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28 February 2018
One of the reasons your Council Tax is going up - Labour has lost 6m of revenue from stalled town centre developments

Council funding doesn't only come from government grants. Another source of income is council tax, and Croydon's Labour Council is directly responsible for around £6.3m in lost council tax income each year.  This is because they have presided over the stagnation of development in Croydon. Major developments that would revitalise our tired town centre and deliver hundreds of homes have stalled.  This is because of the punitive conditions imposed by Labour, which render the developments unviable.

If you consider all the major developments that have stalled in the town centre since Labour took control of the Council in 2014, the scale of the issue becomes apparent. Whilst they happily talk of much-needed homes when they concrete over back gardens or propose intensification of the suburbs, Labour are guilty of failing to deliver 4,496 homes in the town centre. The following developments would each have delivered hundreds of homes:

  • Taberner House
  • Westfield
  • St Georges Walk
  • Nestle site
  • 1 Lansdowne Road
  • College Green.

All should have been completed, or started by now, and not one has started yet.  

A conservative estimate of the lost revenue from these developments is £6.3m in council tax revenue.  This would make a huge difference to the funds available to spend on services for Croydon residents. 

Cllr Tim Pollard said: "Austerity is not a new thing. It is not something the Conservatives want any more than anyone else in the country. Nevertheless we have to take responsibility for balancing the books and not leaving a legacy of debt for our children. 

“Yes, there is pressure on local authority finances, but there is pressure in all areas of government.   However, local authorities do have options, and Croydon is no exception. Croydon's Labour administration has implemented policies that have stopped development in the town centre and they are responsible for £6.3m in lost revenue.  So Labour need to stop complaining about the grants from government and start looking a little closer to home for options to raise funds to pay for vital council services."  

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