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26 June 2018
Croydon one of 'worst for food hygiene' in the country

Croydon has been named one of the UK's worst areas for food hygiene, consumer watchdog Which? has said.

It looked at areas including the number of high and medium-risk food businesses which kept to hygiene standards and the number of interventions carried out.

Data from 390 local authorities for 2016-17 was used, including information from the Local Authority Monitoring System collected by the Food Standards Agency.

Croydon was ranked 387th worst out of 390 local authorities.

The bottom 10 local authorities

  1. Birmingham
  2. Hyndburn
  3. Camden
  4. Croydon
  5. Isles of Scilly
  6. Falkirk
  7. Glasgow
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Lewisham
  10. Waltham Forest

Cllr Yvette Hopley, Conservative spokesperson for health, comments: ‘This is not only an extremely worrying state of affairs, but truly embarrassing for our borough.

‘Our Labour-run Council has a duty of care to ensure anyone selling food and drink are conforming to health and safety laws - and they have comprehensively failed in their basic responsibility to keep residents safe. 

‘Croydon should be a place where families and friends can go out to enjoy a good meal, free from the fear of illness. Labour’s lax approach to health and hygiene has let residents down across the borough. They should implement an emergency plan of action to rectify this health risk and immediately apologise to the public’.

Proportion of medium and high risk premises broadly compliant in Croydon: 75.7%

This reflects whether or not Croydon is fulfilling their role of ensuring food businesses are able to comply with hygiene law.

Proportion of food premises rated for risk: 75.6%

This reflects Croydon Council’s ability to keep on top of food businesses opening in their area, rate them and therefore determine future inspection frequency.

Proportion of planned interventions carried out: 66.3%

This reflects the extent to which Croydon Council are pro-actively trying to ensure that businesses that are not complying with hygiene requirements, improve their standards.

Croydon’s overall food hygiene enforcement rank: 386/389

Find out more about the Which? Announcement on their website.


Notes for editors

  1. Flouting hygiene rules and non-compliance can have dire health consequences that can not only result in severe cases or diarrhoea, but kidney and liver failure, brain and neural disorders, reactive arthritis, cancer and death – as highlighted by the World Health Organisation.

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