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 The Sanderstead Blog
Cllr  Lynne  Hale
Cllr  Yvette  Hopley
Cllr  Tim  Pollard

Objections to the 'local plan' in Sanderstead
16/10/2016 12:31:00......Posted by Tim Pollard

I have today written a letter of objection to a number of the proposals contained in the final draft of the local plan, which our Labour council intends to submit to the Inspection in Public. This inspection will decide whether it is accepted or not as the blueprint for development decisions in the borough for the next 20 years or so, so it is reallly important that we get this right.

Elsewhere I have posted about my objections to the plan as a whole and you can read my letter in full by following the link here.

My Sanderstead-specific objections, taken from the letter, are:

1.              The intensification zone around All Saints’ Church

The proposed area is too large, covering many residential streets behind the major through route. The proposal will add demand to an already struggling infrastructure that does not have sufficient transport links, schools and community facilities. The proposed level of intensification is above the capacity that the character of the area can handle and there is no mechanism in the plan to deliver the improved infrastructure that would be needed. It is also contrary to the desire expressed in Strategic Policies p187/8 to retain and protect the view of All Saints Church from Limpsfield Road. Any intensification of the roads surrounding All Saints would inevitably block the view.

This area of intensification needs to be shrunk, within the plan, so as not to affect the surrounding suburban streets, thereby reducing the impact on the local infrastructure.

2.              Loss of Green Belt Status – Sanderstead Plantation and Purley Downs Golf Club

In the context of the ‘Review of Metropolitan Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land’ produced in July 2016, it is clear that this land does meet Metropolitan Green Belt as it does check the unrestricted sprawl of London, does safeguard Croydon’s countryside form encroachment, preserves the setting and special character of the heritage of Croydon and assists in regeneration by encouraging the recycling of derelict and urban land. 

3.              Proposals in adjoining wards which directly impact my ward

In the same way I object to the de-designation of Croham Hurst from Metropolitan Green Belt. This tract of land is instrumental in checking the unrestricted sprawl of the large built up areas around it. Indeed, it was bought by the Council to prevent the landowner developing the site at the turn of the 20th century. The history of attempted development of Croham Hurst Golf Club in recent decades poses a real risk for the character and the setting of the area and the potential impact on this heritage asset. The historical context of Croham Hurst is incredibly important and it should be given the upmost protection, as it is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest and a site of metropolitan importance for Nature Conservation. The site also contains a Bronze Age round barrow, which is a scheduled Ancient Monument.

I cannot see any justifiable reason why Croham Hurst is being treated differently to the rest of the green belt within Croydon. It is imperative that it retains its Metropolitan Green Belt status.

I object to West Hill (Croham ward) not being created as a Local Heritage Area, and losing its protection as a Local Area of Special Character, as detailed in Local Heritage Area Review, section 3, Assessments of the Areas Proposed as Part of the Consultation on Croydon Local Plan.

This road needs additional protection to maintain its historical context and character. 

4.              Gypsy and Traveller site at Purley Oaks Depot

I object to the use of site 324, Purley Oaks Depot, 505-600 Brighton Road as a Gypsy and Traveller site.

This site is particularly important for this waste designation as only a small number of sites have been designated across the four boroughs for waste expansion.

Purley Oaks Depot sits behind a major borough recycling centre that needs expansion. This proposal would preclude that expansion. The site has been used as a depot for many decades dealing with concrete and road surfacing etc. and is no doubt the subject of contamination. The site also contains the balancing pond that is vital in local flood defence. Other sites have been excluded on the issue of noise, yet this is next to the main railway line. The local road network also lacks capacity.

The Council’s original report on the site scored it as low for reasons such as flood zone, ground water source protection zone, surface water management, existing infrastructure, heritage designations and impact on local character.

The Council’s own assessment is subjective with scoring values being disproportionately weighted. Where multiple options apply, the lowest score has been given.

Prior to this consultation there has been no public consultation on this site, putting local residents and businesses at a disadvantage. As an alternative the plan should look to use underused industrial sites similar to the existing site at Lathams Way. There are many vacant plots in the environs of the Purley Way and in places such as Commerce Way.



Objections should be emailed to

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Sanderstead Pond - Notice in SRA Noticeboard
25/06/2018 13:28:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Residents will see a new sign in the SRA noticeboard advising what is best for our ducks and geese.  White breat is not good for our feathered friends as it lacks the nutrients needed for a healthy life.  Grain, seeds, peanuts and brown or seeded bread are better.  Please don't leave an excess of food around the pond as it is attracting rats and can pollute the pond.



Hamsey Green Pond - Early Morning Meeting
21/06/2018 10:32:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


I met with Meike Weiser and Verena Trend at Croydon Council to discuss the improvements to Hamsey Green pond.  The pond is in a terrible state with parrot weed now covering the whole of the surface of the pond and vegetation overtaking the entire surround.  The pond needs de-silting which is a major operation and there would need to be a clear plan to dispose of the huge amount of silt and evasive plant form.  The pond is extremely deep and the work that needs to take place would probably be beyond the remit of The Conservation Volunteers.  Meike and Verena very kindly are putting together a plan to instigate work at this site.



Heathhurst Road/Mayfield Road Footpath
21/06/2018 10:14:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

A number of residents raised concerns about overhanging foliage from neighbouring properties over the foothpath between Mayfield Road and Heathhurst Road.  I am pleased to say that a Neighbourhood Safety Officer has visited the location and spoken to both the residents of the properties where the problem vegetation is located.  Both agreed to cut back the trees/shrubs, one has complied already.  



Hear Me Speak - Sanderstead Residents' Association
20/06/2018 21:56:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I was pleased to attend the Hear Me Speak 2018 primary school competition which was organised by the SRA at St. Peters' Primary School.  Four schools competed, Greenvale, Gresham, Hamsey Green and St Peters for the coveted trophy.  Each school provided a three member team presenting on interesting topics such as gender neutrality, the impact of video gaming, shortening of school holidays and dieting and body image.  It was an extremely close contest with all participants performing well but it was Greenvale Primary School that won first prize.  It was an honour to present the certificates and prizes as a past Mayor of Croydon.  Well done to the brilliant children and everyone involved and a thank you to the Sanderstead Residents' Association for organising the event.



20mph Road Markings - Purley Downs Road
20/06/2018 13:33:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

In a previous blog I highlighted some of the problems on Purley Downs Road since the introduction of the 20mph zone.  A number of drivers are speeding and overtaking law-abiding citizens attempting to drive at the now required 20mph.  I took this up with the council and the cabinet member and a number of 20mph markings have been painted on the road to assist.  I hope that drivers adhere to the limit and it helps address the issue of any possible collisions or accidents.



Sanderstead Safer Neighbourhood Team - Change of Email
19/06/2018 21:27:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

Your Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) is a group of Met police officers dedicated to serving our community. The team is made up of officers based in the area supported by additional officers from the wider area. They work closely with local authorities, community leaders and residents to decide the policing priorities for the area. This helps them find useful, long-term solutions to local problems, while maintaining our wider focus on reducing crime across London. 

As of today Sanderstead LPT has a new email address:

Please use this to contact the team. The old email address is no longer in operation and will bounce back if you try to use.

Do pass on this information to your contacts.

PCSO Sam Brooks 7381 ZD

Sanderstead SNT| Addington Police station | Addington Village Road | Croydon | CR0 5AQ

Telephone: 0208 721 2470
Follow us on Twitter @MPSSanderstead 
Follow us on FaceBook



Grass Cutting and Green Space Management
18/06/2018 11:03:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


In general I would say that the new contractor  has made a good job of the verges and green spaces that have been cut.  It is a difficult task to maintain the banks of Sanderstead Hill and a good attempt has been made in ensuring that the bank has not been cut too short or "scraped" as it was before. However, there have been issues with the maintenance of Sanderstead roundabout, in particular the shrubs and beds have not had any attention this season.  Many hedges are out of control and dead plants and weeds seem to be the star attraction rather than the beautiful plants that should be in full bloom.  There are also problems on our border with Tandridge.  This is also tricky and gets missed as one side of the pavement and verges is in our area and the other side in Surrey.  A poor attempt has been made to cut the grass at the junction of Wentworth Way and Tithe Pit Shaw Lane but clumps of long grass have been left around the posts.  I have asked the council to instruct the contractor to return with his strimmer to tidy up the grass area at our boundary and to ensure that the beds on the roundabout are maintained.



Sanderstead Pond - Rat Infestation
18/06/2018 10:39:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


A number of residents have alerted me to the problem of rats running along the pathways around Sanderstead pond.  The water and foliage and tasty morsals from ducks that are being fed is a natural habitat and ideal breeding place.   However, there are just too many now  around the pond scaring the residents and small children.  Some rat boxes are to be installed to help with this infestation.




Kings Wood - Friends Signs
16/06/2018 20:00:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Finally the signs marking the entrance to Kings Wood at four locations have been installed.  These were requested by The Friends of King's Wood to encourage people to visit the beautiful ancient woodland.  This beauty spot can be accessed from a number of locations along the Limpsfield Road and finger post signs will also be put up on five lampposts highlighting the access points.  The signs were funded by the local councillors and the Sanderstead Residents' Association.



Eid - Sanderstead Recreation Ground
15/06/2018 12:17:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Muslims around the world gathered to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the three-day festival marking the end of Ramadan.

The Eid-al-Fitr is one of only two major festivals in the Islamic faith and sees Muslims hold mass prayers and give money to the poor and needy.

Translated from Arabic it means 'the feast of the breaking of the fast'. The festival signals an end to the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

The festival began at moonrise last night and can continue for up to three days, during which Muslims greet each other by saying Eid Mubarak.

'Eid' means 'celebration' and 'mubarak' means 'blessed', so the saying can be translated as 'have a blessed holiday.  We were pleased to have our own gathering of prayers in Sanderstead Recreation Ground.  Cllr Tim Pollard and I were able to meet members of the muslim community alongside our Sanderstead Safer Neighbourhood Team.




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