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06 March 2018
Council Tax hike in Labour-run Croydon

Council tax in Croydon is going up again this year - we feel you deserve to know how much it's going up by, and why Labour are forcing it up.

Firstly, how much is the increase?

There are two sections to your council tax bill. The first is what you pay for your local council services, the second is what you pay to Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, to fund the things he is responsible for.

Your local council tax is going up by 4.99%, that’s the maximum legal local rise of 2.99% and 2% extra for social care. Both of these are choices that have been taken by the Labour council.

A 4.99% rise for a band ‘D’ property amounts to £63.82 a year.

The amount Sadiq Khan takes each year is going up by 5.07%. The highest annual rise from a London Mayor since Ken Livingstone. Boris Johnson cut the Precept when he was Mayor (without cutting Police numbers!). This amounts to £14.21 for band ‘D’.

The total rise to your council tax bill is therefore £78.03 for a band ‘D’ property.

Why is it going up this much?

Council tax rises are a direct reflection of how well a council (or Mayor) is managing its finances. There are significant pressures on spending at all levels in Government and have been for several years. Over the last four years the amount of money that Croydon Council has available to spend has remained essentially the same so inflation and demand pressures have had to be met by efficiencies and savings. Tough, but the same problems that almost every council in the country has had to deal with. Where it has gone badly wrong here in Croydon is around Labour missing their budgets. In just four years the People department has overspent by over £33m against budgets that Labour themselves set. When you compare that to the just under £8m that the council tax rise this year will generate then it is fair to ask whether you are paying to protect local services from Government ‘cuts’ or covering the failure of the local Labour Council in managing its departments.

The Labour council is going to tell you that it’s the Government that has put your council tax up.

It’s not true.

Labour can't manage their own budgets and are making you pay for it.

Band D Council Taxpayers will be shelling out 196.34 more per year since Croydon's Labour Council took power in 2014
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