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 The Coulsdon East Blog
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London Borough of Croydon’s Local Plan
23/11/2015 19:55:00......Posted by Margaret Bird

Notice of Consultation on the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Preferred and Alternative Options) and the Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (Preferred and Alternative Options).


The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012- Regulation 18 and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended)


The Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies was adopted in April 2013 and sets a vision and framework for the planning of the borough up to 2031. A Partial Review of the Strategic Policies has been undertaken to ensure the borough has an up to date development plan to 2036 and to take account of the Further Alterations to the London Plan, which has increased the borough’s housing requirement. The Partial Review also includes updated evidence on employment policies, community facilities and a move from Local Areas of Special Character to Local Heritage Areas.


The Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals will provide greater planning policy detail to the Strategic Policies, setting out development management planning policies and site allocations for a range of land uses to meet the borough’s growth needs to 2036. The Detailed Policies and Proposals will also ensure a continued focus on the 16 Places of Croydon outlined in the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies. The focus on the 16 Places of Croydon provides detailed context to important and valued character, functions and opportunities for each Place. Once adopted, the Detailed Policies and Proposals will replace the currently saved policies of the Unitary Development Plan (2006).


Following Cabinet approval in September 2015, consultation on the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Preferred and Alternative Options) and the Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (Preferred and Alternative Options) will take place from 6 November to 18 December 2015 (inclusive).


Consultation events will take place across the borough in the following locations and will focus on some of the 16 Places with one event covering all of Croydon.


·         Tuesday 17 November 3.30pm to 8pm, – Addington Community Centre, Central Parade, New Addington CR0 0JB (Addington)


·         Wednesday 25 November 4.30pm to 8pm – St. John’s Community Hall, Upper Selsdon Road, Selsdon CR2 8DD (Sanderstead, Selsdon and Shirley)


·         Saturday 28 November 10am to 2pm – Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House, Croydon CR0 1EA (on all of Croydon)


·         Wednesday 2 December 3.30pm to 8pm – Christ Church Methodist Church Hall, 114 Lower Addiscombe Road, Addiscombe CR0 6AD (Croydon Opportunity Area, Broad Green & Selhurst, Waddon, South Croydon and Addiscombe)


·         Tuesday 8 December 3.30pm to 8pm – Purley Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Purley CR8 3EA (Purley, Coulsdon, Kenley & Old Coulsdon)


·         Wednesday 9 December 4pm to 8pm – South Norwood Methodist Church, Suffolk Road, South Norwood SE25 6EG (Norbury, Thornton Heath, South Norwood and Woodside and Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood).


Both Local Plan documents, the accompanying Sustainability Appraisals and the Representation Form to respond to the Consultation may be viewed:

·         At the borough’s libraries (during normal opening hours)

·         At Bernard Weatherill House (Access Croydon), Mint Walk, Croydon, 9:00am-4:00pm (Monday to Friday)

·         By downloading from the Council’s website:

Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Preferred and Alternative Options)

Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (Preferred and Alternative Options)

·         Alternative formats of the document are available on request at or 020 8407 1385.


For enquiries or further information email or call the Spatial Planning Team on 020 8407 1385.




Tim Naylor

Head of Spatial Planning Service

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 Other Blog Posts

Road closure in Coulsdon
16/05/2017 11:51:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

SGN are currently working on a gas leak at Brighton Road / Woodplace Lane. Unfortunately Woodplace Lane has been closed and will stay closed until Friday evening. Diversions have been put in place



Warning message from the Coulsdon East Safer Neighbourhood Police
20/04/2017 14:05:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Dear Resident


Yesterday we received reports of a male knocking on doors and then trying car doors on driveways. This happened at 1630 hrs and the male was seen on Coulsdon Road. The male is described as white, 5ft 8 tall, medium build, he was wearing a grey t-shirt with black jogging bottoms. He had short brown hair with tattoo's on his right arm. The male was carrying a large holdall on his back.


Please make sure you lock your vehicle's and items left in the vehicle are hidden away. If you see this male acting suspiciously around houses or vehicles please call 999 immediately




PC 518 Chris Allen

Coulsdon East

Email -

Tel - 020 8721 2059



Remembering events of March 22nd
29/03/2017 16:26:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird


Today  at 2.40pm I joined other Councillors the Mayor, faith leaders , the police and Council Officers in a minuites silence and reflection on the horrific events at Westminster last Wednesday . Our thoughts are with the families of the bereaved and those that were injured.



Legislation on disposal of empty paint cans
16/03/2017 10:02:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Empty paint tins or those containing dried paint can still be taken to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centres, however wet paint is now classed as hazardous waste and the site licenses do not currently permit this.  Residents can book a free paint collection from their home via the City of London, details of which can be found here:


The Council has been as been asked to  include  collection points at  Household Reuse and  Recycling  depots and and they are looking into  doing this.



Warning message from the Coulsdon East Safer Neighbourhood Police
03/03/2017 14:55:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Amicus Horizon have made us aware of a potential scam and we would like you aware of it.

Two males wearing Amicus Horizon identification knocked on a door in nearby Caterham and stated “we are taking possession of your property” due to the rent arrears and hand delivered a letter.

No visit had been organised by Income or Housing Management teams and the letter would have been delivered via first class post before any visit.

If this happens to you or any vulnerable neighbours then please contact Amicus Horizons to verify the visit. If in doubt then please call police.


Coulsdon East Neighbourhood Policing Team

Email -

Tel - 020 8721 2059



S19 report published on Caterham Drive flooding
09/02/2017 19:45:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

The S19 report on the  Caterham Drive flooding in June 2017 has been published and can be viewed at



Gas pipe renewal Advance warning
09/02/2017 15:33:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

SGN will be going into Reddown Road and Fairdene Road to replace the remaining section of gas pipes not replaced a few years ago.

3 way signals will be at Reddown Road / Fairdene Road 06th to 22nd March followed by 2 way signals along Fairdene Road until 13th June.




20mph consultation
06/02/2017 13:58:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Several residents from the top end of Mead Way have said they have ot received their consultation letter from the Council on the 20mph blanket proposal.

Coulsdon East Councillors have been letting the Council know of indivdual residents addresses when we have been contacted but given the number for this road Cllr Margaret Bird asked the Council to re-deliver the whole road but they have refused.

If you have not received your letter and want to comment please go online to and quote reference PD/CH/A63. ​You can also comment on the other two areas currently being consulted on.



06/02/2017 12:44:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Please drive carefully and with consideration to others.

Cllr Margaret Bird attended the Police Traffic operation this morning following concern from residents about speeding on Marlpit Lane Coulsdon. 56 vehicles were stopped and 4 received fixed penalty notices.



Blanket 20mph proposal
15/01/2017 13:37:00.......Posted by Margaret Bird

Dear Coulsdon East resident,

The Council have a policy to introduce 20mph on all roads across the Borough with the only exception being arterial roads such as Coulsdon Road and Marlpit Lane.

There is a Council Consultation starting on January 18th to February 15th

with a leaflet being delivered to each house. This is a different method of consultation from that carried out in the north of the borough. You will be responding as Zone 5 (Coulsdon, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead and Waddon).

Do you want this blanket approach?

As local Councillors we are fully supportive of

Residents who have requested a lower speed limit in roads such as Woodplace Lane where speeding has caused accidents.

Of 20mph outside of schools or near to elderly care homes

But we do not believe a blanket approach is in the interest of residents.

* At low speeds pollution is greater

* 20mph increases journey times and generally causes congestion

* The Police have said at Scrutiny on 20mph zones that they would not enforce it

* Pedestrians have a false sense of security

* Present school zones will lose their 20mph significance

* A majority of accidents occur on major roads which are not to be covered

* This scheme will not prevent inconsiderate and bad drivers who are the cause of many accidents.

And the cost……£300,000 to implement just our Zone and £1,500,000 for the whole scheme at a time when services are being cut.

To have your say you will need to respond to the consultation as non reply will be taken as acceptance of the scheme

Please let us know if you do not receive the information from the Council by January 25th or if you have any questions.


If you object you must email quoting PD/CH/A63




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