. Cllr Paul Scott made it very clear that flats can be built anywhere and no area is special and everywhere can be intensified. Not what any of us wanted to hear.

I will do all I can to keep our area as distinctive as possible, but it will be an uphill battle whilst Labour are the majority group on Planning. If you want to read the speech I made it is below.

In the reasons for recommendation the report states that the proposed development would not have a detrimental impact on the character of the area. This is completely untrue. It will and it will be very significant.

If you drive down Farley Road and into Croham Valley Road you will clearly see a change in the type of housing and character of the area. Where this proposal is are large detached family homes with one house per plot. There are no flats and this makes the area what it is. If this application is permitted it will start a trend and we will lose the very attractive and distinctive look of the area.

You may say that the plot is large enough for a block of flats but that should not be considered to the detriment of the character which is not just in keeping with the Croham Valley Road area but those roads around it. This is an area that is attractive, open and has a special feel with the cricket and rugby grounds of old Whits just up the road. If we start changing the character this part of the borough will just merge into the next and lose its distinctiveness, which would be a real shame.

Adding a block of flats will be to the detriment of the area and is not acceptable and whilst I know we need more homes these won’t be affordable to most so won’t really impact on the borough’s housing problems.

This is a further creep application. The developer started by getting permission to build semi’s which residents and I also opposed. The developer clearly felt this wasn’t enough and has gone one step further. I hope this committee agrees this is one step too far. This isn’t acceptable to residents so shouldn’t be acceptable to you. Please don’t let the need to put forward statistics and numbers override the need to keep parts of the borough special and respect the character.

I would also like to add that it is disappointing that yet again plans have been changed 22 days after the close of the application consultation date. It isn’t fair to residents not to advertise and give a chance for people to see these changes. I know officers say the changes are not material but they are to residents, we need to be open and transparent.  Any changes should be consulted on otherwise it looks as though there is favouritism towards developers and against objectors. This application has received a very high number of objections so I hope the committee does the right thing, respect the character of the Ballards area and listen to residents views and respect them.

I would ask that you refuse this very very out of character application.

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Gas main replacement in Farnborough Avenue
10/10/2018 10:50:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Southern gas networks are today, 10th October starting work to replace the gas main in Farnborough Avenue, which will include some works across the mouth of Copse view and Heathfield Vale. The majority of the work will involve open cut trenches in Farnborough Avenue, in the line of where cars would normally park, so existing flows will be maintained.

It will be necessary to close Farnborough Avenue whilst they trench across Heathfield Vale, connecting the new main to the existing one. Two-way lights will be in use on Heathfield Vale through this phase of works. Advanced warning of this closure will go out one week before it is due to happen, with a local diversion signposted.



Careers Fair - 16th Nov
09/10/2018 17:39:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Croydon Careers Fair is taking place on the 16th November in Croydon Conference Centre on Surrey Street from 10am – 2pm and there will be 30+ local organisations attending.

The event is completely free to attend, and as this is The UK Careers Fair’s first time in Croydon, they are also giving away a £5 Amazon Gift Card to the first 100 attendees!



Bin issues and delays at Fairfield Halls
08/10/2018 17:38:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

There was a meeting of the full Council and there were many questions about the chaotic roll-out of the new wheeled bins.  I asked about the lack of progress with the refurbishment of Fairfield Halls - there is still no firm date for reopening.



Dance Umbrella
07/10/2018 17:38:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Went to see the Dance Umbrella performance in BoxPark and it was great to see the performance by 200 women



Monks Hill Update
04/10/2018 17:37:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Went to Monks Hill for their community association meeting.  They were discussing plans for their Christmas Crafts event in December and I am happy to support this using some funds from the Ward budget.  They have set the date for their Fund Day next year - 1st June - look forward to it!



Consultation on new Planning Guidelines
04/10/2018 17:36:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Went to the consultation event about the Intensification of the Suburbs proposals that are being put forward by the Council.  There were some good visuals, a video and some models which clearly showed the impact of the additional housing on communities.  I am not convinced this is the best way to tackle the housing shortage. 




Addington Residents' Assoc
02/10/2018 17:35:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of Addington Residents' Association where we discussed how to protect the field at Pioneer Place from development.  It is a precious community resource with many rare plants and animals.



Intensification of the Suburbs
26/09/2018 17:34:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Joined colleagues at a meeting of residents associations to discuss the Councils consultation on the Intensification of the Suburbs planning document.  They have serious concerns about the proposals and the impact they will have on their neighbourhoods.  



Corporate Plan
24/09/2018 17:33:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of Croydon's Cabinet where the Corporate Plan for 2018-2022 was being discussed.



Fairfield Halls
20/09/2018 17:33:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met the Croydon's Culture Director for an update on culture in the borough.  Asked about the delayed opening of Fairfield Halls - still no firm date for the opening of the venue.  



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