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 The Heathfield Blog
Cllr  Jason  Cummings
Cllr  Margaret  Mead
Cllr  Andy  Stranack

Neighbourhoo Watch
17/03/2015 21:22:00......Posted by Margaret Mead

Went to the Heathfield and Shirley Neighbourhood Watch meeting which is held six monthly.    It was well attended by residents from both wards who asked a range of questions following the Police briefing which included a warning about current scams.   These were unsolicited telephone calls which usually asked for confidential information regarding bank account details and pin numbers.   These calls are of great concern regarding our vulnerable elderly people.       On the tables were lots of useful leaflets about how to protect your property and items of value and the telephone number to call if anyone saw something suspicious.      The police would rather follow something up even if it turned out not to be of concern.     Picked up some casework about road damage which I will follow up.     

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Spring Park Residents Association AGM
17/05/2016 23:13:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Attended the SPRA AGM this evening. Huge turnout again this year and very pleased to see the Association is as strong as ever. Main areas of concern for the local residents were the Local Plan and it's effect on Shirley, potential Traveller sites, accessing recycling centres and having enough volunteers for the excellent monthly magazine (SPAN).



18/04/2016 16:13:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

SaveOurFairfield are encouraging concerned residents to attend tonight's full Council Meeting at the Town Hall to hear the latest debate on the future of Fairfield Halls. The meeting starts at 6.30pm but is likely to be very busy so arriving early is advised. There will be a photo at 6pm outside the Clocktower is you would like to come along and add your support to this worthwhile cause.



Burst Water Main on Upper Shirley Road
18/04/2016 16:09:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

There is a burst water main being worked on now near to the Junction of Upper Shirley Road and Postmill Close. We are aware of the problem and are chasing the relevant authorities to effect an efficient repair. Two way lights are being used and should be manually controlled during peak hours to ensure the best traffic flow possible. Please factor in possible delays to any journeys.



Quest students perform Oliver
03/02/2016 22:30:00.......Posted by Andy Stranack

I had a great evening at the Quest Academy this evening watching students from years 7 to 11 perform in an excellent production of Oliver. There were a number of very gifted students taking part, some may well have a future on the West End stage.



Heathfield Residents support local plan protest
27/01/2016 17:10:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

It was great to see a number of Heathfield Residents at the Council meeting on the 25th January. Below I have summarised why it is so important for local residents to stand up against the Council's plans to ruin our local green space.

We are particularly concerned about the plans to create traveller sites at the following sites:-

Coombe Lodge Nurseries off Conduit Lane, site 661;

Coombe Farm off Oaks Road, site 502; 

Pear Tree Farm and Pear Tree Farm Cottage, Featherbed Lane, site 755;

And the de-designation of:

Forestdale as a location where the Council wants to see “focussed intensification associated with gradual change of area’s local character” (page 129, Croydon Local Plan Detailed Policies & Proposals).  It goes on to describe what this means:

New development located in designated areas would be significantly larger than existing and may be associated with merging smaller properties.  The promoted character types are: ‘Medium-rise blocks with associated grounds’, ‘Large buildings with spacing’ and ‘Largebuildings with strong frontages’.  Their gradual introduction will alter over time the predominant character of intensified areas” (page 132, Croydon Local Plan Detailed Policies & Proposals).

The idea that the largely terraced housing and small blocks of flats in Forestdale should be replaced by medium-rise blocks is unacceptable - it would completely change the character of the area.



Sexual Health services in Croydon
18/02/2015 18:07:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Visited this clinic to see what support is available to help keep people healthy.  Pleased to learn this is an open clinic and support and practical advice is given in a confidential way.    It was proved that an early visit often meant problems were quickly resolved and dealt with for good.    Looking at statistics, delays often meant that treatment would need to be on a longer term plan or perhaps even for life.    



Hearing from a Dementia Volunteer
11/02/2015 11:12:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Really interesting first talk by a volunteer this morning who showed how we can all understand better people who unfortunately suffer from some sort of dementia type illness.     There are various levels of dementia but examples of some simple things to help recognise someone who may be having a few difficulties doing ordinary tasks and how we can help whilst we are out and about   Having patience and making time to listen to someone who is trying to pay for some shopping for instance.    Looking forward to the next talk.



Councillor Surgery
07/02/2015 13:14:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Attended both St Francis Church, Monks Hill and Forestdale Community Centre, Bardolph Avenue but they were both very quiet today.



Governors' day in Forestdale school
04/02/2015 17:51:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Spent this morning in school , talking to parents in the playground as children were arriving, observing class teaching, saw lots of interesting displays and the task for the day which they were focussing on.   Also watched sports events in the hall.   Talked to the children who told me they loved coming to school to learn.    They told me what their objectives were for the lesson and how they would know if they were achieving them.    Talked to them at lunch time about what they chose to eat and why.    A very useful time spent.  



Scrutiny meeting Belthem Hospital
27/01/2015 17:44:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Attended this Health, Social Care and Housing meeting.  The presentations were informative and there were lots of questions which were well answered.  Disappointed to see no members of the public present.   The room was good but unfortunately in the dark it was a bit difficult to find the building it was in as it was away from the entrance.



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