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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Cllr  Robert  Ward

20 MPH consultation in Selsdon and Ballards
19/01/2017 13:10:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

The Council have a policy to introduce 20 MPH roads across the borough, these will cover the majority of roads, with the exception of a few arterial roads, such as Brighton Road and Addington Road

Different people have different views as to the need for these 20 MPH zones, but if implemented will operate 365 days a years and 24 hours a day.

Two zones in the north have marginally voted in favour of the scheme and now it is our turn to tell the Council what we want. The Council will start it’s consultation on the 18th January and it will run until the 15th February. They will deliver a leaflet with the full details to each household. The details will also be on the Council’s website. The consultation is not a simple yes or no vote, you will be asked to explain why you object, if you do, to the consultation and it will relate to all roads in the zone you live in to be 20MPH. This is a departure from how the previous two zones were consulted on so it is very important for you to respond giving your reasons. In summary the first two zones in the north of the borough had an opportunity to vote yes or no in an opinion survey, but the remaining zones covering the south and parts of the centre of the borough won’t have that opportunity.

This is an all or nothing approach so you will be expressing your view for the whole zone you live in. For example, Zone 4 covers Croham, Fairfield, Fieldway, Heathfield, New Addington, Sanderstead (part) Selsdon and Ballards and Shirley (part). Zone 5 covers Coulsdon East. Coulsdon West, Kenley, Purely, Sanderstead (part) and Waddon. Each Zone is consulted on separately, so if you have an objection you will need to submit it. 

As your local councillors we have had a number of concerns raised with us about this blanket approach scheme. We asked the Council to consider problem hot-spots and areas of specific need such as outside schools, medical facilities and elderly care homes. They refused.

Whilst we all realise that accidents at low speeds cause less injury and damage there are a number of reasons why a scheme across the whole zone has raised concerns too. The concerns that have been raised with us are:-

  • At low speed pollution is greater

  • The police at the first scrutiny meeting on 20MPH zones said they would not enforce it.

  • If there is no (or minimal) enforcement pedestrians have a false sense of security.

  • This does not cover the main roads where the higher number/ most serious accidents are.

  • Each Zone costs £300K to implement (£1.5M for the whole scheme) and only targeting specific hot spots is better value for money.

  • Every road in the zone, at all times, eg 2am will be 20 MPH

  • That this scheme will not prevent inconsiderate / bad drivers who are the cause of many accidents.

  • That current 20MPH zones outside schools will lose their significance and become more dangerous.

If you do not receive the information from the Council by the 25th January please do let us know, so we can ensure you have the opportunity to make your views known.

Please do contact us if you have any questions.

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Health advice for the New Year - start as you mean to go on
07/01/2019 15:04:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Croydon Council has some good advice for residents who want to start the New Year by making plans for a healthier and happier life.

The JustBe Croydon website at has tips and advice to support you to achieve those common resolutions like quitting smoking, losing weight and being more active. Visit the website and set yourself some realistic, personal goals to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

The website has a Health MOT tool, which only takes five minutes to complete. It gives you a personalised report to consider how best to meet your health goals in the coming year.

You can also visit a Croydon Live Well advisor at their nearest health hub and speak to them about getting fitter and improving your mind and body. There is no need to make an appointment to see an advisor. The health hub locations can be found on the JustBe Croydon website.

A few simple changes like reducing the salt and sugar in your food and drink and just a few minutes of exercise daily, can make a big difference to your future health and happiness. My own experience is that slowly reducing salt and sugar works. Think also about getting your cholesterol tested.

It's not easy to change but taking it slowly and with determination can make a real difference to you. Go for it.



Recycling and collection of Christmas trees
05/01/2019 23:46:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas tree collections, Croydon Council will be collecting trees from kerbside properties again this year.

Once the festivities are over you can place your tree out for collection on your refuse collection day between Monday 14 January and Friday 25 January.  Before you put your tree out for collection, please make sure you have removed all decorations, stands and pots.  If these have not been removed, your tree may not be collected. For more details look here.

If you don’t live in a kerbside property, you can still recycle your Christmas tree for free by taking it to a Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.



Changes to Croydon's bus routes - Please check this out if you use busses in Selsdon and Addington
04/01/2019 08:39:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Transport for London ('TfL') are consulting on changes to the bus network in Croydon. Eleven routes are set to change.

According to TfL these changes will make the network more efficient and also respond to the ongoing changes in Croydon Town Centre. It does mean that routes will terminate at Katharine Street rather than West Croydon bus station and passengers who might previously have taken a single bus now forced to transfer to another route to complete the same journey as previously.

If you are a bus user I recommend you take a look at the the consultation website soon and make your comments. The email address for comments is - 

The closing date for comments is Sunday 13 January 2019.



Disruption to traffic on roads near Selsdon Sainsburys
02/01/2019 22:56:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

We have just been informed at very short notice that as part of works to connect power to the new development opposite the Selsdon Park Hotel on Addington Road, a utility need to connect their new supply to an existing one near old Farleigh Road. The work will be done in phases.

Phase One will start on the 3rd/4th January and requires a lane closure on the south west bound nearside lane outside Sainsbury’s. The bus stop will remain open and the lane closure will be in force between 0900 – 1630. The late notice is very poor, please do your best to avoid the area if you can.



Shurgard Self Storage fire update, 11:30 am 1st January 2019
01/01/2019 13:28:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

We have been advised this morning that Purley Way remains closed in both directions at the scene of last night's (31.12.18) fire at the Shurgard Self Storage facility. As a consequence there are no trams between Church Street and Mitcham Junction.

The emergency services and in particular the Fire Brigade have been working all night. Our thanks to them for their work. Unfortunately despite their best efforts the building itself has been completely destroyed by the fire.

I have tried to contact Shurgard but there is nothing on their website and their phone line is closed. If you had items stored at the facility it looks like enquiries will have to wait until tomorrow although I understand from social media that the company may have contacted their customers by email.


There will be continuing travel disruption into Wednesday 2nd January. The A23, Purley Way remains closed in both directions between Lombard Roundabout (A236) and Beddington Farm Road.

The tram network remains suspended between Church Street & Mitcham Junction, with replacement buses operating between Mitcham Junction and Reeves Corner.

Please check the Transport for London website for travel updates.



Fairfield Halls progress update
24/12/2018 22:00:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

One my jobs as a councillor is to serve as vice-chair of the Scrutiny Committee. This committee reviews the activities of the council, partner agencies and other related bodies providing services to the public. As such we question Cabinet members on their portfolio and look at projects where the council is involved.

At our last meeting on December 11th 2018 we looked at, amongst other things, progress on the Fairfield Halls. My view, and it is a cross-party one, is that the Fairfield Halls are a crucial part of Croydon's future success so this was an important and interesting meeting. As well as Cabinet members we were able to question the operator, BHLive, on their plans.

Immediately prior to the meeting we were shown around the site. We saw that although the interior still has a lot to be done it appeared to me that the elements that could cause difficulty are largely past. I would be positive about the likelihood of opening on the current timeline which I believe is a handover to the operator BHlive on 1st September 2019 with opening of the entire facility a couple of weeks later.

Big acts book some considerable time in advance. Consequently you will already see that, for example, Jimmy Carr is showing a Fairfield Hall date on November 26th for which you can book tickets already.

BHLive announced at our meeting that their website will launch on January 16th with regular updates as the year progresses. I recommend you look out for that and see what takes your fancy. I for one will be keen to see the venue and enjoy great performances as soon as possible.‏ As Croydonians we should support it, especially in these early days after a major refurbishment.

BHLive did ask politicians and others to be mindful of the potential for negative comments to damage ticket sales. To repeat, all Croydon's politicians are behind the Fairfield Halls as a key part of Croydon's future but part of our job is to ensure public money is wisely spent.

Those questions will be asked because the project is much delayed from its original schedule and costs are likely to have increased. That said, we are now on the home straight of the refurbishment. I for one have already booked my first tickets and am looking forward to the show.



Changes to key bus routes
02/12/2018 13:32:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

The Council is seeking views on proposed changes to bus routes 50, 75, 109, 154, 197, 250, 264, 403, 405, 412 & 433 serving Croydon town centre.

The Council are proposing these bus routes terminate on the side of the town centre from which they approach, so they would no longer cross the town centre.

These proposed changes would help maintain reliability of services in Croydon by making the bus network simpler and more efficient, and would ensure our resources are invested in the right locations. They would also ensure the impact on bus operations, potentially arising from the construction works in the town centre, is minimised. Customers who would need to interchange to reach their destination could do so within one hour without additional charge using the Hopper fare.

They are keen to hear your views on how these proposed changes could impact on you, and if you have any specific comments or suggestions.

For full details and to share your views, please visit:

Plus there is a drop-in session on11 Dec between 2pm and 4pm at the Croydon Central Library.

This consultation will run until Sunday 13 January 2019.



Councillor surgery
01/12/2018 13:31:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Very quiet surgery this morning.  The pouring rain might have stopped people coming out. 



30/11/2018 13:30:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Joined the Mayor and guests in the Town Hall to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.



Update on Parks
27/11/2018 13:29:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met a director of the Council, Steve Iles, for an update on various issues related to parks including the parks maintenance contract which is moving inhouse in February



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