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09 October 2018
No refund even if you get bad service from us, says Croydon Council

If you receive bad service from Croydon Council then you will not receive any compensation, that was the decision of Croydon’s ruling Labour Party at last night’s Council meeting.

The Conservatives put forward a debate motion on the subject of recent changes to the borough’s bins:

Across Croydon, the bin reforms are damaging faith in the Council. Thousands of concerned residents have flooded the Council’s helpline – confused by conflicting instructions, bins not delivered on time, waste left to rot due to missed collections.

When residents try to call to speak to a real person they end up stuck in an unmoving queue, beore being directed online – regardless of whether they have access to a computer or not. They email for help and are often ignored.

Our Labour-run Council just isn’t listening, it is failing the people of Croydon. This Council apologises to its residents, resolves to instigate swift processes to improve the situation, and provide Council Tax compensation for those receiving a substandard service.

Every single Labour Councillor present voted against this motion, refusing to acknowledge the massive inconvenience their policy is causing residents up and down the borough.

In a recent Croydon Conservative survey of over 1,600 residents:

  • 36% said they do not have enough space to store the additional bins.
  • 73% say the new system will not increase the amount they recycle.
  • 53% are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the new service. Only 18% are very satisfied.
  • Since 1st September, 68% of those who responded said the Council has failed to collect their bins.
  • Of those who reported the non-collection to the Council, 39% were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the service they received. Just 11.28% were very satisfied.

Cllr Tim Pollard, Leader of Croydon Conservatives, said: “If you buy something from a shop and it’s broken, then you take it back and get a refund. When your bins aren’t collected, and the service is broken, why should residents not receive the same basic consumer entitlement?

“Labour have increased Council Tax by a shocking 17% since 2014, and the evidence shows residents have seen no discernible improvement in the services they receive for their money. It’s deeply depressing that Labour don’t believe in value for money, and refuse to give our residents the respect and the services they deserve.”

Cllr Vidhi Mohan, Conservative Spokesperson for waste and environmental services, says: ”When over half our residents tell you that they are not satisfied with the service they pay for you have to listen. And yet here we have Labour point-blank refusing to engage, failing to give residents value for money and denying them a good service.

“When we experience poor service in all other walks of life, we rightly demand compensation - we should expect nothing less from our Council. With our taxes we pay their wages and we pay for our services. When we don’t get value for money we should be refunded.”

In its May 2018 manifesto, Croydon Conservatives pledged a refund of £10 for every missed collection – Labour refuses to match that promise which would incentivise provision of a good service on the Council’s part. This shows Labour realises just how appalling the service is that it offers residents.

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