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Cllr  Maria  Gatland
Cllr  Michael  Neal
Cllr  Jason  Perry

Ward matters speech at full council
08/12/2015 09:56:00......Posted by Michael Neal

Thank you madam Mayor

The free green garden waste collection introduced by Cllr Thomas under the Conservative administration is to be abandoned by this Labour Council and replaced with a £60 charge. Residents are extremely unhappy at this proposal. A letter sent out signed by an officer of this council suggesting that Government cuts are to blame is misleading.  I do question why an officer signed the letter and not the Cabinet member responsible. 

Surely this is a political decision?

As Croham residents have pointed out Labour have a “choice” to either secure money for this popular service or to spend money on pet projects, such as the fairness commission.  It’s all a matter of priorities, this Labour Council has abandoned this principle and expects the residents of Croham to shut up and pay up.

There is no doubt that charging for collections would end up costing the council more. Why should residents pay more for this this “green tax” when they already pay for this service through their council tax?

Introducing an additional charge would see most of our green waste end up in landfill bins or dumped on the street. Lots of people – won't be able to take it to a recycling Centre.

So, not only will the council pick up the bill with increased landfill costs, but it will also have to pay to clear a massive increase in fly-tipping.

According the Advertiser Cllr Collins admitted charging for collections would likely increase fly-tipping but could not quantify how much the extra cost would be.

At present over 10,000 people have signed the petition against the charge, a testament to the strength of feeling.


The consultation over Labour’s Local plan has stirred residents into action;

Some of the local plan we welcome but Croham residents have made it clear to us that they oppose a gypsy and traveler site in Conduit lane, and they oppose a gypsy and traveler site at Coombe Farm in a Green belt next to Lloyd Park

Residents are also concerned over the proposed secondary school on Coombe playing fields in a green belt with poor access to sustainable transport.

We have already seen in Croham the return to building on back gardens or any green space through developers pressurising home owners through garden grabbing

We oppose the loss of green belt status for areas such as Croham Hurst and the loss of areas of Special character protection for roads such as West Hill, Dornton road and Campden road.

The consultation events have taken place with many residents attending, some have come away perplexed and angry, One resident claimed “How can this Labour Council state that this consultation is open and transparent when so much of the detail is hidden in the documents”

Residents and residents associations are keen to take part in the consultation, and I know that many are registering their objections to some of the proposed changes that affect their area.

I urge all residents to make their views known by responding to the Consultation by the 18th December

Another factor which affects many in Croham is the Closure of Fairfield Halls for 2 years, families are wondering where they will be able to take their children to Christmas pantomime, and the schools are concerned that they will not be able to use the halls for the foreseeable future along with many Croham residents.

Simon Thomsett, CEO of Fairfield Halls said he welcomed the plan but reiterated that closing for such a long period of time would be a "mistake".

On this side we all agree with the CEO that a phased approach would allow the Council to continue to provide a cultural offer. It would allow us to hold on to the professional expertise that exists in the charity and reduce the risks. There are 70 permanent and 150 contract and casual staff employed by Fairfield. They are all potentially set to lose their jobs.
The cost and the impact on the business of a two year closure would be considerable.

Although the refurbishment has been approved - and design work started – the Labour Authority do not know how the new Fairfield will be run, or who will operate it or exactly what the building will be used for.

Cllr Newman has indicated that the £30 million refurbishment will be paid up front then the money recouped by selling flats built as part of the wider development of College Green. It has been noted that the authority had yet to decide whether to pay for the refurbishment itself or find a development or finance partner.

Surely Labour are playing with our cultural heritage to the detriment of Croydon.

Sign our petition and object to this closure








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Bin Collections Problems from Blocks of Flats persists in South Croydon
20/06/2018 12:39:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

For many months now, well before the local elections in May we have been contacted by so many residents in blocks of flats who had no collections for weeks on end. What is worse following our interventions they received a collection only for it to back to square one in the following weeks. Residents contacted the Council with no result multiple times. Eventually we have received information from Council officers that data was incorrectly entered into the system or not entered at all so crews were not given a complete schedule. Why on earth has this taken so long to discover? Where was the oversight of the Veoila contract by the Council? When will the service to residents in blocks of flats and a local church improve? We have been contacted by residents again this week with problems with bin collections.



First South Croydon Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel Meeting
19/06/2018 18:25:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Last week we had the first meeting of the SNT Panel of the new South Croydon Ward 

It was good to see a number of residents attend the meeting at Emmanuel Centre.

It was disappointing not to have a fully staffed team at the meeting. There remains confusion about just which officers will staff the team. I have asked for clarification from the police. We need a fully staffed team here in South Croydon.






Churchill rd residents improve local area
19/06/2018 18:20:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Residents in Churchill rd not only work to resolve issues in their road but in their local area as well. They are working hard to improve the gardens at the nearby St Augustines Church. Good to see.



Evicted Travellers now camped on South Croydon Recreation Ground
11/06/2018 08:36:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Travellers who had illegally camped on Coombe Lodge Playing Fields were evicted by the Council at the weekend. However I was alerted by a resident early on Saturday that travellers were now camped on South Croydon Recreation Ground. Once again the Council has to go through the statutory welfare assessment and the process of eviction.

It is a big cost to the Council and tax payer that doesn’t end on eviction as a clean up of rubbish generally has to take place. Residents have reported litter and rubbish left on Coombe Lodge Playing Fields. I will contact the Council about the clean up.




Travellers on Coombe Lodge Playing Fields
07/06/2018 08:25:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Local residents alerted councillors that there was an illegal encampment of travellers on Coombe Lodge Playing Fields last weekend. Since then the Council had to apply to the Courts and carry out a welfare assessment that is quite a long process but are hopeful the travellers will be moved on by Friday. However local residents nearest to the encampment have reported broken glass thrown into their garden and loud music played at night. 




No Graffiti Cleaning by Network Rail or Council under Croham Rd Railway Bridge
29/05/2018 12:36:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Walking under the railway bridge on Croham Rd to get to Croydon or South Croydon Station is a very unpleasant experience. Dark, dirty often with litter and fly tipping and graffiti. I have contacted the Council as I have done many times to request they contact Network Rail to clean up the area under the bridge. I am really disappointed that Network Rail have informed the Council they will no longer clean graffiti on railway bridges. Unfortunately Croydon Council will not clean it either as they claim it is too high. Jason, Michael and myself will see if there is anything we can do to get it removed.



First Meeting of new South Croydon Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel
29/05/2018 12:15:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Following the ward boundary changes and the recent local elections there have been changes to many of the SNT teams. The first meeting of the new South Croydon SNT Ward Panel is on Tuesday 12th June at Emmanuel Centre Normanton Rd at 7pm

The new email address to contact the team with any local police issues is




St Giles School Open Morning
29/05/2018 12:10:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


I am really pleased that the wonderful St Giles School is now in the new South Croydon Ward

I enjoyed my visit to the school last week hearing about all the work done and a really interesting tour of the school led by two of the lovely pupils.





Another day another flytip on Moreton Rd South Croydon
14/05/2018 08:32:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Last week it was a mattress and other rubbish. Over the weekend a large pile of garden waste was dumped on a parking space on Moreton Rd. I have reported it to the Council but it is endless on this part of Moreton Rd that is not overlooked by houses. I will ask the Council for the possibility of a camera at this location. It is so disheartening for local residents to see their local area degraded in this way.



Huge Log in place to stop truck driving into Croham Hurst Wood
16/04/2018 18:38:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Recently a blue truck just drove into Croham Hurst Woods at the mini roundabout at Bankside 

Two men in high visibility jackets one carrying an axe chopped up and stole many of the lying logs covered in moss that play a role in the health of this SSSI ancient woodland. 

Alerted by a fellow dog walker I contacted the Council. Officers from the tree department at the Council acted very quickly and a huge log was put in place. 





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