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Ben  Joce
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Surrey Street - Notes
10/01/2017 22:31:00......Posted by Helen Pollard

Here are my notes from the Scrutiny Meeting 10th January 2017 where Surrey Street market public realm improvements were discussed.

My questions

·        How much money has been set aside for the public realm improvements?  Where is this from and is it likely to increase?  

I didn’t ask this question because Cllr Watson covered it in his commentary - £500k capital and half s106 match funding

·        Market benchmarking. London Street Trading Benchmarking Group.  The Council has not been engaging much with this group and I believe there is a lot to be gained from learning about other markets in London.  I asked that the Council becomes more involved.

No answer to this

·        Who was invited to the public meeting about Surrey Street on 12th January?  I wasn't and I have not found anyone who was? 

This was answered in Cllr Watson’s commentary.  It was clear that the meeting on 12th Jan is aimed at stall holders and local businesses.  They conceded that residents can come if they like but it will be a bit boring as it is about the nuts and bolts of the public realm improvements. 

·        Access for residents?  When can they have deliveries?

Apparently they have talked to residents about this but I’m not aware of how or when. 

·        Residents have put a lot of work into this but their views seem to have been ignored.  What about the signage over the entrance to the market? 

Cllr Watson pointed out that there are practical considerations that limit what we can deliver in terms of signage.  He claims that residents have been consulted.  They certainly have not been consulted about the designs for Surrey Street because the first visuals were only available today.  They want to start work in February.

Comments on plans from Cllr Watson.  Notes about the planned changes for Surrey Street:

·       Improve lighting – lighting under the bridge

·       More space between stalls

·       Public art

·       Issues of how emergency services will access street

·       More wayfinding signs

·       Want new Sunday market and evening markets

·       Free wifi in the market

·       Level carriageway New trader power facilities

·       Colour on air conditioning units

·       Lighting for building facades - need to get permission from property owners

·       More uniform stalls that look better overall

·       Offer businesses the opportunity to try out the market e.g. from £15/stall on Sundays.

·       More bars being planned for Surrey Street

Public realm works will start by end of Feb.  Couldn't give completion dates.  Aim to complete in 6-8 weeks.

Cllr Bonner concerned as likely to be delays in the project.

Cllr Watson talks about how to attract more people to the market - but doesn't involve residents!

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Cleaning Up the Tamworth Road Estate
02/03/2018 18:01:00.......Posted by Ben Joce


This week your local Fairfield Conservative team has been assisting residents in and around the Tamworth Road Estate. After our recent visits to the area meeting residents it becmae apparent, both through concerns raised and by what we witnessed that the Tamworth Road estate has been neglected by the Council and allowed to fall into a state of disrepair.

The team therefore showed the evidence of what we had witnessed to the council and have been working with them on a speedy resolution.

To date the following has taken place:

  • Adittional street cleaning has now been carried out in the area and a commitment recieved that this will occur on a regular basis
  • Multiple cases of fly tipping have been cleared away
  • Damage / disrepair of gates and fencing has been passed to the neighbourhood services team to recity

This area needs extra attention due to the neglect it has received, therefore we will continue to monitor the situation and work with the council to improve the standards on behalf of the residents. 





Fly Tipping and Street Cleaning on Clarendon & Pitlake Roads
01/03/2018 17:43:00.......Posted by Ben Joce

Recently we have been out and about in the very north of the new Fairfield ward speaking with residents on Clarendon & Pitlake Roads.

A common theme door to door and the biggest complaint was the filthy streets and high amounts of illegal fly tipping that are taking place. 

In order to help residents the local Fairfield team has been working with Council Officers on how we can can combat this issue.

We can now confirm that the area has been placed under formal monitoring for the next 6 weeks and ad-hoc inspections are being implemented to check that the road is being cleansed to standard and that any fly tips are being cleared.

Great result for residents!





Friends of Park Hill
22/02/2018 10:41:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended the AGM of the Friends of Park Hill Recreation Ground.  It is amazing to see how much they have achieved in the past few years and I am pleased that I was able to help by providing some of Fairfield's community budget to fund some of the projects.  

They have some exciting plans for the future including a Peace Garden and a Peace Festival.  

Now that the Parks Masterplanning projects is complete I will arrange a meeting with council officers so we can finally get some progress on improving the toilets in the park, and move forward other improvements.  



Night Club in Surrey Street
19/02/2018 10:37:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

There was a meeting of the Licensing Committee to make a decision about the licence for a new 'pop up' night club underneath residential properties in Surrey Street,  Cllr Mohan spoke on behalf of residents and I was pleased that the hours for opening have been significantly reduced.  The lastest time will be 11pm rather than 4am as had originally been requested.  We will monitor plans to make sure that there is no use of the site for activities that will be a nuisance to residents. 



Brick by Brick Development on Edridge and Coombe Road
17/02/2018 15:37:00.......Posted by Ben Joce

Today was an absolutely beautiful day down in Croydon town centre! We spent the momrning in the area around Edridge road. Meeting residents and gathering feedback on local issues. A key theme that emerged from the day was the level of anger directed towards the proposed development by the Labour Councils development company Brick by Brick at the corner of Edridge and Coombe Road. The development would be buildt on a very small bit of green space that the residents cherish and would put additonal pressure on parking and services in the immediate area. We have gathered the feedback and will be presenting the case on behalf of the residents to the councils planning committee, lets hope they listen...



Building on green space on Edridge Road
17/02/2018 10:35:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

A beautiful morning to be out meeting residents in the town centre.  Talked to people in Edridge Road about the loss of local green space due to council plans to build a block of flats on it.  I have put in an objection to the building on Edridge Road so it can't be approved without going before the full Planning Committee. I await a date for the meeting.




Meeting Residents in the South of Fairfield
11/02/2018 21:02:00.......Posted by Ben Joce

Tonight we braved the freezing temperatures to spend the evening meeting residents in the very southern tip of the ward! Re-occuring theme tonight was the state of the streets and concerns from parents on road safety around Howard Road Primary School. Both issues we will be taking forward with council officers to work towards a resolution. 



Parks Consultation
08/02/2018 18:12:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Finally received the final report following the latest consultation about parks.  There are some beautifully presented pdfs with details of ideas for the parks.  Bit disappointed that the reports tell us largely what we knew already.  It is a shame we have had to wait years to get us to the point where we were ages ago.  It has cost £100k and the parks are still in need of investment, but there is no money to invest.  Hope the masterplans don't just gather dust on a shelf somewhere.  



Surgery in Matthews Yard
06/02/2018 18:11:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Councillors Surgery in Matthew's Yard this evening.  No visitors, but I enjoyed a coffee in this relaxing venue!



Cityscape Cladding update
02/02/2018 14:48:00.......Posted by Philip Smith


Following inspection of the current cladding after the dreadful fire at Grenfell, it appears that the cladding used on the Citiscape building is the same as that used on Grenfell Tower and that it must therefore be replaced.

With the issue going to a Property Tribunal next month we are pushing Croydon Council to do its bit to help support the residents. We have written to the Council Chief Executive to raise this really important point and will continue to campaign for residents to get help with any legal assistance. I myself live within Cityscape and will be updating our blog readers on the progress of the action we are taking to support residents. 



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