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09 July 2018
Labour boost their wages by six per cent – but say there’s not enough for local services

In one of their first acts since being elected to run Croydon Council in May, Labour councillors have tonight voted to give themselves an unearned boost to their publicly funded wages.

Cllr Tony Newman, the Labour Leader of Croydon Council, introduced the proposals to increase the public subsidy of his councillors just two months after retaining control at the local elections in May. As a result of these changes Labour will get a shocking 88 per cent of the allowances, Conservatives just 12 per cent.

The Labour’s plans include:

  • All 10 Labour Cabinet members get a six per cent wage boost
  • Increasing the Labour-held Chair of the Planning committees wages by a whopping 30 per cent
  • Labour’s Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board will be given a shocking 40 per cent boost in wages
  • Labour created a ‘job sharing Cabinet member’ – with two people holding the post on a rotating six-monthly basis. When off duty, with no powers or authority, they will still be pocketing £20,224 per year pro rata.

The average Labour councillor will receive an increase of 5.9%, compared to the Conservatives 1.9%

With all 41 Labour councillors voting in favour of the measures, and all 29 Conservatives voting against, the measures passed.

Cllr Tim Pollard, Leader of Croydon Conservative Councillors, said: “Since 2014 Labour have increased Council Tax by a staggering 17 per cent, and now we can see why. They repeatedly claim they don’t have enough money for public services, and yet they’ve managed to find hundreds of thousands of pounds to line their pockets.

“The people of Croydon aren’t stupid, and Labour’s arrogance is truly astounding. At a time when public finances are stretched and they’re failing in their most basic duty of care to our residents, it’s clear they only care about their own bank balances.”

Read Cllr Pollard’s more detailed thoughts on this here.

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