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20 January 2018
Anger over outrageous bill for Citiscape residents

A letter to Citiscape residents:

We are writing to you as the councillors and candidates for Fairfield ward, the Council ward that you live in.

Following inspection of the current cladding after the dreadful fire at Grenfell, it appears that the cladding used on the Citiscape building is the same as that used on Grenfell Tower and that it must therefore be replaced.

The cost of these works have been estimated at £2m. We are shocked that the owners of the building have written to each of the resident leaseholders to demand that you each pay £31,300 to cover this bill. In addition to this they expect you to fork out the cost of fire wardens who are patrolling the building at a cost of £4,000 a week – presumably required until the building has been made fire-safe.

We have been informed that the owners of the building were told by the Government to replace this dangerous cladding five months ago. It is a disgrace that this has not already been done.

In the private sector, as in the social sector, it is for the responsible person - the owner of the building - to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of residents. The owner should absolutely not be trying to avoid this responsibility by passing the costs onto leaseholders.

With the issue going to a Property Tribunal next month we are pushing Croydon Council to do its bit to help support you residents. We have written to the Council Chief Executive to raise this really important point and will continue to campaign for residents to get help with any legal assistance.

The Secretary of State announced on 4th December that that he was providing additional funding to the Leasehold Advisory Service, a body which provides free legal advice to leaseholders. If you haven’t already, please do visit to find out how you might benefit.

We will keep fighting for you on this – our candidate Philip Smith is also one of your neighbours in the building - but if we can help with anything else locally, please do get in touch.

Kind Regards,

Cllrs Vidhi Mohan, Helen Pollard and Sue Winborn – Fairfield councillors

Elizabeth Agyepong, Ben Joce, Philip Smith - Conservative Candidates for Fairfield

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