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13 November 2018
Croydon Conservatives welcome new 956,000 funding to tackle potholes in Croydon

Croydon’s Conservatives have welcomed £956,000 to improve the condition of roads in Croydon.

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced at the Budget that a £420 million fund will be created to tackle potholes and other roadworks. Croydon will receive £956,000 to repair potholes, keep local bridges and structures open and safe, and help with other highways works that may be needed.

The Budget also announced the biggest ever single cash injection to improve England’s roads, meaning that people can get to and from home and work quicker, boosting the local economy and improving air quality.

Cllr Simon Hoar, Shadow Cabinet member for Transport, said: ‘I am delighted that Croydon will be receiving this funding boost to improve roads, helping hardworking people in our borough.

‘This additional new funding represents a significant boost in road maintenance and is on top of £950 million we are already providing to councils across the country this year for local highways maintenance.’

  • We are repairing Britain’s roads with £420 million to tackle potholes. We are allocating £420 million in 2018-19 to tackle potholes, repair damaged roads and invest in keeping bridges open and safe. We are also making £150 million available to improve local traffic hotspots such as roundabouts (HMT, Budget 2018, 29 October 2018, link).
  • We are investing £29 billion to improve England’s road – the biggest ever single cash injection. We will allocate £28.8 billion to the National Roads Fund from 2020-25, improving journeys for businesses and families (HMT, Budget 2018, 29 October 2018, link).
  • Labour didn’t invest in transport infrastructure. Labour left the British economy vulnerable by not investing enough in infrastructure – instead increasing spending on their short-term priorities. We have invested an average of £47 billion a year on infrastructure investment - 15 per cent more a year than Labour did in the last parliament (HM Treasury, National Infrastructure Plan, December 2014, link).
  • Labour left us with substandard roads. Labour failed to make our roads competitive with France’s and Germany’s. French and German roads are in the world’s top ten, but we languish at 24th. Since 1990, France has built 2,700 miles of new motorway. Between 2001 and 2009, Labour built just 46 (Stephen Hammond Speech, The Government’s plan for the UK’s road network, 11 July 2013, link).

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